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  1. We will be on the Allure in September, cabin 10727. We wanted to enjoy the unblocked view one last time before they update and block the view . What cabin number is this?
  2. Can't believe with everything we have taken on a cruise and we have never been called down for issues with our luggage. Took a TA cruise from Europe last year and they even delivered our case of wine we purchased to our room. You just never know.
  3. It i always important in anything we buy to find out if it is refundable or not. When dealing with Royal, we always check to see what it says about refunds in writing, we never trust fully with what they tell us
  4. You are not very good at guessing and yes we plan on enjoying all of our future cruises, thanks.
  5. Royal Caribbean's website listed the Deluxe Beverage Package for $18 per day, per person on select 2020 sailings that got a lot of people's attention. Usually, the Deluxe Beverage Package runs somewhere between $40 - $52 per person, per day when purchased in advance. For a short time, the $18 price was listed and the news spread like wildfire around the cruising community. Royal Caribbean subsequently noticed the pricing mistake and reverted the price back to its correct price. The cruise line has since notified guests who have inquired that the $18 per day, per person rate was a mistake and will not be honored. Royal Caribbean apologized for the mistake, but would not be honoring the package at the incorrect prince. Instead, the package purchase will be canceled and refunds will be issued. Matt Hochberg
  6. Wow-that is a great deal! I will continue to watch for lower fares.
  7. We are sailing on the Allure on 9/15 and the price of a Grand Suite-one bedroom is $1880, this is with senior and fl resident discount. Has me thinking about changing cabins.
  8. Royal's excursions are for the most part very expensive and very crowded. We have taken plenty of private excursions all over the world and never had any problem getting back to the ship on time. We also find with private excursions we are able to see so much more as we are not sitting around always waiting for others. We prefer private excursions so much more than a Royal excursion.
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