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  1. Chase gave us a conditional refund for our cruise and now Chase has confirmed our refund has been approved. It really is sad what Princess makes us do to obtain our refund.
  2. Did a dispute with Chase, they were quick to credit me back. Princess is playing a dangerous game by not returning deposits. Come on Princess, if you want a future, do the right thing and return the people their money.
  3. Princess has lost my respect! Princess is holding our money and they have made so many BS statements about returning our refunds. Princess just can no longer be trusted to do the right thing. Nothing will change until Princess starts living up to their word again. Princess needs to return all money collected from cancelled cruises, this is ridiculous. The only thing we want from Princess at this point, is a return of our money. Good luck everyone!
  4. Show me the money Princess!!! Enough of this dragging your feet to avoid giving us our own money back.
  5. Cruising will never be the same. The cruise lines will have to make so many changes for safety reasons, it will take some time before they get it right and make cruising enjoyable again. The cruise lines are hurting so bad for cash, they will need to figure out many new ways on how to take our cash and credit cards. I will stay on the sidelines until the cruise lines learn how to handle this Coronavirus and then I will decide if and when to cruise again.
  6. Princess just looks like they are just stalling for time. Hopefully they will give everyone their refunds but I have some serious doubts that they have intentions of ever giving our money back to us. Trust is a hard thing to earn back.
  7. Chase has also done a poor job, they are impossible to speak with these days.
  8. Well said! My TA also states others have not seen the refunds from Princess, many are concerned.
  9. Many of us are disappointed in Princess. Princess just cant be trusted at this time with anything they say.
  10. People with credit hook might book a new cruise, others like me, will wait to see how Princess handles future cruises and how Princess make cruising safe and fun again. That will be no easy task.
  11. We will have a long wait.
  12. Bottom line-Princess we dont want promises and delays, we just want our money back. We need to see if you are able to regain our trust.
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