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  1. If they could, I would think they would want those in the slot pull to win at least a little something to start with. The excitement created by a slot pull when we win something, encourages the new players to play in the casino. When they get that feeling of winning some cash, it makes so many players want to win even more money. I am always surprised at the end of a slot pull how many players end up staying in the casino to play even more.
  2. We have never had a casino manager tell us which slot machine to use for a slot pull. We always find a machine the first night, speak with the casino host to let them know about our slot pull, inquire about extra prizes for the group and we make sure the cashier will be able to distribute winnings equally to participants. The casino hosts on the Jewel and Allure were wonderful and everyone had a great time. The casino hosts on Celebrity were also wonderful. Not sure what I would have told them if they said I had to use a particular slot machine.
  3. My first cruise was back in 1976, I have changed with the times. I now leave all my formal clothing at home, it really isn't required any longer for your cruise unless you just really want to dress up. Dress the way you feel best, honestly the cruise line doesn't care how you dress.
  4. If we tip extra, it is always in cash directly to the person who deserves it.
  5. I have arranged many slot pulls, the last one was just two weeks ago on the Allure (we each won $22). I always use playing cards to keep track of players and so we know who is up next to spin, my wife keeps track of the players names and cabin numbers. Everyone always seem to have a great time, and many got over their fear of just being in the casino. When you have close to 100 people cheering for you, you can't help but feel special when you spin. On a side note, I always keep my card in for the slot pull and the casino manager is just happy that I bring so many people into the casino. The slot pull is a win win situation for everyone and lots of fun.
  6. When you disembark, another nice Key benefit is The Key also allows you to enjoy a nice sit down breakfast and exit much more easily at your own time.
  7. 1 day- Leave tomorrow on the Allure 82 days-Independence 146 days-Navigator
  8. We have a Boardwalk cabin in the aft on deck 10 on the Allure next week. We wanted to enjoy the cabin one last time before they add those slide tubes when Allure gets her refurb next year.
  9. Hurricane Dorian Discussion Number 37 NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL052019 1100 AM EDT Mon Sep 02 2019 Satellite and radar imagery show that Dorian is moving very slowly over Grand Bahama Island this morning. The hurricane remains quite symmetric and still exhibits a very well-defined eye, but there is somewhat less evidence of concentric eyewalls in Bahamas radar imagery. Satellite intensity estimates from UW/CIMSS, SAB, and TAFB are slightly lower this morning, and the initial intensity has been reduced to 135 kt. As Dorian moves very slowly during the next 24 hours, some upwelling in the deeper waters around the Bahamas could cause some gradual weakening. After that time, the hurricane is expected to experience a gradual increase in southwesterly shear, which should lead to a slow decrease in wind speed. However, Dorian is forecast to remain a very powerful hurricane while it moves near the southeastern United States coast. The NHC intensity forecast is close to the statistical guidance during the first day or so, then near the HFIP corrected consensus model later in the period. As anticipated, the ridge to the north of the storm has weakened and the eye of Dorian has only been inching westward this morning. The hurricane is expected to drift westward or west-northwestward over the next 24 hours, which will cause a prolonged period of devastating winds and storm surge over Grand Bahama Island. By late Tuesday, the weakness in the ridge becomes more pronounced and Dorian should turn northwestward near the east coast of the Florida. By day 3, the hurricane is expected to make a northeastward turn ahead of a broad mid-latitude trough. The overall track envelope has not changed much, and little adjustment to the previous NHC forecast was required. It cannot be stressed enough that only a small deviation to the left of the NHC forecast could bring the core of the extremely dangerous hurricane onshore of the Florida east coast within the hurricane warning area. In addition, Dorian's wind field is predicted to expand, which would bring hurricane-force winds closer to the east coast of Florida even if the track does change. Key Messages: 1. A prolonged period of catastrophic winds and storm surge will continue to affect Grand Bahama Island through today and tonight. Everyone there should remain in shelter and not venture into the eye. 2. Life-threatening storm surge and dangerous hurricane-force winds are expected along portions of the Florida east coast and Georgia coast, regardless of the exact track of Dorian's center. Water levels could begin to rise well in advance of the arrival of strong winds. Residents in these areas should follow advice given by local emergency officials. 3. The risk of life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds continues to increase along the coasts of South Carolina and North Carolina. Residents in these areas should follow advice given by local emergency officials. 4. Heavy rains, capable of producing life-threatening flash floods, are expected over northern portions of the Bahamas and coastal sections of the Southeast and lower Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States into Friday. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 02/1500Z 26.8N 78.3W 135 KT 155 MPH 12H 03/0000Z 26.9N 78.7W 130 KT 150 MPH 24H 03/1200Z 27.2N 79.1W 125 KT 145 MPH 36H 04/0000Z 28.1N 79.6W 115 KT 130 MPH 48H 04/1200Z 29.3N 80.2W 110 KT 125 MPH 72H 05/1200Z 32.0N 79.4W 95 KT 110 MPH 96H 06/1200Z 35.4N 75.1W 85 KT 100 MPH 120H 07/1200Z 40.7N 66.8W 75 KT 85 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP $$ Forecaster Brown
  10. We always transfer our bookings to one of our Travel Agents. We compare our approved travel agents and we use the one that gives us the most OBC and perks. You are leaving lots of money behind, if you are leaving your booking with Royal.
  11. And all that gratuity money goes straight to Royal and Royal does whatever it wants to do with our gratuity.
  12. Not only are we on the next cruise with you but both my wife and I are also on the Keto diet. My wife will only have a wine and I will usually have my drink over ice with no mixer. Some people have suggested diet coke, that can be keto friendly. I agree, most mixers would take you out of Ketosis real fast.
  13. We have done ATV tours a few times in the caribbean and we have never been asked to pay a $500 deposit or anything approaching that.
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