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  1. We always prefer the longer cruises, we rarely do suites anymore unless the price is right.
  2. Murano has better overall food but no denying that Tuscan has some beautiful views.
  3. This is the best response to handle Florida cruises, the only other alternative is to leave the state. That would be silly for Florida as many other places would welcome the cruise lines. Sure would be nice if everyone would do the right thing in regards to public safety.
  4. Good for you! Wear what makes you feel good. The dining room experience is very different these day, even Celebrity has given up on formal nights. Times are changing and we now leave the gowns and suits at home.
  5. Unable to travel with many suitcases these days without it costing an arm and a leg in additional baggage fees. Since we only bring one suitcase each, suits and gowns no longer make the cut for our cruises.
  6. Glad you saw Celebrity enforce the dressing code, but we consistently see people wearing shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and more.
  7. Nope! Always used my mask before we were fully vaccinated. Just to be clear, we have mostly followed the dress guidelines. Have never worn a tshirt or shorts at dinner, I have worn flip flops once or twice in the Caribbean. My point here is Celebrity rarely enforces the dressing code. My vacation isn't ruined by you following the dress code or not. So dress as you see fit, after all, you are on vacation.
  8. Good for you! Either way you could not go wrong. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Your argument would have been valid 25 years ago but not so much today. Celebrity rarely enforces their own dress code anymore, especially on Caribbean cruises. Times have changed, the dress code has become much more relaxed over the years. Again, wear what makes you feel good, you are on vacation.
  10. We have seen all types of clothing being worn at dinner, including shorts, flip flops, t-shirts and baseball caps. So many people have different reasons for how they dress, it really isn't my concern what others wear and it certainly doesn't bother me. If Celebrity doesn't enforce the dress code in the dining room, so be it. Like I said, you are on vacation, wear whatever makes you feel good.
  11. Wear what makes you feel good, after all, you are on vacation.
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