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  1. Appreciate all these positive responses, I am now more encouraged about Port of Tampa opening up for ships.
  2. How did you fare? You should be fine if you requested it before August 11, I did it August 13 as I had read when the replaced cruise needed to sail by but above those dates missed the August 11 deadline - no “grace” offered even though Agent I initially got on the phone said he completed it. All is well regardless, accepting refund in this case, too many other FCCs to deal with.
  3. Does anyone think we will be cruising out of Tampa on the Pride this year? We have November 28 booked and as of now it is not cancelled. Got a great rate along with Cheers. A little afraid to get too excited about it though. I have always felt anticipation is half the fun, but thinking a cancellation might be around the corner.
  4. Today Saturday, eight days after I did the Lift and Shift (March 2022 Rhapsody cancelled - “thought” I booked March 2023 Serenade) and still not showing when I signed in, I called Royal. Agent discussed with Resolutions Team and I was told that I did it on the 13th of August and it had to be done by August 11, my initial search after cancellation letter received did not show any options that would fit Royals criteria, then I read on Cruise Critic that Royal was allowing ship change to Serenade, that’s when I called and the Agent that helped me said it was processed. Alas not to be, Today’s Agent said nothing could be done now - either choose 125% or cancel - cancelled - too much drama for me. All this to say “beware of dates” in cancellation letters, my rebooked cruise was within proper time frame but I missed the “must be done by date” in the body of the cancellation email, and apparently first Agent I worked with missed it too. Am disappointed though, sorry for my ramblings.
  5. I did Lift and Shift directly with Royal, ty for all the help.
  6. Just checked on cruise, perhaps this is a step closer, it now says I have “0 cruises upcoming,” yesterday cancelled cruise was still there, will see what tomorrow brings.
  7. When doing a Lift and Shift, how long does it take to get updated on account? Did one on Friday (went from March 2022 on Rhapsody to March 2023 on Serenade) and realize w/e followed, agent said it went through, but am anxious to see it in “print.”
  8. They are spelled out - disappointing that choices do not benefit us in any way - Rhapsody has no options that meet Royals criteria.
  9. Our March 2022 cruise out of Tampa was cancelled. However Serenade of the Seas (it appears) is sailing within a day of our Rhapsody cruise. Any chance Royal would do a “price guarantee” - wondering how flexible they are - cancellation notice says the price guarantee needs to be same port, same ship, same number nights, etc. - for Rhapsody there is nothing out there - no choices to meet Royal’s requirements - good for Royal but bad for me the cruiser!
  10. We have sailed Mera (interior famtastica just because of location on ship) and have another booked in February. Although the interior venues on the ship are really lovely, the outdoor space is as well. We never felt that the outdoor space was lacking. She is a truly gorgeous ship. We too are from Florida. Hope you enjoy whatever MSC ship you choose. We have also sailed the Armonia, Divina, and Seaside - couple times each - enjoyed every cruise.
  11. Good to know, that probably takes a phone call as opposed to it being offered/available to do on-line. I do see a couple out of Fort Lauderdale I would choose. My dates are limited, have been busy rebooking on both Carnival and MSC. Not “really” grumbling, ha. Retired and happily living in Florida so do have many options for re-booking without too much ado. I was just surprised a seven night March 2022 out of Tampa was not sailing.
  12. Just did some research, looks like Rhapsody is not going out of Tampa, means cannot do Lift and Shift, means Royal not obligated to do the “price protection” thing, that’s sad for us, good for Royal I suspect.
  13. So if you (like us) were Rhapsody out of Tampa, it is not possible to do a Lift and Shift, there are no longer any cruises on Rhapsody out of Tampa, that’s unfortunate, means Royal is not obligated to do the”price protection” thing, sad for us. Unless I am missing something.
  14. We have never been in YC and have had the "all in" several times in the past from Port of Miami and have never paid anything extra regardless of location beverage is consumed. BTW the "all in" also works when at Ocean Cay.
  15. Even Numbered Cabins face OC, ships back in.
  16. When I log in, two of my three cruises show up. I try to add my third, it tells me the number is accepted but it never shows up, I log in and out and it is not there, I wait 24-48 hours and it still is not there, weeks later still not there. I can do the “first option” and see a few details about that cruise but it does not add it/save it to my Profile. It’s a mystery!
  17. Cruising out of Miami (which is what we have done) you are not allowed to bring any beverages on board. However we have found that if you purchase beverages while in a port, they are not confiscated when you return on board.
  18. Pride Thanksgiving week for you, we are on the Pride November 28 out of Port of Tampa. As already stated, there are many of us who do not want to use our phones while cruising. Maybe a separate Thread should be started to see how many feel the same way.
  19. Seems there are many of us who board a ship and lock up phones. Hopefully the “word” will make it through to the decision makers. A paper dinner menu in the display case - what a unique idea - and wherever else something needs to be posted - we can read!
  20. Just saw TV Advertisement for MSC cruises out of Miami through midSeptember. Still not happy about “seven night on Mera September 4th” being cancelled and replaced by 3 and 4 night cruises. Booking on Carnival for eight nights September 4th, excited about that.
  21. It’s what we need, hopefully it will get us off of the “anything to do with the virus” talk.
  22. Thank you for update, I was just about to ask “where in the world is John now?”
  23. Along with carrying on 12 cans of Coke per person at embarkation, if you are really an avid Coke drinker, you can go to a store while in port and buy cans to carry back onto ship. Really convenient to do in Grand Cayman, have often visited a grocery store down the road for that purpose. And many ports have drug stores close to the pier where you can shop.
  24. First or second one, 8 days a plus, along with great ports, either one would be a good choice. First one will have more days at sea, perhaps that would be your deciding factor, either more days at sea or an extra port day.
  25. We have always used a taxi or Uber, (whether Tampa or Port Everglades or Miami), less expensive, much quicker, door to door service - you do not have to wait for an entire bus of cruisers along with their luggage to be loaded and unloaded, along with stops at various airlines.
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