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  1. We were in Costa Maya last week. No sign of the tram that was used to take pax to and from ships. We did see one of the tram cars on the pier in March, but now it is gone. Long walk for too many with canes, and mobility issues.
  2. We are just back from an NCL Dawn cruise and went to Placencia last week. We took the 9 AM ferry. I see the post above describing the 2020 schedule. Based on what we experienced, that schedule is different. We paid $29 to NCL for this ferry ride. It is listed on their excursion brochure. We booked once onboard. Trying to get clear information on the actual schedule is not easy. The staff at the pier where the ferry departs told us there is a 9 AM and 11 AM going and return at 11:45 and 3 PM. She said there might be a 1:30 return but the ferry staff said no, there would not be that 1:30 ferry. I had the impression the ferry staff make their own rules. You can rent a golf cart for $50 or walk. We opted to walk. We had a great restaurant recommended "Detach". It is on the beach with low-cost excellent food. We returned on the 11:45 ferry as that was enough. I am sure we missed a lot, but $50 for a cart for 2-3 hours seemed steep. I was totally impressed with Harvest Caye. It is beautiful; well planned and there is much to do. If I went again, I am not sure I would venture back to Placencia. I am sure others have more information, but this thread is slow to say the least.
  3. We were in Cozumel on Christmas about 3-4 years ago. Did not expect much but to our surprise the resorts were open. We went to Nachi Cocom and had a lovely day. Many of the shops were open as well as taxis were available. We were told Christmas Eve is the focus of celebration for the holiday. Hope others can help to provide information. I would not have an issue visiting Cozumel, but if you like beaches, choose a reputable all-inclusive with food, pool, beach etc.
  4. How do you plan to travel from the airport to Port Canaveral? If you search on this, taxi fares are high, as it is a 45–50-minute drive. There is a site to consider for transport for $29.00 https://www.goport.com/cruise-blog/how-to-get-from-orlando-airport-to-port-canaveral/ There are many Marriott's in the port area. You might look on the Marriott site for the dates you need in the Port Canaveral area. Some will have transport to the ship so look for that. Love the area and hope you have a good transfer and wonderful cruise.
  5. Is this a dead topic? I just read this because of Clyde's recent post. Otherwise, I would have missed this discussion. Is there anyone with recent experience to describe if credit cards are still being hacked? If after two years, there are still issues booking with this resort, this is a big problem. Hopefully, it was resolved, but would like to know that.
  6. According to a post in CC, Virgin Voyages would dock at Punta Langosta pier-the one downtown in the shopping mall area. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2810854-which-pier-in-cozumel/
  7. prmssk-if you look at the link I sent for the cruise ship schedules, it will tell you what ships will be in port and what pier they will use. In the event docking is not available, the ship will tender passengers to land. Not the best option, but it gets you there. I did see this at the downtown pier years ago when too many NCL ships were docked. Last one in had to tender.
  8. January is such a big month for cruising to Cozumel. We have been there in December and January. Great sunny days with warm temps in the high 70's. Granted as others posted, weather conditions can change anywhere. I would dress for a warm day but keep sweatshirts or sweaters in mind. The ships can also be chilly-more so than some of the ports. So-shorts, sandals, light shirts with available layers of sweats or a sweater should do fine. Just in case, one pair of long pants for all cruisers with sneakers. Have fun!
  9. You do not mention when you will be in Cozumel. You can look at the Cozumel cruise port schedule for your date on the island. https://www.cozumelcruisetours.com/ It scrolls through the months of 2022-I assume you will be there this year. Cozumel is interesting as they can absorb so many cruise ships given their docks. I have cruised there more than 10 times and never had an issue. This link helps to explain the Cozumel piers and which lines normally dock there: https://thisiscozumel.com/
  10. WOW! So glad to receive a reply after some time having posted!! Thank you ggTexasGal-that article was very informative. Interesting food charges have tax and 15% gratuity.
  11. Does anyone know if NCL offers a ferry to Placencia or if you need to take the ferry there. I am concerned about time and almost was left on an island off Belize City and do not want to repeat that experience! I look forward to hearing from anyone who has used ferries to Placencia.
  12. Agree with Nachi Cocum positive comments. We were there on a past Christmas Day and had a lovely time. Not too crowded. Loved their pool and food. Service was wonderful! I appreciated perspectives on other resorts. We are not in league with packed pools and smoking. Why are people smoking? YIKES!
  13. We will be sailing NCL in November and Harvest Caye is one of our ports. I have searched on the island but do not find much other than pics of beach and pool. Is there any shopping? Pharmacy? Restaurants? Any information from those who have been there would be much appreciated. We have typically gone to the main port in Belize by tender. Thanks in advance!
  14. You do not mention the time your ship leaves Costa Maya, so that is important. We have been to Maya Chan approaching 10 times. I do remember individual taxis that were very good getting pax there in good time. Last 2022 trip we had to take a full van with others. Given Covid, I was not to happy to share this close of a space. Covid is still here with us, unfortunately. Same thing on return. They ask when you want to leave and you are grouped together will all who chose that time. Van is packed full with even someone in the front passenger seat. Taxis (this is Mexico remember) will likely be there when you want, but be ready for delays. The owners are wonderful in responding to concerns, so email Mark, one of the owners, through their website for questions or to ask for help with your own timeframes.
  15. One of the most positive reviews I have read recently. Great detail and wonderful pictures. Glad you enjoyed the ship and ports. Thank you for posting!
  16. One of the great things we have is decision making capacity. If something is not to your liking or you have opposite views of any port requirements, no one is forcing anyone to go there. Why the hard line on if NCL does not bail out of Bermuda, it is an issue for you and you will bail out of NCL? As another poster indicated, you were past final payment when you posted you concerns. How do you bail out post final payment? Did the OP not see Bermuda on the TA itinerary? Know what you are getting into whether cruising or other activities. I question why the OP decided to threaten the cruise line over any individual port/country requirements. So what? do not sail NCL. Do not sail with any line that does not align with your expectations. If you do not want to sail due to Bermuda expectations, cancel your cruise. Why bring this to CC?? If Bermuda allowed anyone into their island with no verification of Covid status, what does that do to their own safety? Yes, there is a fee to process requirements, but that helps to cover associated costs.
  17. Glad to hear that. Have enjoyed your reviews!
  18. Cruise lines need to take responsibility or as others posted, this never ends. They have the staff. They worry about the hogs who "stole" chairs for 6 hours when they could have been used by others. What about those who cannot find a lounge chair due to the selfish behaviors of some pax? Enough with this topic. If the lines are fair and consistent, they need all to play by the rules and keep enforcing them.
  19. Have you looked at the Cozumel tourist site? There is a section on tours to include private vans and also taxi rates. https://cozumelinsider.com/
  20. We have been to both ports more than ten times. We like the Western Caribbean ports. In Roatan, the ship docks at Coxen Hole. There is a small area at the port with shops. We once walked outside of the fenced area into town and I would not do that again. Too many asking for handouts. I agree with the two tour agents mentioned. Both also have booths inside the gated port area and are willing to sign up more passengers. West end beaches are nice. Some like Little French Key. Look on the boards that focus on both ports on CC. Lots of information to be found. Costa Maya port area is not to my liking. It is very touristy-shops sell mostly junk and I would rather get out and see other areas. We have never stayed inside the gated port as it gets crowded and there are other places to experience. We have liked Maya Chan as an all inclusive resort. Lovely owners. They provide transportation to and from the resort. There is also a water park in Costa Maya-but again look at the Costa Maya board for information. I do not use the cruise lines for excursions. I read the port boards and read the experiences of others. There are many high profile tour agents in Roatan, but not so for Costa Maya. Most go to the malecon area to one of the many resorts. Taxis are readily available at the exit to the gated port area.
  21. This link details 7 ways to travel from Newark (EWR) terminal to the Brooklyn cruise terminal. Helpful with pricing ! https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Newark-Airport-EWR/Brooklyn
  22. I loved your review. Such detail and informative content. Great job and thank you for sharing your cruise with all!
  23. Happy for all who will be sailing away on the Summit today. Have a wonderful time!!
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