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  1. We are on Ponant 2/2/24 which has more than 100 people, but still does zodiak excursions to shore. I agree a sail by does not compare to what we expect to experience.
  2. This sounds great. We're on her TA in August from Tilbury. I'm sure there will be plenty of crew turnover by then but it sounds like the culture of the ship is very pax centric. Thanks for a very positive review.
  3. I had an issue with the depth of the pool on Riviera. Too deep to just stand and converse with fellow passengers. Everyone had to hang at the edge. I prefer a variable depth. JMHO.
  4. Linda, we smell what you're cookin'! That's southern for "totally agree."
  5. Thanks for your review. It sounds as though you found value in the SS, even though the room is not really the star. We never saw our head butler on our last SS cruise in October. I'm very glad for you that you were happy with Luminae, especially since ordering from other venues on E class is a no go. Overall I view this as a very positive post and should quell some of the fears of those who've read such negativity here of late. Glad you're back safe and hopefully rested.
  6. If you are open to an AirBNB or VRBO, there are several in the S. Kensington area. Quick walk to the Tube and from there you can get anywhere. The tube offers contactless paying...meaning you tap your chip-enabled credit card to get on and off. Just remember to use a card w/o foreign transaction fees.
  7. In that case, I enjoy Quick Hit Platinum. $1.50 max spin...and not all those buttons that so many machines have these days. QH Diamond is in essence the same game. Enjoy and good luck.
  8. marieps


    The tip is added to the price of the pkg.
  9. You earn points based on how much $$ you put in play. It's not what you win or lose, it's what you risk. Table games earn far fewer points that slots.
  10. I'm not a tik tokker, so I'm amazed at the graphics and editing included in this video turned in only a few hours time. This is clearly a full ad lib by Kate. She's very talented as an on-camera spokesperson, as well as a mariner.
  11. Very thoughtful review. Many thanks. We are doing our third O cruise on Insignia's TA in August in a PH2. We chose it mainly because it coincided with a river cruise we're doing in France the week before. On both our previous O cruises I would say the food did not meet all expectations. With prices as they are on =X=, we have dropped back to AQ from suites on them. We are now exploring other lines, and have booked Asia on Regent.
  12. We're doing the 2025 Eclipse Repo then its Bermuda/Charleston run. Each 10 days. We got $100/leg.
  13. Ah..Thanks for that. We were very fortunate to get our PPs before the big backlog.
  14. We interviewed at ATL on the way back from an overseas trip. It was seamless and the numbers stayed the same. I don't remember linking my new passport (Issued 2021) to my new GE (2022), but there have been no issues. I guess I should consider myself lucky.
  15. Same here...in fact our lovely Luminae waiter Alfred on Silhouette made sure we had them in that dining room as well after we made the request.
  16. This has been our experience as well on both S and M class, as the gallies are close. E class Blu is too far removed and MDR entrees were not allowed. Since there are 4 MDRs that may also be an issue of logistics. If I recall we could get the escargot, however.
  17. It may depend on the ship and its occupancy. Spa staff on Silhouette's TA gave us in/out without issue. Our literature said we should reserve a time, but the spa desk said come whenever, on a port day of course. We are E+ and were in a suite, so YMMV.
  18. This is where my previous post is germane. As you are considering Regatta or Nautica, be advised they are R class and the bathrooms are very small. The shower is a phone booth. We book only PH when on an R class ship. The only difference in dining experience in a PH suite is you get to book your Specialty dinner reservations days before the rest of the ship, and right after the bigger suites.
  19. We have Insignia's TA booked in August in a PH but two =X= cruises (One Caribbean, one Bermuda/Charleston.) scheduled in Aqua. As another poster stated, O doesn't fit for us in the Caribbean with Simply More now the default. We booked the TA one month before SM took effect. I wonder if someone on the thread can compare the two lines' air desks. We're trying to deviate and book Paris and O is trying to schedule us on Air Canada with a very short layover. They do not respond in a timely manner when my TA requests alternatives. They'll also only do Star Alliance. Sky Team is a no go. It's $400 extra to fly to Paris a week early instead of LHR day of sail..
  20. Jim and Iain: I know you do exhaustive research but just a reminder that Oceania's PH is not =X='s PH. It's akin to a Sky Suite. I think you'll very much enjoy the food, especially in the Specialty restaurants. Have fun.
  21. DW just grimaced when I delivered that news!
  22. Thanks for that, Geoff. I haven't seen that breakdown before.
  23. That's a shame. DW enjoyed it often on Silhouette's October TA w/o upcharge. We did have the PAL.
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