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  1. Absolutely, airliners are the absolute worst for spreading germs.
  2. Navigator was moved from the 12th to the 11th to accommodate the Anthem. We're on that Navigator sailing.
  3. Go back to work early? I'm not sure, bad situation to be in for sure but what would you expect royal to do?
  4. That's probably the course of action they will take and quarantine the crew.
  5. Hit the CS desk as soon as the door closes and ask for an upgrade!!
  6. sure if the ship is empty it will be a fantastic time regardless.
  7. I'm curious to know how far out you are from the sailing as well.
  8. well we're less than two weeks out and it's still "pending so I hope that's a good sign.
  9. I doubt royal will even have to settle after this video.
  10. But that's exactly why Royal had to release the stills. It was not an accident, the grandfather stuck his head out the window he knew for the fact the window was open.
  11. Guy's BBQ is OK at best, coming from the south we have real BBQ. It's edible but nothing to write home about. The Sea Day brunch is a nice concept and it's OK but again Carnival's issue is quality not taste. Food taste, yes. Food quality, not that's easily quantifiable and the food quality on Carnival is poor. I have to hand it to the cooks on Carnival for making the incredibly low quality food somewhat tasty and edible.
  12. Royal's sail away options as so much better. They have something going on at the pool deck, on the bow of the ship (if you have access) and the Royal Promenade. There's so "Fun" vibe on Carnival it's just loud, it's just extra loud and in you face all the time....that's not fun. Carnival does what it can with the quality of food they are given but it's not good...at all. The meat and produce on the Breeze last month was poor to say the least. MDR and buffet food and selection are good to very good on Royal. Guy's burgers has a cult following for a mediocre burger. It's ok but again n
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