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  1. 20 and 17?! they still wont let you? I remember as a kid still cruising with my folks (around 2004) I was 18 and my brother was 13, we had our own room on the opposite side of the ship as my folks but same deck.
  2. My 3 year old son wanted to carry his own card like everyone one else, so we went to guest services and had it deactivated. We let him carry it around everywhere (and used it in the card holder slot for the lights) and he felt like like biggest boy ever. It was kinda sweet.
  3. I've heard it's the best salt but it's very expensive.
  4. I love the guarantee room usually it's a really good deal and you know what you're at least getting for it.
  5. We have a 4 year old turning 5, are there any cabanas not at the thrill water park? We'd love to get one but hes to little for thrill.
  6. 1 with Carnival and 1 with Royal this year. Typically we only cruise once a year.
  7. exactly, I'm entirely unsympathetic to people to reserve chairs for hours and hours. I have a family, if we need to do something one of us stays with the chairs while the others go get food, use restroom, etc..... but if we know were all going to be gone longer than 30 min we pack up our area and leave. It's just common courtesy and respect.
  8. Best thing to do is take the chair hog's towels now that the lines charge for them.
  9. We're going to be in 7458 on the Breeze in a few weeks. It's an L shaped aft corner. The pictures on the carnival website has the bed facing the windows but the pictures I've found online show the bed is against the windows. Has anyone stayed in this type of room? How was it?
  10. 100% they are going to squeeze and squeeze until royal up is exhausted, then maybe some leftovers will go to C&A for paid upgrades and the leftovers will be assigned to W staterooms.
  11. I opted for a 2:45 Southwest flight rather than a 12:00 Delta flight. I didn’t want to risk it or stress about it.
  12. What is the earliest flight time carnival recommends from MCO with disembarking from Port Canaveral? What is the conventional wisdom I’ve heard mixed things about MCO.
  13. I've booked a W (suite guarantee) category 3 times 2 JS and 1GS. It's a great deal regardless.
  14. It's interesting the Navy hasn't gone to JP-8. We use JP-8 or Jet A+ in the Black Hawk now, and if we take JP-5 we have some operating limitations and I'm not sure if we can mix the two. I've done ship deck quals before on a LHA and a DDG where I took fuel....I just assumed it was JP8.
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