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  1. I think the Royal Caribbean group is pricing themself out as a whole. Carnival and NCL are absolutely more of a value, at least on paper.
  2. As an airline pilot there is nothing more I despise than drone operators.
  3. We've done RCCL and Carnival in the meantime but we need a change. Back to where it started, I suppose.
  4. I'm really enjoying your review. We're on the Encore in a week for our anniversary and NYE. My last NCL cruise was the Norway and Norwegian Sea in the early 1990s.
  5. my first cruise was the Norway in 1995, I did 2 more NCL cruises in the 1990s had a paper latitudes number and all that mess. Didn't cruise again until 2004 and NCL would not credit the cruises. It's a bummer for sure.
  6. Munich airport is closed now and buried under snow! Good thing you didn't go to Munich!
  7. Awesome I got verified today. I wish I would have known a few days ago before I booked!
  8. We're doing a NYE and (10 year anniversary) cruise on the Encore to the eastern Caribbean. It's my first cruise on NCL since the Norway in 1995 or so. Typically we cruise Royal in a suite and have access to the suite deck.
  9. How long to they typically stay up? Will we see them on a NYE cruise?
  10. We try to always sail at least sky class on Oasis class. Got a CLS for sub $7000 for our family of 4 in October.
  11. My parents are on that cruise with you. It's their first Oasis class ship and they are having a fantastic time.
  12. out of about 50 cruises the Mardi Gras was probably the absolute worst ship and most disappointing cruise I've ever taken. Too many people, not enough crew. If you like waiting for everything then I'd say the MG is for you.
  13. Consider yourself lucky then. This is a reactionary response. We just sailed on the MG the whole ship reeked of weed. Guy tried to fight people at the Brass Magnolia because someone sat in front of him. These are carnival passengers, and these are the passengers the message is for.
  14. Navigator is one of my favorites. We sailed on her right before the pandemic. We especially love the vibe and decor of the bamboo room on the Navigator and Mariner.
  15. Also tested positive for Covid yesterday. So many people coughing on that ship.
  16. We found it definitely quantity over quality. Service was lacking and downright poor. Not because of the employees they were working so hard but there were too few of them and way too many people on Mardi Gras.
  17. We’ll be on the first 1/2 of your trip with you. First carnival cruise in about 4 years.
  18. I agree the Excel Suite gratuities were every expensive for what exactly? At least on Royal suite class you get twice a day service.
  19. Royal Caribbean allowed 18-year-olds to buy beer and wine years ago when I was 18. It was awesome having a beer with my dad. Unfortunately, carnival doesn't allow this.
  20. I'm Diamond on Royal as well and generally my preference is Royal. We like the Sky class experience and all that the Oasis class has to offer. I'm by no means loyal to any particular company and we're headed out on the MG next week. I'm apprehensive about the amount of people and small size of the ship in comparison to the capacity. We'll see...
  21. I'm gald to know the kids club was excellent. We're sailing next week on MG with the kids and they always look forward to the kids clubs on every line we sail on. I am worried about feeling crowded on the ship. MG is significantly smaller than Oasis class on Royal Caribbean but just about as many passengers at double occupancy and max occupancy.
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