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  1. My results from a major reputable lab, had no collection time on the results. It is something specified by Carnival. I decided not to sweat it because really there was nothing that necessitated it as long as there was a collection date. They went over my test results pretty closely, but never mentioned it.
  2. Somewhat relevant to casino bars being closed...I just got off the Breeze a few hours ago, and the casino waitstaff was great. They must have really upped the staff numbers. I've never had as fast of service in a casino on a ship or on land. Both casinos. I did see a first in the casino. Someone brought their own bluetooth speaker and set it next to their slot machine and cranked it up. 🙄
  3. This is why I love covid symptoms being so vague. Between headache, muscle soreness, and fatigue, my body always has at least one. If it doesn't, I just thump myself in the head and all the sudden my head is aching. No reason to lie! You have one symptom, you're covered.
  4. Yeah. This is one of those times I'm happy to live in the city. Here in Houston I went to a free county drive thru site yesterday and got PCR results same day. I feel sorry for some of these people so far away from sites.
  5. I've moved my Avalon Rhine from May to July to October. It hasn't been a problem yet. Although each time I moved the cruise, the next one was more expensive and ate up all the cancellation credit they gave us.
  6. It seemed like saw more water out of the starboard side of the dining room. But I think it's really a crapshoot. With all the ships tying together, coupled with the fact we only moved one day during daylight hours, I didn't see where it would be a huge difference.
  7. According to this website, https://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=New-Orleans-LA , it appears to be about $47 right now
  8. I get that people worry about false positives, but false negatives are right at 10 times more likely. Which is a bigger worry for everyone else 🙂
  9. I thought 50% was ridiculously low until I just read recently that the Viking Vilhjalm just sailed August 4th with 7.9% capacity! Lol. They had 15 guests on board their 190 guest ship. Can you imagine? I think they did have a full 50 crew member compliment.
  10. I use Google maps street view. Take a whole tour of the area.
  11. Maybe try gcoem.org/covid-19-test-locations/ I'm sure the urgent care clinics will do it for a fee.
  12. The trip interruption at 100% or 150% of trip cost sounds pretty useless to people traveling on free or extremely discounted rates.
  13. I live in downtown Houston and still take 146 to Galveston if I've heard anything bad about I-45 that morning. If you do that, SH225 to SH146. SH225 is a ghost town on weekends. There are lights on 146, and you may get a little bit of back-up at the Kemah bridge if you wait too late in the morning. It's a solid back-up plan to have in case you open Google maps that morning and I-45 is solid red. Btw, Beltway 8 ship channel bridge is toll tag only. Steer clear if you don't have one.
  14. If that is your beginning of journey with Avalon, then I would suspect you would need one no more than 72 prior to boarding the ship. The way I read it is that you need a test before your trip begins with them. For some people it is the plane ride over if they bought included air. Some it would be boarding the ship if they bought nothing else through Avalon prior. This would be for the company's rules, separate from the country's rules.
  15. Glad to hear from someone on this cruise. I'll be on the same ship in October doing the reverse route. I'll be hanging on every word of this review. I did happen to be on this ship before (my only other river cruise) on the Danube. I don't remember eating lunch onboard, but then again we only cruised once during the day on that trip, so I don't even remember if lunch was always buffet style. I can't imagine having so few passengers. Two questions: Is the cafe/gameroom open and stocked in the aft of the ship? I was always back there getting as much ice as possible and cookies. What is the cruise director's name? Curious if it happens to be the same one I had before.
  16. Nobody has mentioned Dream. It should be emerging soon I would think as well
  17. I always thought the assigned times would be tough because I think of all the people that use the bus transfers from the airport. Basically you get there when you get there.
  18. It certainly seems like you can get it Thursday. I believe some PVPs were giving bad advice the 1st day of the new rule, and they have been corrected since then.
  19. Every time I hear someone saying they will wait to cruise when it gets back to how it used to be, all I can think about is all the people that have been waiting to fly again since 2001...you know...because they're waiting for it to go back to how it used to be.
  20. My guess is proctored tests are fine. I think they're concerned with self-reporting tests. You're result sheet is not going to show where you were standing when you took the test.
  21. If it doesn't, you could just write it in. Mine didn't have my name on it until I got home and filled it in.
  22. This has been causing confusion on our FB roll call. Two separate people have posted these from two separate PVPs. Of course one says vaccinated and one says unvaccinated, but Carnival has stated 3 days in both instances. If they could just be more clear on what 3 days is, I guess.
  23. My guess is you will get a result document just like any other test, and there would be no way to tell where you were standing when you took it.
  24. I just realized this got moved out of the Carnival forum and into the General Discussion board. No wonder the answers seemed to take a turn midway though.
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