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  1. The YC is going to ruin you. You're gonna love it!
  2. You just described every cruise line ever in existance.
  3. I heard back from MSC a few moments ago... ”Good afternoon,Your wife's expiration was showing correct for sailings. You were actually missing your last sailing due to the middle name not being on the booking or membership. I have corrected that. The expiration dates now show correct according to your sailings. However, the extension has not been updated in our system yet. Please allow 30 days for that to be reflected.Regards,MSC Voyager's Club” I checked and they did indeed correct my expiry date.
  4. I used the form on their “contact us” page. And now that you mention it, my past bookings are gone😳
  5. Our last cruise was Seaside October 2019. So, our Black Diamond (that's what I call it) status should stand until 10/2022. The one year extension we're talking about should allow our status to stand until 10/2023. However, I noticed yesterday in my VC account that we expire April 14 2021. I have an email out to customer service asking to correct this error. If I don't hear anything in a few days, I'll call.
  6. I wish MSC had small ship Christmas ornaments like NCL/RCL has. We have Adventure of the Seas, NCL Escape, and NCL Bliss on our tree. REALLY would like a Seaside ornament, as we were engaged aboard her, then married the next year on a Seaside cruise.
  7. There's no way the cruise lines will know if you're diabetic or hypertensive unless you tell them you are.
  8. Guest Services doesn’t sell them. They are sold at The Social.
  9. Where does one find the T&Cs for the dining package, should one wish to print it?
  10. So, the Cavern Club opens it's doors 45 minutes before the Beatles show. How early have people been lining up to get in, as it only seats 70?
  11. Thank you so much! This was precisely the info I was looking for.
  12. I've done the thread searches, and did not find a relevant answer. So, my question is this: Do I follow the terminal address (711 12th Avenue, Manhattan) to access the terminal parking garage, or is there a separate address for the garage that would be more efficient? I seem to remember reading here, awhile ago, that if you drive into the terminal, you wind up in the drop-off area, necessitating a go-around. I would like to directly access the garage at the terminal with minimal aggravation.
  13. Forward-facing Haven Penthouse cabins are the best. Errr..I mean the worst. Don't ever bid on them.
  14. We live in Pittsburgh, where it's currently 15 degrees. I'll have my vodka in front of the fireplace, thanks.
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