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  1. MYYYYY Pleasure -- Great Idea !!! I just looked up the price of the Iconic Suite and suggested it to " You know who ". So----- this afternoon we NOW have an appointment with a divorce lawyer.
  2. Nothing new here--- This topic has been discussed for several months and we all have different " wants and needs " . It all comes down to value for whatever is offered. Ya want it, pay the price-- very simple. I've said a few times---we don't drink liquor , don't need soft drinks , don't need the internet , don't participate in silent disco, don't enter the Newlywed game, don't go into a hot tub, don't go to the art auction---- don't, don't---- LOL-----What the hell are we doing on a cruise for $10,000 in 12 days ????? Let's move on to something new -- ( No BYE, BYE's please ).
  3. No, of course they change. I am agreeing with you . They are policies of a" Company " , not a specific individual's alone. Whatever-- looking forward to cruising again when it's safe and meeting so many CCers. Be fun to meet in person.
  4. The Company's " Policies " --- That's the " key "--- Absolutely correct.
  5. I find it interesting -- nothing personal towards anyone else's comments. " Celebrity's CMO has left the company. This is the person---- " People leave companies every day , but, somehow , their leaving attracts comments on a public Cruise forum. Why ??? Let's say " Joe Shmoe " left XYZ Company , and you liked shopping there, what difference would it make ?
  6. LOL-- The list might get tooooo long and " influence " whether to take the cruise or not. As long as the food, service, price , etc---- What's the difference ?
  7. Agree --the " Team " better come up with something better than that GOOP " Infomercial " cruise. While we are still not in favor of the AI, we will continue to cruise on Celebrity -- never had anything to complain about.
  8. LOL--- NOPE-- And HIS/HER TEAM-- So, one person leaving the Company doesn't mean a " crock " , etc, etc .
  9. Perhaps you forgot to include " The CMO and his/her team " -- Either way, I could care less who the Executives are in ANY Company. I do care what the Company offers and if it suits my needs or wants.
  10. Speaking for myself--- I suggest this topic be removed. It's a personal thing between him and the Company and none of anyone's business on a public forum. " wouldn't surprise me, but I don't take that as a reversal of direction - so you anti AI folks calm down ". Nonsense.
  11. I assume you have not been to a boulangerie ( bakery ) or a bagel shop in Montreal ? " Without Prejudice " what they call a bagel in the US is a Bun -- no comparison. If you have time , watch the Montreal segment on Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. As for Foods we miss on Celebrity---- Too many to mention-- All very good as is the service.
  12. Neither did Jackie Mason after he gave Ed the “ finger “ when he “ tried “ to get him off stage.
  13. Is it as good as Bear Mountain ?? What a beautiful resort and golf course !
  14. That's the best !!! Maybe this should be on " Are vaccines the end of the tunnel " also ?? My Doctor is a bum and don't know nothing about good ( ?? ) food--- that's why he's skinny. He always says -- " Pinboy , if it tastes good -- don't eat it " !!! How can a couple of hot dogs ( steamed ), a large fries , 2 diet cokes , and a carrot stick be bad for you ??
  15. I did it on purpose to see if anyone else on CC watched Ed Sullivan-- Those were the days when I could understand the words being sung and didn't include the " F " word in every sentence.
  16. LOL----We used to watch LIBERACE , not Liberchi almost ( ?? ) every Sunday night on the Ed Solomon show. And, that ain't no bling -- I seen the same beautiful " stuff " on a " stuffy lady " heading straight to the front row in the theater 5 minutes after the comedian started his routine. Her husband ( no guessing on that one ) was strolling 6 ft behind her wearing his plaid blazer. The comedian noticed them, of course , and asked if they enjoyed their 3 deserts and if this was their first cruise. I did see people wearing lanyards , but didn't give it a minute of thought--- I did give a lot of thought to that beautiful 32 yr old with the " old fart " buying a pre-loved Rolex . I wonder if--- no, not a chance !! ( Yes, I know--- forget it already !!! )
  17. Really ??? What " Honor " ?? That they spent more money than other passengers ?? Big deal !! Hate to admit it--- We've been on over 45 cruises, never looked at anyone's lanyard. Mind you, Pinboy couldn't take his eyes off of ---
  18. More restrictions ??? That's an understatement !!!
  19. Dear Uncle Rick : How are you ? I am fine . The weather here is starting to warm up. Did you forget about that new set of golf clubs you promised me, you know , the ones that will help my game get better ?? Pinboy
  20. Good for you--- much nicer to see people dressed like you than the " I got my rights eh ( Canadian term ) ,and it's my body eh, and I'm on vacation eh " group ? Mind you, the last time a gentleman sat near us wearing his tuxedo we kept smelling mothballs.
  21. LOL--- LOL --- Oh Boy !!! I joined CC just over a year ago and made my first ever post on any social media site . ( I mentioned this sooooo many times )--- but, it brings back fond ( ?? ) memories. LOL---All I did was " Question " Who Cares ( ?? ) on a thread ( Who's On Board ) with over 150 pages . Holy Cow, Smack, Whack, right in the chops from the many who really do Care . Within a day -- My post was removed and I received a very polite ( that's true ) email " guiding "me to the Guidelines of CC from the Moderator as well as comments from a few long time CCers re the same. In the meantime, I truly enjoy reading and participating on several threads, make sure I stay within the Guidelines ( hard to do sometimes ) and, hope to meet many folks in person someday.
  22. I would also include not having to wear a mask, not having to be in long lines waiting for an elevator , being tested on a regular basis getting off and back on to the ship at port stops, watching confrontations between passengers over social distancing etc, etc--- It just seem like it would not be a fun time. When all of this is over, we will cruise with Celebrity even though we don't like that AI " baloney ". Yea, I know--- You've heard it before ( LOL ).
  23. With such a short visit, Butchart Gardens is too far from the cruise terminal anyway . Grab a cab ( it's a long walk ) to the area where the BC Legislature is-- there you can see the Harbor, the Empress Hotel ( a landmark ) and walk around the downtown --- it's a safe area with lots of tourists.
  24. OF Course - Yup-- Your body , Your choice -- Very Smart --- Hey, Whatya gonna tell the Police Officer when the " Bum " stops Ya and gives You a ticket -- Hey, Whatya gonna tell the tow truck driver when he/she is putting your Lexus-- Oops, your truck onto the hoist heading for the scrap yard. I'll bet you won't take the vaccine -- it's for wimps, like us who CARE about ourselves and OTHERS. Bonne Journee --- Have a nice day.
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