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  1. @Jim_Iain That sunset picture is so popular you may want to make a bunch of prints and sell them at the next Art Auction. 😀Double the price if you sign them. FYI - I do agree it is breathtaking. Well done sir!
  2. Never have I seen any description of the dining package that states you cannot select the same restaurant for all of your meals onboard. My assumption is that most people would like to try a variety of restaurants. Here is a description from the Cruise Planner: Book Your Specialty Dining Package Now to Enjoy the Best Value • Experience as many specialty restaurants as your appetite desires and enjoy savings. • Package provides flexibility to book different restaurants for lunch and dinner. • A Day 1 courtesy time reservation can be made prior to sailing. • Your restaurant location will be confirmed in your cabin on embarkation day. • To make any changes and to plan remaining reservations, please visit the specialty dining desk which is open during embarkation day or speak to the Maitre D’ any day throughout your sailing. • Specialty dining packages and restaurants are based on availability and may not be offered on every voyage.
  3. You owe me (a poster on a board) absolutely nothing. You owe the company that you are calling con artists an answer. Many people that post on this board are familiar with the company you are talking about. I have had interaction with them myself. I won’t defend them since I had a negative experience, but I also won’t defame their reputation by calling them con artists as you have done.
  4. You are entitled to your own opinion of course. However when you make comments calling a company Cons without offering any proof it is a different issue. I haven’t seen you post anything in this thread that backs up your statement. In saying this, I am assuming your definition of Cons is a Con Artist. I am also assuming that English is your primary language and you know what a Con Artist is. If not, then it is my bad. Otherwise, be careful calling someone a Con unless you have specific proof of what they lied about and how they stole your money.
  5. Tip early, Tip midway, Tip at the end. The staff appreciates it whatever way you choose. Just make sure you don’t tip with a Fruit Cake. 😜
  6. I appreciate your opinion, especially since I just turned 70. Unfortunately it was the actuarial tables that were making those suggestions. This is especially true at the beginning of COVID which is when that rule was adopted. I don’t remember the exact figures of the percentage of deaths and hospitalizations early in the pandemic, but they were extremely high, I recall 80%+ for the deaths. The numbers still skew to the older populations but not as dramatic. Fortunately the rule has been eliminated.
  7. I assume you mean OBC (onboard credit). The answer is no. You receive promotional credit when using OBC. Once you play all of the OBC any winnings can be converted into cash.
  8. We have also put small groups together from our roll calls. Beside the issue of not being allowed at various ports, the other issue is that you are typically in an 8 passenger van that doesn’t allow for any type of social distancing. While you may “know” the others from talking on your roll call they are similar to the other passengers on the busses used for ship excursions. The major benefit of the small group is fewer people to be caught up in for contact tracing.
  9. Jim, I don’t know if you and lain ever venture off the ship for a dinner on an overnight, but here is a link to Passions on the Beach in Aruba. https://www.amsterdammanor.com/passions-on-the-beach We had a large group from our Role Call do a dinner there a few years ago. It’s easy to social distance on the beach. The fact that it was on Valentines Day made it just a bit more special. Although since that is my birthday I thanked the group for attending my special day. Ed
  10. Jim - Wishing your daughters MIL a full and speedy recovery. My sister in Ft Myers FL is currently recovering at home. Fighting pneumonia but looks like she will be OK. She’s fully vaccinated and that is likely what has allowed her to fight it off without being hospitalized. Without the vaccine we’d likely be planning a funeral. She has many underlying conditions. A compliment to you from my DW. She appreciated how you phrased your comments about your family member - Sympathetic but still making your point. Have a great cruise and congratulations on skipping Nassau and getting an overnight in Aruba. You better check they don’t charge you a supplement for that change. We are on Silhouette 1/24/22 and have overnights in both Aruba and Curaçao. Bonaire was nixed for some reason.
  11. I think I will take Jim’s word on this since he was just there 2 days ago.
  12. Go up to Post 4 for the link to Part 2 for the rest of the story. All’s well that ends well.
  13. The main issue is “When” was it fresh squeezed. I’m not saying the staff told you an untruth. They are telling you what they are told. It was fresh squeezed and then packaged, delivered to the ship and then poured into a glass to be served. Check out the Spa Cafe and see if they have the juicing machines where fresh oranges are actually pressed into juice. That’s also where you can get the best smoothies made fresh to order.
  14. Here is a link to a Royal passenger that describes in detail how they were handled. No guarantee Celebrity will be the same. Spoiler Alert - They were handled very well
  15. I actually started a thread asking an evacuated to give their experience. I know it’s not likely to get a response, but no harm in asking.
  16. Here is the description from the X website of how they handle a positive case onboard. It is vague on what “home” is. It does not say embarkation port and I don’t consider FLL as “home”. If you test positive for COVID-19 during the cruise, Celebrity Cruises will cover the costs of COVID-19 related medical treatment onboard, any required land-based quarantine, and travel home for you and your Travelling Party. This description is valid through October 31.
  17. The Spa Cafe on Infinity had real fresh squeezed orange juice in the Med back in September 2019. We only discovered it on the second to last day when we went there for breakfast. I’m not sure if all M Class ships serve it but we loved it. You do need the Premium Drink Package.
  18. We have all read about the positive cases on Celebrity sailings over the past few months. I have not seen any posts from the actual passengers on how they were handled. From what we have been told by Celebrity, they are debarked at the next port and flown home in a private jet. It would be very beneficial to hear from someone who has gone through this experience. I totally understand they probably prefer this to remain private, but I have some questions. The main question I have is - What happens once you land “at home”. Are you quarantined somewhere? Are you allowed to go to where your car is parked to drive home? Are you transferred to a medical facility? From what I have read here the posts are saying that Celebrity has handled the positive cases very well. What are those posters using to make those comments? Do you know those passengers and have first hand knowledge or are you simply saying the passenger was sent off the ship in an ambulance and are no longer on the ship and all is well. If one of those passengers reads this and is willing to answer what happened after you were taken off the ship I know I would be indebted to you as I am sure many of us would also be. My hope is that all of those passengers are doing well and looking forward to their next cruise.
  19. You should be fine in the Solarium. It could be that person was alternating between the pool deck and Solarium.
  20. Yes. The Premium Package includes smoothies.
  21. @GeorgiaPeach I’d like to add my favorites to the reading list. Old Archie comic books and Mad Magazine. Just can’t get enough of Alfred E Neumann.
  22. Agree that the ship’s Gelato is nowhere near as good as Gelato in most Italian towns we have visited. Ben and Jerry’s is much better than the ship’s Gelato in my opinion only. The reason they moved the Gelato to the OV Cafe is because there was rarely line and paying for staff was a losing proposition.
  23. I imagine that Equinox will have the opportunity to test the facial recognition system since a passenger tested positive yesterday and was taken off the ship today.
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