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  1. Yes, that's the same Cookie.
  2. We always get the same seats. We're also usually in line to get back on the bus at least 10 minutes before the designated time, so it's never been an issue. My OCD wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. We have a locked box that attaches to beach chairs (got it from Amazon). We've also been known to bury phone, cash, etc...in ziplock bags by our chairs.
  4. We always get Portholes, 4J's or 4K's. Can't beat having windows at an interior price!
  5. That's always what we do. We book through Go Port Canaveral and get all the shuttles and hotel for a great price. If we were spending more than an evening in town, maybe we'd stay in PC, but a few hours before bed doesn't warrant the extra money in our opinion.
  6. It's TINY! We got one, there's no way a lunch is going to fit in it, especially if you use reusable containers. Maybe a sandwich and sides in baggies. It might fit snacks for the day. Not worth it in my opinion.
  7. The 4K doors were sealed and become floor to ceiling windows. These are our favorite cabins and we missed the fresh air, but the windows were nice.
  8. The only doughnuts I've tried are the ones on the chocolate buffet. I wasn't impressed. They were similar to Hostess mini doughnuts.
  9. Don't do it. We've had numerous flights with delays and we fly in the day before. I can't imagine attempting to go day of. You may be going from Atlanta to Florida (which in theory should be easy) but who knows where the plane is coming in from to get you there.
  10. I'm a tea drinker. Lipton is the only "dark" tea. I suggest bringing your own. Check out the Afternoon Tea on Sea Days, it can be a good time! The shampoo is ok, but I bring my own conditioner.
  11. We're not big fans of CD's (only remember a few of them) and Dustin is one that stands out in my mind. We were on the Glory with him last year. He was a lot of fun.
  12. Out of 13 so far, the Vista comes in #1. We have the Breeze and Horizon booked, we'll see what happens. :)
  13. I'm a vegetarian and never go hungry and I'm REALLY picky. One thing to watch is soups and sauces, most aren't vegetarian and often the staff think they are. When in doubt, check with a supervisor. :)
  14. We use the beach towels onboard only, they are too bulky and heavy (especially when wet) to carry around on shore. We either bring our own (if the suitcases have room) or take the white bath towels on shore.
  15. 13 cruises. I'll be Platinum on the next cruise in April! FINALLY.
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