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  1. 14 Carnival cruises and never used a pool or hot tub. Not for all the chlorine in the world.
  2. We usually book a year out-that's when reservations open up. We got a GREAT deal for next April since prices are so low now. Good luck!
  3. We cancelled March 10. There are 4 reservations in our group. We all have documentation from them saying we'll get refunded. The latest excuse is that they need to follow the stay at home order in Florida and aren't able to issue refunds. Well, we requested our refunds before the stay at home order was put in place and calls/emails are being answered, so obviously someone is working. Needless to say, when we rebooked our cancelled cruise and scheduled another we decided to not use them and go with Cortrans.
  4. Normally, I'd say Goport. We're having a horrible time getting our refund from them. I've lost trust in them. Everyone in our group has gotten a different excuse.
  5. Thank you! We've only been to Amber Cove once before and were less than impressed with the port-we can swim in a pool anytime. We cruise for the ocean. Our cruise last month was cancelled and our new cruise stops at Amber Cove, we were planning on staying on the ship. Now we have a beach option for a great price!
  6. Thanks, is there an extra charge for the sides? We need to make the most of our OBC. :)
  7. We've never gone to the Cucina, but (hopefully) will be in September. I know you get appetizer, main and dessert for the $15 charge, but how do the sides work?
  8. We always book portholes, 4J's or 4K's (all are interior rooms with windows). Our cruise this month was cancelled and we were forced to rebook in an OV because our favorites always sell out fast. The $918 of OBC will make up for it, though. :)
  9. We're on that cruise, too. We booked the Coconut Cove Authentic Beach Break excursion in Amber Cove. Last time we were there, we stayed at the port and weren't impressed. We're not "pool" people, I guess. We need salt water. :)
  10. We're on the same cruise, sounds like we'll be spending the week together! haha. We leave CLE at 10:30 am on the 24th-flying Delta, though. When I booked airfare, I added in all the extras that the lines nickle and dime you and got everything for $225. We have a quick stop in Atlanta both ways, but for the price, I couldn't turn it down. It's my mom and I, annual Mother Daughter cruise. Our first time on the Breeze. See you soon! :)
  11. That's where we're staying at the end of April, too! :)
  12. We use Go Port to book hotel and all transfers. 1 stop shopping is the best! :)
  13. We don't take the beach towels off the ship-they're heavy enough before they get wet. Instead we ask for extra bath towels and take those.
  14. I'm a vegetarian and always get a bun with cheese and fries from Guys. By the end of the cruise, they remember me and start my "special" order when they see me in line. I usually tip them at the end of the cruise for taking care of me. :)
  15. Beyond Burgers are created to mimic ground beef. Color, texture, etc...simply not my thing.
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