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  1. I called Oceania and they upgraded me to the $30 a day prestige package.
  2. I was able to call Oceania and upgrade to the premium beverage package before the sailing. We had a large onboard credit and didn't want it to go to waste.
  3. Your post was great timing for us. We are going on our first Oceania cruise in March (Nautica). Thanks again.
  4. Bravo. I really enjoyed your Haven secrets on the NCL board. It has a life of it's own.
  5. We are cruising September 2nd, arriving in Maui the 3rd. So far our itinerary has not changed. We dock in Kahului, which is on the opposite side from the fires. We are due to be the first ship back to Maui after the fires. From what I have read, many Maui residents want tourists back because it is the backbone of their economy. They just want tourists to stay away from Lāhainā.
  6. I did a back to back in June and put both reservations on one form. I received the $100 on board credit on both cruises.
  7. I am in a suite right now that does not have the Haven. So my answer is based on that.
  8. There is no charge. You order off a menu that includes omelets, bacon etc. It's great if you have an early morning excursion. Otherwise we go to the Haven restaurant for breakfast.
  9. I was mailed my tags for my sailing in the 31st of this month.
  10. I only remember a seating area for suites. There was a line for Platinum and above separate from the main boarding line. I have sailed out of Tampa 3 times and didn't enjoy the boarding experience at all, even when we were in a suite.
  11. We boarded in Seattle on the Bliss last September booked in the Haven. When we arrived at the port we were a little dismayed at the line, but after about five minutes a NCL rep. came out with a Haven sign and asked if anyone is in the Haven. They escorted us to the Haven waiting area and the rest was Bliss...
  12. Just about every cruise we get charged for drinks that are included in our drink package. It's a pain but I watch the bill daily.
  13. My shareholder benefit showed up a week after I requested it.
  14. Libtrek is correct. It is because you won't avail of the transfers on the way to the ship.
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