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  1. They are ok but take opportunity to use body wash from cologne gift sets you normally wouldn’t use
  2. We are also using Blackberry in July for a QV cruise. We tip 5 to 10 GBP.
  3. Arthur look like he needs a pint
  4. Call and be surprised how fast you get your flight
  5. If you are coming from US but prior at bank. If you have account at Chase or BOA great rate and no fees
  6. Bring a coffee funnel ,filters, and ground coffee. Do pour over in room, the best. Just have steward provide hot water. We do it all the time, it is great.
  7. So I understand with Cunard. I take an at home test myself and self report. No doctor or observation required
  8. tony s

    Premium tea?

    What brand teas are served on QV while on this topic?
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