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  1. Yes, I received code LATDBXL on my reservation 🙂
  2. I got a balcony on deck 10 for only a few $ more than studio. Crazy pricing indeed!!
  3. I'm booked transatlantic balcony deck 10. My PCC will be calling me tomorrow with more specifics. I'm so excited!!
  4. Thanks for the tip. Haven't taken a river cruise but very interested. Great pricing!
  5. I did 3 days in Oahu before cruise, the whole experience was amazing. Yes more to do at each port than time allows so you could easily do totally different things at each stop. The overnights are amazing, see sites at night is definitely a plus. I would take a regular inside cabin as there are only 4 studios and they sell out. Plenty of outdoor space on ship to enjoy views. A positive for the studio is location. Very top forward with the suites. Nice side door out to a small sundeck overlooking pool and sights. Right around corner from elevator. Was my favorite spot for early morning coffee
  6. The POA is just a floating hotel. There isn't much of anything on board. You are off more than most cruises. It's a completely different experience but not the typical solo program that NCL offers.
  7. I stayed in studio in May 2018. The setup is the same as other ships but the lounge is almost nonexistent. It is just a room with 4 chairs couple tables. Not much. There is a pot of coffee in morning with pastries and cookies in afternoon. Hope this helps. Debbie
  8. I was able to add 4 perks to my 2021 southern Caribbean in a studio!! Not to shabby!
  9. Thanks for the great report. I'm looking forward to my cruise in December. So glad your kitty is home, hubby is "with it" and my condolences for your uncle. Hope you get another vacation soon.
  10. I recall a snapper or flounder dish on the standard MDR menu. I've also had several scallop dishes both MDR and specialty. I believe there is a tuna steak at Cagneys
  11. Only Truly mixed berry was on Encore last December. Also not available at every bar
  12. Was available on Encore in December. Nice!!
  13. Love the studios on all the ships that have them. Especially access to the studio lounge. Also, card access to separate corridor is a nice feature.
  14. Unseasonably warm and humid. A/C back on 😞 safe travels
  15. Lois, best of luck to you. I'm a 10 yr survivor and started cruising solo after I finished treatment 5yrs ago. I gotten lots of tips from you through your posts and hope they continue. Have a great time on this trip knowing there will be many more to come. Debbie
  16. Nor sure where you are, but check out TAP Airlines if flying from US east coast is feasible
  17. I was on the Encore 12/8/19 and another solo cruiser got the lamb and a charge of $1.20.
  18. Thanks Bird, traveling on the 8th. This is great for planning and clarifying. Hope you have a great week!!
  19. I also stopped those awhile back, nothing but a sales pitch for CN.
  20. Thanks Doug, truly appreciate your reviews and honestly. Will be on her 12/8 to pass judgement for myself. We shall see.
  21. For me, besides getting a perk, I really enjoy the coffee machine in the lounge. Real bean to brew espresso, one type of latte, regular coffee and decaf. Nothing fancy, no froth or steam or whipped cream but really good first in the morning or late night and included in price.
  22. Following, will be on her 12/8, also solo so I appreciate your perspective. Enjoy your trip! 🙂
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