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  1. Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, the founder and former owner of Silversea and a driving force behind the new Crystal, has now poached former Silversea executives Fabio Agostini, Kim Berman, Fernando Delgado Vintimilla and Fernando Barroso de Oliveira while promoting Camille Drevillon, also a Silversea veteran. Is d'Ovidio trying to recreate the old Silversea, would you be tempted to give it a try, and should execs at Silversea be concerned?
  2. I am appalled that the smell of cigar smoke is being compared with sewage. It is an odious comparison and an affront to many decent people who have spent a life-time working in the sewage industry. As the Executive Director of the Sewage Workers of the Americas, I would ask that you consider the importance of sewage to society versus the value of a cigar butt. I rest my case.
  3. I agree. I had two issues on our last Seabourn cruise and Mr. Leibowitz dealt with them in quick order. I have great respect for him.
  4. Welcome to Guayaquil letter on the Silver Wind. Has Cigar Man upset the locals as well?
  5. It does to a point. If the comments on this board are accurate, it appears that SB has an inconsistent policy of opening the MDR for breakfast and lunch. So, at this point, I am only sailing with SB on warm-weather cruises where I prefer eating outdoors for breakfast and lunch. SB might get more of my business if I could count on them to open the MDR for lunch on cool-weather cruises. For example, I spent 3 weeks on the Odyssey in the Caribbean in February, but chose Silversea for a recent Iceland/Norway cruise. Was the MDR the only reason? No, but it was one of several factors.
  6. I don't know if you have thought of this, but when flying from North America to and back from 2 difference cities in Europe I have on occasions booked a return ticket to/from one city such as London or Milan, and then purchased a one-way ticket with a European airline back to that city. In fact, just did that with British Airways where we flew return from London, but connected to London from Amsterdam with EasyJet at the end of our trip. Saved a ton of money that way.
  7. The answer depends on how interested SB is in keeping and attracting the business of people who enjoy having some or many meals at breakfast and lunch in the MDR. In other words, there is both a cost to open the MDR for breakfast and lunch, and a cost of losing customers for not doing so. Other cruise lines seem to find an an acceptable accommodation, whether it's to keep the MDR open for just lunch, when the ship is full, on sea days, during cold-weather cruises, on long voyages, etc.
  8. The only exception I would make to your never having the included wine is breakfast!
  9. That is also true. For example, at the end of our recent Norway cruise in Tromso, the D2D folks flew to Oslo and stayed at a hotel airport for the night. We flew to Bergen, stayed overnight, took the train from Bergen to Oslo through the beautiful mountains, lakes and valleys, spent 4 nights in the old downtown of Oslo, and then flew home. Would I trade that for what SS delivered to the D2D folks? Not on your life!!
  10. I agree with you. Let me provide a recent example. Another couple sailed with us on our recent SS Iceland to Norway cruise (back to back voyages) this summer. We booked our own air to Reykjavik and back home from Oslo. We chose our own airlines, our own routing and our own seats in BC and had lovely flights. Our friends used the D2D air, and had an unpleasant routing from Tampa to Reykjavik, and on the way back home from Oslo, were given seats in different rows from each other. They still have no explanation or apology. Not exactly the type of outcome that will encourage them, or us, to use D2D.
  11. I don't know about others, but my pre and post cruise stays tend to be longer than most people. For example, we will be spending a month in Europe following our Ft. Lauderdale to Lisbon voyage on the Moon next March. This could not be accommodated in the D2D package, so as has been the case for many years, we simply booked our own hotels and air.
  12. I can only speak for myself, but I have no issues with Silversea offering D2D pricing to customers. After all, many cruise lines offer air and hotel packages, and it works for some. However, what I do have an issue with is being financially disadvantaged if I choose not to take the D2D. Why can't we all be treated the same regardless of whether we choose D2D?
  13. We did 3 back-to-back cruises on the Odyssey in February and found the Source App a Source of Frustration. It began with boarding when my app kept freezing. It got worse when the messages from our friends to meet for drinks or lunch would show up 7 or 8 hours later. And it got even worse when information was out of date, disappeared and then sometimes reappeared. In contrast, we had a positive experience with the NCL app on a cruise in November. So, until the Source App is more reliable and functional, my suggestion is that SB offer customers a choice of using the Source App or getting their information and tickets in paper form.
  14. I will have to try Oceania. I don't object as much to included excursions as I do including hotels and air. That's because we want to choose our own airline and flight routes, and how long we want to stay in a city pre and post cruise. I also like to know many months in advance when we are flying, and where we are staying. From from I have read about Silversea's D2D, there have been lots of complaints about the air and hotel programs.
  15. We rarely have breakfast in the MDR on a cruise, so that is not a big factor for us. On warm-weather cruises, we rarely have lunch in the MDR and prefer sitting outdoors at the buffet restaurant. However, on cool weather cruises, particularly longer ones, we definitely want the option to have lunch in the MDR. Consequently, we now only book SB for shorter, warm-weather cruises. And we book other luxury lines, including Silversea, for the longer, cooler-weather cruises. If SB would like more of my cruise business, it's they who will have to change, not me.
  16. Since the Covid cruise shut-down ended, we've taken 7 cruises with 4 different cruise lines (Seabourn, Silversea, Hebridean Princess and NCL). In every case (except NCL where maintaining a lower service level may be less difficult than maintaining a higher one), we have felt the overall experience had slipped. Am I worried? No. I am hoping the diminished experience is a temporary situation influenced by staff shortages and supply-chain issues, and in some cases, adding new capacity. But while I plan to stick with Silversea and our other favourite lines for the immediate future, I also plan to try one or more of the new luxury line entrants (Explora, new Crystal, etc.) and benchmark the experience against Silversea, etc. While I am not concerned about current service levels being permanent, I am concerned about the drift towards including everything in the cruise fare, including air and hotels as in Silversea's D2D. In the final analysis, that will play a bigger role in my future decision-making about which line to sail with.
  17. PS- I sailed with my late brother Gary on the Silver Wind in 1995. I'm sure it looks a little different today!
  18. highplanesdrifter; our friends Bill and Linda from Toronto are on the first leg of your cruise. If you meet them, please say "hello" from David and Gail.
  19. Back from our cruise which was great -- lovely weather, interesting ports of call, nice fellow passengers, and wonderful crew. Sadly, the wonderful Chief Pursers Ian Gibson and Dave Inge have moved on -- the latter retired and the former reportedly working with Fred Olsen Cruises. More to follow in due course.
  20. Thanks for the update. What bothers me the most is the total lack of consistency from ship to ship, cruise to cruise, and sometimes even maitre d' to maitre d'. On my current cruise (Whisper), there has been almost no enforcement of dress code, especially for Informal nights. It's time for Silversea to enforce a dress code, or get rid of it.
  21. It is impossible to provide a definitive answer to the OP's question as there is no consistent enforcement of dress code throughout the SS fleet. Is a jacket required for men after 6:00 pm? Yes, except for casual night, according to the SS policy and notices in the Daily Chronicle. The other dress codes are Informal (jacket required) and Formal (Tuxedo, dark suit, or dinner jacket with tie required). However, the dress code is not consistently enforced, meaning that on many cruises, men can dress as they wish (within reason). My advice to the OP is that her husband should bring a jacket and tie on the cruise just in case the dress code policy is enforced. If the policy is not enforced, he can choose to do as he wishes.
  22. Based on this current experience, I would have to agree. Last night a man showed up in the main restaurant on Informal night in a black tank top, while another man showed up in the main bar in a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow pineapples. The staff just shrug their shoulders and say we have no power anymore to enforce dress code rules. So, we all know what happens when policies are not enforced, right? Welcome to the Silver Dodo!
  23. Currently on the second leg of back to back cruises on the Whisper. Little to no enforcement of dress codes. Casual night: One night a passenger sat in The Bar from 6:45 to 7:15 in shorts. Informal: A good number of men do not wear jackets in bars or restaurants Formal: Fewer than 30% of men have tuxedos or dark suits. However, almost everyone had a jacket and tie in the bars and restaurants. Bottom line: On this cruise the dress code is just a suggestion that I have not seen enforced anywhere. Is this a harbinger of a new dress code policy to come a la Seabourn?
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