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  1. Just as we enjoy pulling up the draw bridge and dining in at home, after 10 or 12 days at sea we enjoy the same thing. Just a break from dressing up and dining out, and having a different experience.
  2. i hope and believe you are wrong. Small and medium-sized ship cruising appears to have a strong future based on the growth of cabins in this segment. In particular, the expedition cruise market has exploded.
  3. Multigenerational cruises and traveling with friends who can’t afford the more expensive ships are the reasons we have sailed on bigger ships.
  4. If Silversea ever drops butlers, i’d like one to bring home!
  5. As I quickly scrolled through topics, this one appeared to say “Jesus now allowed in all dining venues “! After stopping and realizing it really said “jeans”, i was very disappointed!
  6. Excellent analysis and commentary. Thanks.
  7. I’m pretty sure that’s it. We loved it. Thanks so much for posting this!!!
  8. I think that is good advice as what people may enjoy from a Japanese restaurant will vary based on prior experience. We were spoiled by Crystal’s Nobu and therefore disappointed by Silversea’s Kaiseki.
  9. Very good analysis. But given that Seabourn has been around much longer than Silversea, it does seem strange that it has struggled more than Silversea to grow. Not diminishing either cruise line as I love both. Just wondering whether there is an interesting case study here for a business school.
  10. You may have misunderstood my comment. I was questioning your statement that La Dame is 1/3 the cost of the same meal ashore, which would be $180. If I could get La Dame quality on shore for $60, i would jump at it. But then again if most of the other fine restaurants ashore were free, I might not pay an extra $60 per person for La Dame very often.
  11. You may have misunderstood my comment. I’m not interested in the history of what and is now ultra, I’m interested in the business story of how one luxury line outmaneuvered the other to be more successful.
  12. I was on the Moon as well on the recent TA to Lisbon. The bar tender at the SALT bar (they are fabulous bar tenders by the way) recommended a gin from Argentina for our martinis. I can't remember the name, but it was excellent gin and free. If on the Moon one day, give it a try!
  13. We recently sailed on the Moon trans-Atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Lisbon. Before boarding, we made 3 reservations for dinner at Kaiseki. After dining there on the first night, we cancelled the remaining 2 reservations. It was not bad, but just not good enough for the extra $40 per person, especially given the quality of the other restaurants.
  14. I find it interesting that while Silversea is rapidly expanding with support from its parent (RCCL), Seabourn is shrinking under pressure from a somewhat financailly distressed parent (Carnival). I think it would make a fascinating story if someone in the know wrote about the divergent paths of these two ultra-luxury lines and why.
  15. If your calculation that La Dame costs 1/3 less than similar quality meals in restaurants ashore, that would amount to $180 per person. I know some fabulous landside restaurants where I can dine for less than that, and get better quality. Not to diminish La Dame, but it would never earn a Michelin star and it doesn’t compare to those restaurants that have them.
  16. Our recent cruise on the Moon completely changed my mind about butlers. Wellesley, our butler, was out-of-this-world superb! Anticipated all of our needs and wishes. Reminded us of various options available. Never forgot a request and delivered on everything in a timely manner. Made our cruise more enjoyable. He was so good that I fully expect him to be working in management in a few years.
  17. Nor was it on my key card with Seabourn in March of 2022. Don't think it was on my Silversea key card on the Whisper last July and August either. I guess it could be worse...what if they started putting our weight on it!
  18. Here's what I received from Silversea today about the data breach: "Dear Silversea Venetian Club member, You may be aware that some of your personal information including future cruises booked and your credit card data may have been visible to other Venetian Club members via the My Silversea portal for a brief period on March 28. This was not a data breach, but rather part of a new Silversea marketing campaign designed to increase sales by making you envious of other Venetian Club members and the wonderful cruises they have signed up for that you haven't. In addition, the only reason we shared with you the credit card information of other Venetian Club members was to make it easier for you to make a deposit on a future cruise, especially if your current credit card has been maxed out. We hope you appreciate our new marketing campaign and we look forward to surprising you with other unique features in future. - The Silversea Marketing Team"
  19. Just returned from a door to door without air on the TA crossing of the Moon. 2 Blacklane transfers were included, no hotel.
  20. I have some issues with La Dame: - overpriced at $60 per person. As previously noted, some menu items also available for free at Atlantide. - the menu never changes- it was the same on our recent cruise in March as it was last August. - Menu selection is too small - perhaps to discourage pax from booking too often. My advice is to try it once just to make your own judgement.
  21. I too am disappointed by the removal of Georgetown as a port of call. However, the ship has an intensive Amazon River itinerary which means more ports of call on the river than with bigger ships. Plus, now that it has been clarified that the Amazon portion is expedition with zodiacs, I'm sticking with it.
  22. If necessary, which it is not, Silversea could provide passengers with a paper slip that remains in the cabin with the same information -- passport number, nationality, name. This information does not belong on a plastic card that must be taken off the ship every time a pax goes ashore. It unecessarily jeopardizes the privacy of passengers. And, as you say, anyone with a cell phone can safely store this type of information on their device and have it password protected.
  23. Got off the Silver Moon in Lisbon on Tuesday. Several couples discovered to their surprise that the pick-up time from Blacklane had been pushed back 5 hours to correspond with the local time zone. This would have happened to me, but I noticed that my booking confirmation had automatically pushed back the time so I rebooked it 5 hours earlier than I wanted. Please be sure to check the pickup time on your Blacklane confirmation if taking them from a foreign location with a different time zone.
  24. The data breach is very concerning, even if information was not visible to the general public. What is equally concerning is Silversea's attitude towards it. They do not seem to appreciate the seriousness of the breach. Today I received a marketing email from Silversea promoting cruises, but so far nothing on the data breach. They have time to market cruises, but not to inform their best clients of a data breach. This lack of concern for sensitive data is not restricted to the Silversea website. Have you looked at your ship/room access card lately? It contains your passport number, your name, and your nationality. If you lose your card ashore, this kind of information would be very useful to someone who would like to steal your identity, and perhaps much more. Why does Silversea need to put our passport numbers on a ship/room access card?!! Shows a complete lack of concern for the security of their passengers.
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