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  1. Or maybe "Have the Dogs Gone to Seabourn"?
  2. Cocoa has good taste in clothes. I see a cruise in her future!
  3. I like that itinerary as well. However, is it worth taking a chance at this point that the ship will be ready and the cruise will actually take place? I’d hate to have it canceled after booking air flights.
  4. I checked the Seabourn website last week as part of their Black Friday Sail event, and they now have cruises for the Seabourn Pursuit starting October 10 with a 14-day Barbados to Manaus voyage. Will this be the ship's inaugural voyage? It's not being marketed as such.
  5. Well, I haven't had an accident on a ship yet, but if I do have one you can bet I will make sure it is properly cleaned up, and I won't go into Seabourn Square after and plant my bare bottom (as lovely as it is) on a chair! 😀😁
  6. You can continue to make excuses for the dog, but there is no excuse for the selfish dog owner who appears to have no consideration for anyone else on the cruise except herself. As any dog owner knows, their animal can be trained to behave properly in public, including staying on leash, not sitting on furniture, etc. And the issue with the dog having an accident is not that it happened, it's how the dog owner responded to it.
  7. One of the reasons we chose Silversea for our trans-Atlantic cruise in March was the certainty of the MDR being open for breakfast and lunch during a cool weather cruise. However, we chose Seabourn for our Amazon cruise next fall as eating in the MDR on a warm-weather cruise is not an issue for us. Sometimes these little issues can be a factor for some in selecting a cruise line, and it's probably a good idea for cruise executives to be aware of it.
  8. Received this message from Silversea today. Does this mean P2P will no longer be offered after November 30, or just that the special fares will expire on that date? RESERVE YOUR SUITE TODAY FARES INCREASE ON 1 DECEMBER 2022 Silversea’s Door-to-Door All-Inclusive fares are unmatched in cruising, featuring more quality services and amenities than any other line – including transfers directly from home. These limited-time fares will expire on 30 November 2022, so be sure to book a voyage to your dream destination today to secure the best fares and suite selection. Our Port-to-Port All-Inclusive fares are an ideal option for those who prefer to make their own pre- and post-cruise travel arrangements, offering an average savings of 30% on select itineraries. Book now as Port-to-Port fares expire on 30 November 2022.
  9. The dog is not the problem - it's the owner who allows the dog to behave in an inappropriate manner. If SB had protocols for service dogs and enforced them, I doubt this forum would have gone on this long if at all.
  10. The dog may be well behaved, but it sounds like the owner isn't. Letting the dog off leash. Letting the dog sit on furniture. What's next - dinner with the Captain in Thomas Keller!
  11. The first time I see a ship's Captain with a service dog I'm getting off at the next port!
  12. According to this story in July from Travel Weekly, they are combing some staterooms to make larger ones. This should increase the number of larger cabins. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/First-revelation-Crystal-ship-renovation
  13. Based on my experience after sailing multiple times with Regent, Seabourn, Silversea and Crystal, is that Crystal was similar in quality to those 3 other luxury lines. In my opinion, the only drawback with Crystal was cabin size, which may be addressed with the ship renovations now taking place. I would love to see Crystal return as a genuine competitive threat to Regent, Seabourn and Silversea as competition brings out the best in everyone, and gives the consumer more choice.
  14. No MDR for lunch on a trans-Atlantic would be a deal-breaker for me. In fact, we are leaning towards SS for a trans-Atlantic next year. However, we are leaning towards an Amazon cruise with Seabourn next year because MDR lunch means a lot less to us during a warm-weather cruise.
  15. I quite agree. We did 3 back to back cruises on the Odyssey in February where a number of ports were changed, a few because of Covid. But it didn't make much difference to us as the replacement ports were all great, and we still had a wonderful time.
  16. I just checked the SS website and the April 10 departure in the Med is properly showing D2D features. I didn't check any other dates.
  17. Door to Door includes everything as in air flights, pre- and post-cruise hotels, and 2 private transfers.
  18. We got an air and hotel credit as there was no P2P fare. Got stuck with the car service which we don’t need but no credit so will try to find a way to make part of it work. Not an optimum outcome for us but apparently what works for SS is more important than what works for us.
  19. I think the question that needs to be addressed is why Silver Air does not put the best interest of the customer first when choosing air routes for them. There are just too many instances of bad routing, long lay-overs, difficult departure times, etc. when other more acceptable options are available, and sometimes provided after a complaint. Is it because the more difficult routing is cheaper for Silver Air to provide? Or are they saving the better routing for passengers with more expensive cabins? If the mantra at Silver Air became "always choose what is best for the customer", perhaps the over-all level of customer satisfaction would be higher.
  20. The issue is not that Silversea offers D2D. I think it's great that they offer it and I might even use it myself one day in a special circumstance. The issue is that Silversea is likely to withdraw the Port to Port option, only offer D2D, and financially disadvantage people who don't want D2D. That does not sound like a sound business strategy if Silversea expects to significantly grow its passenger base to fill all the new ships. A sounder strategy would be to keep appealing to people who want D2D or P2P.
  21. But they have several new ships coming online that will need more passengers. And it’s usually cheaper to keep existing customers than attract new ones.
  22. I'm with you! There are other luxury line options out there who want our business and will respect our preferences for P2P fares.
  23. I've read this type of comment on the Crystal board when comparisons are made to other luxury lines. And having sailed with Crystal three times, I would not disagree. I think another important factor is that SS has moved to include shorex, and is pushing D2D (flights, hotels and transfers) on people. If Crystal does not include some or all of these "extras", and their service/culture is exceptional, they may steal people away from SS who don't want everything included.
  24. I agree that Silversea has the advantage when it comes to ships. But will Silversea be able to maintain the course when it comes to people and culture, especially when losing so many key execs and bringing on so many new ships?
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