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  1. I believe they do. We are on her in 2026. During the booking I asked for a set time of early. When u book, your TA or Celebrity agent will usually ask.
  2. That is only for specialty dining.
  3. Yes, noise levels should drop. I would think the casino area would be quieter. I was under the shops on the Apex and didn't hear a thing. We crash early.
  4. I always book Oceanview cabins, mid ship. Did you see deck 4? There are many noisy areas above. I always pick my cabin carefully. Good luck.
  5. Our neighbors really like Oceania. Small ship feeling without the stuffy crowd as he says. Good food. Only the smaller ships can start or leave from Montreal because of the bridge on the river. Happy planning.
  6. We will be taking a Lyft in August.
  7. I don't like unexpected things and I still travel.......🤣
  8. This is a tough crowd. Lot's of laughs and getting sideways on topics. You offended no one. Also, the regular coffee is bad. I am a coffee snob.
  9. When is your cruise? I sail in August and I was booking last September. As others have said, try the app and their website.
  10. I always book ocean view rooms. On the Volendam previously we went with 2607 mid ship. I have always had a cabin across from us. Occasionally we could hear folks coming and going. I would choose 2587.
  11. Good. HAL Volendam Boston to Montreal this August. Flying into NYC for 2 nights.
  12. This is what I want. Do you mind sharing a ball park figure and what hotel you booked.
  13. NCL is not too popular right now regarding their Anartica sailings. Hope the passengers get something. I know the fine print, but really.
  14. Your mileage will vary regarding Apex MDR's. I received a card too that said where to go and approx. time. I had signed up for early dining. Ha Ha Ha. We went to that dining room and were seated fairly quickly. We went back there every night about the same time and got the same table.
  15. You forgot Ulvik, the one they swapped for Eidfjord. You guys and us did eventually get that tour that we were waitlisted on. Glad we went when we did. Say hi to the Mrs.
  16. I too signed up for early dining on Apex last April. There was actually a card that told us to come to a certain dining room the first day before 6, I think. We went there and ended up going to the same dining room at about the same time and the hostess always sat us at the same table, except for 1 night.
  17. We did a ship tour in Ulvik, as it is a small port that was switched from Eidfjord. In Geiranger I booked a bus tour on our own. Alesund had some vendors and Bergan we didn't notice. We were docked away from the city at Bergen. We were on HAL, Rotterdam.
  18. We were there in June 2023. Great weather and plenty of water falling as posted in Geiranger and other stops.
  19. Celebrity is known for their sales. Last April to the Caribbean I think I had 4 price drops, as I booked almost a year in advance. So sorry about your husband's ski accident. If by some chance does your credit card come with any Travel Insurance that can be used. Sending happy healing thoughts.
  20. This is a joke, right? Sounds like it has been sometime since you were in the bottom ranks. Last time we sailed, last year, we had stickers attached to us.
  21. We took it from Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale when our flight was cancelled because of the flooded airport, April 2023. Clean and comfortable. You pay for your luggage to be stored. Bought a regular seat and it was fine. They sell water on board.
  22. That is why I would never ever book a private tour for any tender port. We are bottom of the barrel. So many things can happen on any cruise line. We had people waiting hours for a tender on HAL in Norway. Bummer....... I should say, unless I see something in port.
  23. Were you on a private tour? We are booked on a Celebrity tour, as we have no status. LOL Glad you guys made it!!
  24. This cracks me up. We sat with a couple at a table in Amsterdam at a museum cafe. Occupations came up. The guy fixed flutes. Great, we really like Jethro Tull ie Ian Anderson. Oh, I repair his flutes.
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