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  1. I think we got back to Juneau about 3. You might be too late to do a whale watch if I remember correctly.
  2. We stayed at the Auberge before our cruise in August 2018. Very nice rooms and you do enter the building at the Terminal City Club. We walked (mostly downhill) to the cruise terminal. I would stay here again.
  3. Doing a land tour before the cruise will have you sailing southbound. This seems to be the popular way, for people arriving in Anchorage, so they can take the train over to Seward. We are doing this with Celebrity next summer. Seward to Vancouver. No Glacier Bay, but Hubbard Glacier. You can always do a land tour on your own, and catch the ship in Seward. If you decide to do a round trip, leave from Vancouver. We did this on Holland America's Volendam. They go to Glacier Bay and some sailings offer the Tracy Arm small boat excursion too.
  4. I booked 2 excursions on my own last cruise to Alaska. I agree, go directly to the operator, and not through a tour broker. You have more control of any problems.
  5. We were on the Volendam on 2018. R/T from Vancouver. They offered the Tracy Arm excursion on our cruise. I remember when the excursions first showed up on their sight this didn't show up right away. I booked as soon as it opened up. I remember calling to find out when it would show.
  6. We went mid August in 2018. Going again in same time 2022. We lucked out with perfect sunny weather and no rain. Call of the Wild.....I am pretty sure September is really late for bear tours. Check with Island Wings. Michelle is well known for these tours and she fills up fast.
  7. I don't blame you. You spent time researching cabins and now you have to move. I second looking to see what else you may want. I always say, things happen for a reason.
  8. Ship arrives 7:00 am. Approximate time frame to be off of ship? Planning flight info. We will take the train like last time. Thanks.
  9. I'm from the west coast. Never head of a New York Sirloin. It's either a New York or it is Sirloin. I grew up with sir loin being the most expensive cut of beef in our house. Rather confusing menu label.
  10. I second the waterproof type hiker shoe with wool socks. Check out the Merrell hiker. If you take a water proof thin jacket, layer with long underwear tops and some kind of sweater. I always get cold so a hat and gloves were needed on our small boat excursion and walking the deck on sea days. We lucked out with sun the whole week in August!!
  11. I have witnessed people wearing pajama bottoms, and one young gal no shoes, just dirty socks with dirty sweat pants.....
  12. Anan Creek is good, but requires a permit and you fly in. Fills up fast.
  13. IDK. Lunch could easily be $15 and $12 entrance fee. If someone is really interested in the dogs and learning more. We drove past this when we rented a car.
  14. That was a good article. It may have been prevented. We flew with Randy of Mountain Air Service in August 2018. The final finding was that the other plane operated by Taquan had a safety feature that was not working and had been disabled. It would have shown Randy where they were. Unfortunately, Randy had his working, but it needs both to operate. There were no fines.
  15. We hit the jackpot in 2018 with nice weather in August, not rain on our cruise. We wore jeans and capris. It gets chilly walking out on the deck. Especially with the wind. It is not the warm tropical air that you are use to. Trust me. We lived in the tropics and I wore a stocking hat on deck and gloves. In town, we were warm. Have fun.
  16. Edit: No one lived on Randy's plane, owner/pilot of Mountain Air Service. Other plane, Taquan had one fatality.
  17. Sad. We flew in 2018 with Mountain Air. A year later, our pilot was involved in a mid air crash with another plane. No one lived. I would still go up again. Life is short, you just never know.😢
  18. Yes it is next year. Figured there may have been someone on this southbound from Seward to Vanc. as Celebrity has had this sailing for awhile. I will try to see if it will let me book. Getting ahead of myself.
  19. Our ship sails at 8:00 pm from Alaska. The Tuscan Grille is being offered at a reduced rate for this first night. Any idea what time dinner may be? Even if we don't reserve here. We are also on anytime dining.
  20. She is also on Trip Advisor. I sent a PM, and have not heard back.
  21. I did this on another cruise line, but am pretty sure it would be the same. Call the "new" whoever you choose and tell them you want to transfer. They will then contact the the original TA to have them release the reservation. I did this from a cruise line to a TA to get perks!!
  22. The water is pretty calm going up Tracy Arm. Don't remember the part from there to Juneau.
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