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  1. Future note to self. Purchase luggage with a lifetime repair /replace no quibble guarantee. Such as Briggs & Riley Although some consider it slightly more expensive compared to general brands, it does last.
  2. As your matter us urgent use this Email address to bypass the oxymoron of Customer Services Executive.Correspondence@carnivalukgroup.com
  3. Update. Challenge correct. It appears that when the FCDs were reinstated after Cunard cancellations, Cunard failed to extend some of the dates, so immediately the 6 disputed FCDs were reinstated they were considered expired and automatically deleted. Requested for all 14 FCDs to be extended to be used for the new 23/24 releases towards the end if this year, failing that, one asked for a full refund.
  4. If you prefer the style of small boutique hotels the consider Pig In The Wall and Ennios
  5. Only for a Lunch. Food was nice and very reasonable with pleasant views out to the Marina.
  6. Every person has an individual preference as to what standard of Hotel and facilities they wish to enjoy prior to their vacation. Personally, one enjoys the Ageas Executive accommodation with it’s benefits, secure parking and a private taxi services (bells and whistles) offered by the Ageas. Although not the Fairmont and the like, it suits us for one, sometimes two, nights. Our stay is usually from about 14.00 one day one to round 14.00 on day two. (Early/late allowed)
  7. Hilton points? Then consider the Hilton Ageas, Exec Room member upgrade? Has all the bells and whistles. Take a look https://www.ageasbowl.com/hotel/accommodation/cruise-from-southampton/
  8. Agree. Old, tired, worn out, past it’s best, seen better days decades go, no decent views from windows, demolish. Can go on. If there is a price point, then consider a B&B guest house (some offer parking or Parking4Cruises)
  9. Parking there? My car was dinged while parked. Their support was a Gaelic Shrug, no CCTV to view, no help, quoted terms and conditions, therefore one’s fault for parking there. Hope you enjoy the reasonably priced stay. Don’t over expect, then there is no disappointment.
  10. Additional They booked direct with the hotel and got a good deal.
  11. Not an expert like CM, but neighbours stayed at Tree Charme and could not fault it for the price e paid. In fact they returned twice. Could be worth a look.
  12. Orient…….. Kim Sha beach is in the centre of condo land and the best located sun beds on the beach are grabbed before you’ve left the ship, leaving the rear ranks. But the ship will have a sun bed clause “subject to availability” But behind Kim Sha is a main road with bars, restaurants, supermarkets and an excellent liquor store “Boozeitup” and selling fine cigars etc.
  13. There are much better hotels to select from. Only stayed once and according to many recent cruisers it has not changed. It’s a scruffy, frayed about the edges, large expensive guest house, having the deluded pretensions of being a good hotel.
  14. Sorry, but one has no agenda, neither is one trying to insert one. One found South Friars Bay, then the original Carambola, attractive places to visit. The current Carambola is not a place one wishes to frequent, having ceased visiting over six years ago, with no wish to return. One and yourself are obviously total opposites in what we find desirable in a beach location, never will we agree, so let’s leave it there and move on, with one having no wish to continue this futile exchange.
  15. This is a published one, but it may not apply in the future. https://www.katakolon.org/katakolon-train/ Additional. Most train drivers are very heavy smokers, so are their travelling companions. Therefore, if the inhalation and smell of tobacco smoke is not to your liking, then do not take seats at the front of the train immediately behind the driver.
  16. As previously explained in some detail one has, but one no longer wishes to visit.
  17. St Thomas take an offshore trip. Carambola? No Way! St.Kitts is known for it’s lack of interesting snorkelling, save your money for another island.
  18. In other words, one must follow your perceived etiquette, to not to offend the delicate nature of the acts by leaving while they attempt to deliver some semblance of a performance. Therefore, just spontaneously urinate while seated in the Theatre. Hopefully, while the acts sing - “Let it go …Let it go…” Think the Theatre etiquette protocol is not fully thought through.
  19. Just checked. - Booking available for £85.99
  20. Have you tried Parking4Cruises, they should have space.
  21. Interesting, having given it some thought, it’s a good call, but only with a good white Agricole Rhum
  22. Suggestion for a Watermelon. Take a large Watermelon, a medium size kitchen funnel and a bottle of Vodka. Make a small hole in the top of the Watermelon and half insert the funnel tube into the hole made. Pour in the Vodka until the top of the funnel is almost full. Place in refrigerator and allow the Vodka to empty the funnel. Keep an eye as the Vodka runs down, do not let it run dry and keep topi going up until the Watermelon can take no more. Leave in the refrigerator for a further 12/24 hours, then remove, slice and serve.
  23. Or as some may say, a small piece of human detritus
  24. https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/hilton-at-the-ageas-bowl-southampton-SOUAGHI/about/park-and-stay.html?_ga=2.234699358.1554088015.1629996473-1630227350.1629498236 Although not centrally located think it is the best bang for your buck Secure parking, you keep car keys, private taxi to/from port. Book Executive room, complimentary evening buffet with beer/wine/spirits, also 24/7 complimentary tea/coffee soft drinks and bottled water. Executive rooms have Dressing Gowns and Slippers,
  25. Let the Deck Stewards do the moving, after all they’re paid to do it and it’s part of their job description. Strike a Ship’s employee and it’s a full Brand refuse to sail for life.
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