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  1. Agreed! For those new to HAL another thing to know.... it also tells you which ports are "tender" ports which is helpful when planning tours. I have to ask my TA to email the Passenger HAL Confirmation to me each time or he forgets.
  2. This is from the Chase Sapphire Preferred Guide to Benefits. In paragraph 2 it says "the Cardholder charges all or a portion of a Trip to his or her Credit Card Account." But I would definitely want to call their benefits department to ask for verification.
  3. I loved my Norway cruise on the Ryndam in 2014. I actually have the pictures downloaded so it was easy to look through them. Most of mine would be repeats that have already been posted, but this one is not.
  4. What a coincidence! On April 8, 2017 I was in Nagasaki on the Volendam. We were supposed to arrive at 1PM and leave at 9 PM. Not being 4 or 5 star Mariners, we were not allowed off for quite some time. Immigration took forever. We mainly wanted to get to the Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum. I think the museum closed at 5:30 and they closed the entrance 30 minutes before that. So we rushed like crazy to make it in time. Barely made it. Wanted to see the Glover Garden near the port, but by then it was getting dark and raining. Hope to get back there some day. Below is the
  5. This is the same cruise as @sailingdutchy mentioned - Easter on Prinsendam April 2019.
  6. Happy Easter! A beautiful and warm day here in northeast Iowa. About 65 degrees at 10:30 AM. I am envious of everyone posting about getting their second Covid shot. Unlike most places, our medical center does not schedule the second jab when you get the first. They are supposed to call you to schedule it. Usually they call early in the week (Tuesday) for the Thursday shots. My 4 weeks was up last week, but no call. I called them and they said they don't even have the people done yet from 5 weeks ago! They simply do not receive enough vaccine. I shouldn't complain, I know, a
  7. When I moved from Minneapolis to a small town in Iowa in 1978 I was surprised. I made out the weekly work schedule for my staff and, of course, incuded Friday. The staff asked if we were open all day on Friday as they usually were not. They always close from noon to 3PM they said. All of the stores do, they told me. So, after getting approval from the district manager, I redid the schedule. I don't know when this custom changed here, but I know it was before 1993 for my store. I don't think any stores close on Friday anymore.
  8. Thanks for the pictures! I hope to be there on Nov 23, 2021, on the Oosterdam. It is the circumnavigation trip. And since "I am NOT in control," time will tell if this happens or not.
  9. Thanks to everyone sharing pictures of Manaus. I was there in 2000 long before I owned a digital camera. My mother's friend had done that trip and inspired her to want to do it. Sadly, Mother died in 1995. When the ad came in the mail about the Amazon river cruise my father and I booked it in her honor. This was when the Royal Princess did it as a 12-day from Manaus to San Juan. It was great!
  10. Maybe Barbara from Iowa doesn't approve, but Janet from Iowa (me) thinks it sounds great! Maybe it's because I grew up in Minnesota. This is one I will make using my tenderized pork loin slices in the freezer....someday.
  11. Loved the Regent Sun. My 3rd cruise in 1990. Cruise director (older man) had a very small staff, he and his wife were part of the entertainment. Everyone did double duty in more than one job. I still remember they did songs from Fiddler on the Roof and it was excellent. Those were the days!
  12. I know..I think people see the word "soup" and assume it is like the soup they have had all of their lives. Especially people who have never been on a cruise. (I like the cold soups...especially fruit ones)
  13. Many times I have sat at a table when people ordered the cold soup...not realizing it was not hot. Took one taste and got mad. They did not realize there was such a thing a COLD soup. Might be part of the problem?
  14. Thanks for the pictures and info. I was supposed to be there on the Volendam in 2017. We were scheduled to sail from Shanghai to Naha. But when I woke up that morning, much to my surprise, the ship was still near the entrance to Shanghai! In the heavy fog...along with several other ships. With an inside cabin I did not know this until I got off the elevator for breakfast. I am seriously considering a B2B2B on the Noordam for March/Apr 2022 that is Japan and includes Naha. Will it actually go? Will I like 6 weeks on a ship when the most I have done is 30 days? (When I booked my Australia
  15. I am booked on the Oosterdam and hoping to be there on Dec 1, 2021. This is a tour that HAL offers called "Dili Highlights" which is 4 hours and $169. The other tours offered are mostly in the $250 range. About the Excursion Leaving the ship, you'll travel south through the central business district of East Timor's laid-back capital of Dili, which has taken on a new lease on life since Independence in 2002. The city is nestled into the base of the surr
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