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  1. No Cheers, just Sign and Sail.
  2. Didn't find it sketchy at all last March.
  3. YMMV, but we were at Junkanoo last spring and were not bothered at all by vendors. I had heard the horror stories, but they had guys in security shirts and no vendors on the beach that I saw.
  4. Not the OP, but you shouldn't have any trouble. We were approached a couple of times and found a spot not too far down where they agreed to give us two chairs and an umbrella for free as long as we ordered food and drinks from their restaurant across the street (Playa Progreso, maybe?). We did and paid with a CC. They tried to charge us for the chairs and umbrella (sneaky) but removed it when pointed out. They did put a "service charge" or something on there, which irritated me, but I just tipped less.
  5. I can't help in regard to tours, as we just went to the beach. We didn't find the beach dirty and though it's not the most beautiful around, we enjoyed the water. The vendors are not necessarily aggressive (if you give them a polite no, they'll be on their way), but they are incessant, one after another. Every time I tried to get into a book or even nod off, someone was interrupting me trying to sell something.
  6. We were there last February. Very nice, sunny and warm. I don't know if there are any good snorkeling areas, but we loved the water there. It was really beautiful and comfortable.
  7. Not sure if it still is, but the port area was under construction in Nassau when we were there last spring. So there's nothing there. But there are restaurants and shops just outside the port. The straw market is not too far, nor is the free beach Junkanoo. Freeport has a decent little port area with Senor Frog's, couple of other places to grab food/drinks and a lot of little shops. It's industrial outside of the port.
  8. Yeah, can't say how much one would be. If I remember right, it was two loungers, an umbrella and a little cabana area with table and two chairs for $25. They set up the loungers and umbrella where we wanted. We didn't haggle, but I believe others have reported doing so and getting them a bit cheaper, depending on how busy it is. We didn't use the cabana much at all, since we decided not to eat there.
  9. We were there back in March. We didn't reserve anything in advance but got off early. There were umbrellas and clamshells by the water. We chose the clamshell, but there were a few umbrellas not yet claimed. They did go fairly quickly, though. There are guys on the beach that set it up, take payment and wait on you from Fat Tuesday.
  10. We were there in February and really enjoyed it. It's a fairly easy walk, and we got a couple of chairs and an umbrella for a decent price. Good deals on local beer, though food seemed a bit expensive. We had heard rumors of aggressive vendors but did not see that at all. In fact, there was a noticeable security presence.
  11. I pretty much agree. It's been a few years since we went to Mr. Sanchos, but I don't remember it being that crazy. We did Paradise a year or so later and liked it better, but more because of the pool and the service we received than the atmosphere. They felt pretty similar to me overall. Nachi is definitely a quieter scene.
  12. We've done Santos, Paradise and Nachi. Nachi was our most recent one (last month), and I found the service to be really poor. Waiter was nice and attentive at first but then disappeared. We had to come up from the beach to the restaurant/bar area to get service. Food was good, but it felt like we didn't get our money's worth. I did like how quiet it was. If you like the pool, though, you'll have no problem getting served.
  13. My wife and I are co-owners, booked in two separate rooms last June, and received the benefit for both rooms. I submitted each individually.
  14. I tried last week on the Breeze to order at night for the next morning, like we have done in the past, and was told that wasn't available, to call back in the morning.
  15. Yes. I emailed about doing PAYG on an upcoming cruise and was told they would not be accepting PAYG guests since they were completely booked on AI.
  16. Back in February, I booked on a Thursday night for a Saturday cruise out of Galveston. There was a hiccup at check-in, and my teenage daughter and I were forced to go all the way back through security for a pat down and luggage check. We were told it was because we booked so late. 😕 Our steward also did not have our names on his printed list and had to write them in.
  17. Sea Day Brunch is in the aft restaurant (Scarlett maybe?) and Any Time Dining is the mid-ship one, which I think is called Crimson.
  18. Not that exact room, but we were on deck 6 in March and did not have them in the lamps. We were excited pre-cruise because we thought every room had them. But no.
  19. Same here for a cruise in June on the Vista. In fact, by day 3 or so, we asked them to please not come early... 🙂
  20. We've used Captain Marvin's and were very pleased. The office is directly across the street from the terminal exit.
  21. You set a PIN the first time you play. It's the same for the remainder of the cruise. The info screen on the machine will show your points as you play. They do not accumulate from one cruise to the next or stack, but rest assured, the Player's Club knows how many you are getting on each cruise and factors that into any offers you receive.
  22. Cuckoo7


    Not the OP, but I'll see if I can help. We did cavetubing.bz a couple of years ago and had a great time; here are my memories. 1. We met the guide just outside the cruise terminal. We were there early, as per the instructions, but had to wait some time for another group. Fortunately, we were in an air-conditioned van and the guides were great. 2. Our group had 7: 4 adults and 3 kids. I think it was $50 per person at that time for the adults and cheaper for the kids. 3. It's quite a drive to get to there, maybe an hour or so. Total tour takes about 5 hours, I think. You start with the cave-tubing, which is awesome, and then we went to a small pavilion where they had lunch (stewed chicken and rice with drinks and rum punch, if desired) and a small shop. Though I never felt rushed, we ended up being a little behind, so the driver had to hustle to get us back on time. But we made it time to do a little shopping and grab a drink before last tender. 4. We absolutely felt safe the entire time. The area where you get set up to go into the caves is large, with many tour busses and groups. Staff is very helpful. 5. As long as the senior is fairly mobile, yes. You do have to walk a bit to get to the river, but they'll carry the tubes and highlight interesting plants and stuff along the way. I don't recall it being a particularly difficult/treacherous walk. There's just a nice path through.
  23. Agreed. We always did balconies until I finally caved and took an inside that was insanely cheap. I actually really enjoyed the total darkness at night and the lack of banging doors. While the balcony is really cool, I found myself doing a lot more things around the ship and had a blast. This is where I am. I love a lot of things on certain ships (Red Frog Pub, Jiji's, IMAX) but still have fun without them. I just want to be on the ocean... 🙂
  24. We went last month. Doctor's Cave Beach is the closest but not within walking distance. They had cabs at the terminal, or you could do the Hop On Hop Off bus which is an all-day pass. We did that and did a little shopping, walked around the Hip Strip and spent some time at the beach.
  25. Never had a full dinner comp - don't think I gamble enough. But I've had steakhouse selections (waiter in MDR notified me) and bottles of wine (certificates in room).
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