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  1. Due to go to Tunis and to see Carthage but the attack on the cruise ship people at the museum meant our stop was cancelled. Visited Casablanca on the SS Uganda on a school cruise and was very intimidated by the locals and have never been again. I have heard Ceuta is nice and is a good change from Gibraltar. looking forward to the Azores tomorrow.
  2. I've enjoyed following your travels Izzywiz. Here are some pictures of Chania, Rethymnon and the Souda Bay area.
  3. Hello again. No early takers for Crete so I'll start with Heraklion, Museum and Knossos
  4. Under the new state pension it now takes several years to make up the difference. https://www.which.co.uk/money/pensions-and-retirement/state-pension/deferring-your-state-pension-ahr9w8p0f87w
  5. I am just as intrigued by the new buildings as the old.
  6. When we had a caravan long ago the electric was free but it was a low voltage. We had a convector heater in the lounge, a greenhouse tube heater in the bedroom, an electric blanket, an electric slow cooker and electric steamer. Hardly used the gas but we had to be careful not to have too much on at once as it would trip the fuse and that was outside. Not so good in cold weather.
  7. I have stayed in the D cabins on a Princess ship and never heard noise from the balcony above whilst in the room. It is true the balconies have a kind of rubber matting which would mute any sound.
  8. Iona has freedom dining only but it does have main dining rooms as well as separate restaurants.
  9. I know how you feel as I have hardly been out since this all began. I’m not sure when I will ever set foot in a supermarket again. However we must overcome this feeling of being scared and move onwards, the levels are now so low. We have booked a short holiday in June in an out of way hotel in a very big room so we get away from our home. We have also booked a Seacation later in a large cabin Clubclass on Princess where we can keep mostly to ourselves and enjoy the balcony. We will overcome this.
  10. Thank you for this. I had also assumed that as my policy’s definition of leaving “Home Area” just said United Kingdom etc and no mention of the 12 mile limit that we would be covered once leaving shore.
  11. I don’t think they are necessarily pushing the large ships, it’s just that Arcadia and Aurora are doing the long world and South America voyages so there is not much left.
  12. Thanks for all your kind words and l am very happy to see the voyage continue under Izzy’s direction.
  13. Yes we have a movie version and love the noise and flowing water. Loved this area of Brisbane.
  14. Thank you for taking on continuing the cruise. I think that would be a great area to be at tomorrow.
  15. Today we arrive in Brisbane, tomorrow.......well tomorrow I fly home. I have visited Cairns on a precruise trip and snorkled for the first time on my fiftieth birthday on the Great Barrier Reef. However I have never been to Asia, southern Africa or southern South America. If anyone would like to continue the voyage please do so. I thank all the contributors and have loved seeing all the photos. I wish everyone happy cruising in the near future.
  16. Lovely to see some of the other areas of Sydney. Brings back lovely memories.
  17. Today Sydney. Tomorrow we are in Brisbane. I'm sure there will be a lot of photos of Sydney so I will post just a few. Sydney Bridge Opera House Bondi Beach Manly Beach Sydney Tower Circular Quay Ferry Blue Mountains
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunedin_Railways It has two lines, one to the gorge and one along the coast but it does not connect further.
  19. You definitely had better weather than us.
  20. At sea in Fiordland today. Tomorrow we arrive at Sydney. It was a very dull misty day when we viited the fiords and made for a very eerie sail. At the end of Milford Soun,d after we had disaembarked the people leaving fo the overland trip, the ship just turned on its axis and sailed out.
  21. Dunedin today. At sea in Fiordland, New Zealand tomorrow.
  22. Seems perfectly reasonable as Akaroa was often a replacement port after the earthquake, a lovely set of photos.
  23. Yes we have been in the Yacht Club and the prices seem very high to us.
  24. We have arrived at Lyttlelton for Christchurch, tomorrow we dock at Dunedin. We visited Christchurch before the earthquake in 2011.
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