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  1. Ruby Princess is quite an old Princess ship of the Grand class, queues not good. You can book dining times for every night once you have paid final balance, earlier if you are Elite. But if you want to decide each day it could mean walk ups. Princess are changing there dining from June(I think) to one dining room Club(two seatings), second booked tables and third walk ups. This will make a big difference.
  2. Sorry I added to my post as you were quoting. I think that maybe by making it compulsory for stick users would lead to far too many one to one situations. They then maybe changed it to recommended. They do say if you are unsteady and need guidance and help it is mandatory.
  3. I can only think this is because your husband has a condition that flares up. Sometimes he has no need of a stick but other times it is a necessity. They are taking the point that on the cruise it could be at a time when the condition is at its worst and one to one assistance would be necessary. On certain cruises they are taking this attitude, on others they have looked at it differently. Yours is a unique circumstance.
  4. For walking stick users one to one assistance is recommended but it is not mandatory. Most occasional stick users would not require it. https://www.pocruises.com/accessibility/emergencies-and-other-information Emergency assistance There are two different types of emergency assistance: An evacuation chair – for example, you would be unable to use the stairs due to mobility or other circumstances. For anyone bringing a wheelchair or mobility scooter, this is a mandatory requirement. One-to-one assistance – if you need someone to guide and steady you on the stairs due to mobility or other circumstance, this is a mandatory requirement. For anyone bringing a mobility aid, like a walking stick or walker, this is recommended.
  5. Confusing for wheelchair users if that is the case. If it is not “automatic” that you are assigned one but it is “mandatory” that you request one.
  6. Thank you for your reply. P&O state it is mandatory that you have an evacuation chair if you are using a wheelchair which you did. The OP said in their original post that they did not request an evacuation chair. Maybe there lies the problem.
  7. Thank you. Having never needed to fill in the form I am not sure how it works. I presume there is a question asking if you use a wheelchair and if you answer yes the allocate a place of evacuation chair.
  8. Does mentioning you are using a wheelchair automatically put you on the evacuation chair list or do you have to specifically request it as a mandatory requirement. @Selbourne can you advise. OP said they didn’t request one.
  9. The ports visited make a difference. Can you tell us which ones for each cruise?
  10. And you confirm that you mentioned you would be having a wheelchair both times? Just to confirm P&O’s error.
  11. We received an email in respect of each of our outstanding cruises when this new procedure was started. We book direct.
  12. If neither @JollyMia nor their travel agent mentioned bringing a wheelchair then the first P&O would.have known about it was when Mobility at Sea advised them that someone in the cabin had requested a wheelchair to be delivered to the cabin. Hence the difficulty.
  13. Yes I saw it. I know the OP has come back and has not deserted us. Just waiting for them reply again.
  14. @JollyMia Did you book direct or through a travel agent. If so have you ascertained that they completed the form mentioning that you would be having a wheelchair on board.
  15. The original poster was asking specifically about formal night in MDR where Princess do still request tie on website.
  16. Tux seen very much on Princess from Southampton. But you can wear what you want and find somewhere to eat.
  17. We also do not visit the theatre and find the entertainment in the Piazza very good. If the group you like is not there they will often be in one of the other bars. They nearly always have some kind of string ensemble which P&O seem to ignore except on Aurora. We also enjoy Take Five, the jazz club. Thank you for your time reporting back.
  18. They don’t, the list is from 2019. Much reduced now.
  19. As stated in the original post this is from 2019 and is now much reduced
  20. It seems that if they reintroduced more selection of drinks as in previous times it could rectify the unhappiness.
  21. Are you saying it’s the newbies replacing us that are bringing their own drinks to the bars. Seems this is what P&O wanted and now they’re cracking down.
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