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  1. Did you request fruit? There was no problem on Noordam, room steward asked what fruit we wanted, how many and how often.
  2. The rooms with a sofa bed have ⚪ symbol in the PDF deck plans.
  3. Yes you can. Just ask at the front or ring and pre-book one. Often it will be a 4 top that they have removed 2 places from. You can also stipulate (at a 4 top) how you want to sit - across the table, or beside each other. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Where is the 'feedback' section? I have searched but can't find it. Thanks.
  5. I am sure that one of the Round the World bloggers will be happy to answer this for you. It is 5am in Cape town right now so it will be a couple of hours before they start posting.
  6. No need to book. Just show up (same hours as for the MDR) and tell them your cabin number. Sometimes have to show your key card on the first morning. Enjoy.
  7. Half Moon Cay. A private island port stop owned by Carnival.
  8. On Noordam Nov Dec last year. Silent auctions and live auctions took up a large chunk of the bar and seating area. Saw passengers reserving seats for the auction with "reserved" signs.
  9. schag001 have you been able to sort this out for your parents? Is there anything that I can do to help in Auckland?
  10. Supervised RAT tests can be requested at many of the pharmacies in Auckland. There is a 15min wait and then you receive an official report to show at boarding.
  11. That is just a curtesy hold for you. It will drop off when you don't pay the deposit.
  12. I have had a quick look at your itinerary. I would expect that Napier will be the only port that will be a definite change. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Yes there is. It was very popular on the Aussie Circumnavigation in Nov-Dec. The shelves were stacked and packed tight on the last day!
  14. Not sure if you got an answer to the laundry price question. If you log on to your HAL account and go to "packages" for this cruise you will see that the laundry price is $196 for the full cruise. They also have the Thermal Suite prices there.
  15. Log into your HAL account for your cruise. Click on 'Cruise Activities', then on 'Packages'. Scroll to 'Unlimited Laundry'. This however is the same price that you will pay if you sign up after you board.
  16. Hmm. Messenger is not available. I will 'follow' this post. If you need help with your parents in March post another message on this thread and I will see it. (We will be flying to Sydney in April to board this cruise as well).
  17. Requirements may well change by the time they board. In November when we boarded Noordam only a self administered test was required. Check for a direct message from me. I will send you my email address so that you can contact me closer to the time if they still need help. Colleen
  18. Be sure to try some yummy, locally produced WHITTAKER'S chocolate while you are in Aotearoa/NZ.
  19. Oh my goodness, 85 days! Now I am suffering cruise envy - we only did the 35 day Aussie Circumnavigation. We will however be back on for the Sydney to Vancouver in April.
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