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  1. Even more strange, the post now seems to have disappeared into the ether !!! I took a screenshot, so know I did not imagine it and have name of poster.
  2. OP here- I didn’t say I was on the ship- but expecting to travel Spring 24. I am Reina not Rex del Mar and I am female with pronouns she/ her!! I have quoted from a current Cruise Critic post in the Princess section. Someone asked for information about a specific cabin and the quoted comment was one of the replies ! Whether this is considered a reliable source I don’t know but was posted yesterday and still available for viewing online.
  3. I have used the app successfully since 2019- that doesn’t mean I don’t prefer the old fashioned way !!!!
  4. Hadn’t thought of a current roll call..but not sure how many would check roll call once aboard.
  5. This is very scary !!!! Did the crew members you spoke to have any insight as to when the issue might be fixed, please ???? Many thanks.
  6. I have just read this comment on a post about a specific cabin…and it scares me. Does anyone who is currently or has recently been on Coral Princess have any comments, please ???? ‘Good luck on Coral Princess. I’m on that ship right now and it’s like being on a floating sewer. Sewage smell on the entire ship! Crew has openly admitted there’s a plumbing problem onboard. Overall the ship is very run down andneeds a major overhaul. Hope the plumbing is fixed by the time you travel.’
  7. Any one have further information, please ???? Not sure I want to be 26 days on a ‘floating sewer’!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Good luck on Coral Princess. I’m on that ship right now and it’s like being on a floating sewer. Sewage smell on the entire ship! Crew has openly admitted there’s a plumbing problem onboard. Overall the ship is very run down andneeds a major overhaul. Hope the plumbing is fixed by the time you travel’ Thanks..
  8. Agree…wasn’t it simpler when you booked with a travel agent who gave you a small folder of plane ticket, cruise ticket etc ?? You chose your seating for meals, then had the excitement of seeing if you were sitting with an officer, on embarkation. Booked ‘trips’ in the first couple of days and paid for everything with cash . Yes I am showing my age…first cruise was 1969 !
  9. Sounds about right..we paid $ 7.50US for South America in March …half of the $15 daily price..but who knows when they might change it; in the hope more pax choose Plus or Premium ?
  10. Thank you everybody. My next question…please can anyone help with the price for Internet for Elite guests in Australia ? Many thanks.
  11. We have currently got a cabin booked at Standard Rate for the Around Australia cruise, next year. We are considering upgrading to either add a soft drinks’ package and internet package or to just upgrade to PLUS package. Looking online, it appears that to add the plus package here in UK, it would cost £50 x 2 x 26= £2600 which is approximately Aus $5075.98…this sounds excessive. Can anyone help with explanation of costs if we were to book this on embarkation, please ? Many thanks.
  12. Seems a little known fact..our travel agent didn’t even know and thought we were just too early trying to book it. I’ve frequently grizzled about having same T&Cs worldwide..this is another that needs to be brought in line!!!!
  13. Yes, unfortunately that was what I thought might be the case. Wondered about ordering a case online and putting the delivery address as Coral Princess ,OPT. After seeing many people using them (we thought for coffee) on our previous Australia/ Asia cruise, we have been carrying a thermos flask ; so could fill using a plastic glass, at buffet or a bar Thanks for suggestion.
  14. It appears we cannot order a water package for cruises out of Australia. We are doing a ‘Round Australia, 26 day cruise’ and wonder if there might be a way to have water delivered to the ship from Woolworth’s or similar. We had the same problem the last time we cruised ex Australia and ended up buying the soft drinks’ package, on embarkation. Not sure if that was worth it for us, especially as the price appears to have increased dramatically. On the other hand, not sure we could carry enough bottled water for 26 days for two people on ourselves !!! (Yes, I know we could just drink the ship’s water…not interested in debating that, thanks!)
  15. Asked and received bar soap from cabin stewards on both Emerald Princess in March and `RCCL’s Allure in August this year. Just be polite and if they have them, they will fetch. Take your own if concerned. I also take heavy duty conditioner and favourite shampoo, as the offerings from cruise lines, tend not to ‘cut the mustard’ for me.
  16. Would you be able to cancel the whole hotel/transfer part ? In our experience, Fort Lauderdale is the easiest port to book your own hotel and use taxis to hotel and port. (Not into Ubers/Lyft as not tech savvy!)
  17. I would not appreciate being interrupted whilst on holiday, and think it is unfair for anyone else to be disturbed either. However, we use a large travel agency where another member of staff will step in if/when someone is on holiday or ill.
  18. Does your travel agent never go on holiday ?
  19. We have been to South America twice from UK. Flew with KLM from Cardiff via Amsterdam. First time San Antonio to Buenos Aires and earlier this year from San Antonio to Los Angeles. We very much enjoyed both trips and the long flights were definitely worth it. We sailed Princess both times. However, if your husband isn’t keen it might cause upset. Could you possibly take it in turns to choose where you go. You choose one year and he chooses the next year or vice versa.
  20. Noticed more doors decorated on RCCL than Princess. Princess used to use double sided tape to post birthday/ Congratulations cards on `cabin doors, together with balloons, but this seems to have gone now too.
  21. On our South American cruise this Spring, the white and gold night didn’t start till 10.30pm..being the sad individuals we are, we were in bed by the time it started - too many early starts, too much walking on port days and very hot temperatures, to stay up late. Just back from RC cruise and they too seem to be introducing ‘Caribbean shirt night’- once again , we spoilsports ignored it !
  22. If we are travelling to somewhere we have never been before, or has a language we don’t speak/understand, we tend to use the Princess hotel and transfer. -the first time we went to Santiago for example. The second time in South America,(again via Santiago to San Antonio) we booked our own hotel and taxi transfers as we knew where we were going…worked out just fine. The cost, as someone mentioned upthread, was about half of booking with Princess.
  23. Disembarked Allure on 29th August , 2023. Noticed taxi fare from Galveston port to IAH was advertised as $190…might want to use this as a marker.
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