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  1. A copy of the latest laundry/wet cleaning/pressing slip from our 9/3 Spirit cruise. Laundry Slip.pdf
  2. Lois - have a great cruise. DW & I just disembarked after 35 wonderful days. Great food and a wonderful staff. The tender beef rossini and the veal tenderloin in Atlantic’s was some of the best we have ever had. It was great to see so many familiar crew. First leg had 414 guests and next two legs had only about 150 guests. Supposedly there are 50 in transit guests on your cruise and 285 newbies.
  3. Captain Arma HD - Marius Octavia Lima RM - Mychal - not sure of his last name Head Sommelier - Biljana A (can’t remember spelling of her last name) Entire staff has been great, we have been on since 9/3. Food has been very good with a couple of exceptions.
  4. An amazing e-mail we received at 3:58 PM EDT - crew will not be fully vaccinated for 14 days as of 9/3 - offer is to transfer to 9/15 cruise. What's important is that the e-mail indicates that the 9/15 cruise itinerary has been revised to be the same as the 9/3 itinerary - we are on both legs and have not been notified that the 9/15 has been revised. Totally unacceptable. Also, folks flying in day of cruise have option of complimentary day 2 test offered at port by Silversea. WOW - 6 days before our cruise SS now offers a complimentary day 2 PCR test after we have already booked 2 different PCR test to meet UK requirements because we had no guidance from SS. Pretty sad.
  5. As a follow up, see the following article. Hopefully, we should know more by the end of the week. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/eu-considers-removing-us-from-epidemiologically-safe-countries-list-plans-to-introduce-entry-ban/
  6. According to cruisemapper.com and marinetraffic.com, the Muse is the only cruise ship in Seattle.
  7. The Muse docked today in Seattle. May the Alaska cruise season begin!
  8. According to cruise mapper it sailed from San Cristobal Island yesterday and is now in Bartolomo, Santiago Island.
  9. SS just issued a press release stating all guest and crew will require proof of vaccinations. Silver Moon will start 10 day roundtrip cruises out of Athens beginning 6/18. And SS has revised the dates under the Resumption of Itineraries.
  10. TM - Harriet said this may be a case where folks with FCCs thought they could use them for the deposit and when they found out you could not, coming up with $40-$50K USD for the deposit 21 months in advance may have caused them to reconsider.
  11. I believe 2019 WC was the highest total with about 240 WCers. 2020 WC was less with about 220 or so. SS has updated the website with the full itinerary, a list of tentative shorex (both complimentary and paid) in addition to a 64 page brochure that highlights an amazing list of 10 WC events.
  12. Guests are posting on the SS facebook page that they were notified of additional cancellations involving Canada - one was Northwest passage on the Cloud, another was a Whisper cruise from Montreal to NYC, a third was NYC to Barbados in October 21. Some of these cancellations could just be SS positioning themselves to realign itineraries for countries/ports that will be open. Also, apparently the UK is only permitting UK residents to cruise around the UK through 9/25.
  13. The only change today was moving the Muse start date from 5/20 to 6/3. The 6/3 cruise is supposed to leave from Vancouver, BC. Don't think that is going to go!
  14. For the cancelled WC 2021, SS offered a 3 night overland to the Taj Mahal and the Pink City of Jaipur. I believe you got to see the Taj both at sunset and sunrise. The cost for 2 guests was $3,699 PP or for one person was $4,399. Hope this is helpful.
  15. Not sure, but do not think so. I believe that SS has to provide a passenger manifest to the Coast Guard/Port authorities a number of hours or more before departure. Maybe someone else with more knowledge can chime in.
  16. How about room service breakfast, premium wine list, and room service menu? Room service is from 2018 while the other two are from 2020. Room Service Breakfast Menu.pdf Premium Wine List .pdf Room Service.pdf
  17. SS - correct. From their presentation, it sounds like there will be limited availability for the segments. In total, I think there are 8 segments.
  18. Priority as announced at the presentation today is as follows: 1. Guests who were booked on WC 2021. 2. Guests currently booked on WC 2022. 3. Guests who were on WC 2020. 4. Guests booked on Expedition WC 2022.
  19. Fernando posted this on the SS passengers facebook page. Pretty funny.
  20. It appears that SS has deleted the Whisper's Canada/New England cruises in September from its website.
  21. I suspect RCL will keep the SS loyalty program separate and distinct like Carnival has done with its Seabourn brand.
  22. Seriously doubt that RCL is going to hand out a free one week SS cruise to someone who has 350 days with RCL/Celebrity, a free 2 week cruise at 500 days and a free 1 week cruise for every 150 days after 500.
  23. SS posted an update today delaying the start for 4 ships - (1) Shadow from 4/28 to 5/15, (2) Spirit from 4/20 to 5/5, (3) Moon from 4/1 to 5/4, and (4) Origin from 4/3 to 5/1.
  24. I would also suspect that the shipyard that was scheduled/will be performing the Wind refit is backlogged and that contributed to the delay.
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