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  1. We always try to get to San Juan a day or 2 early. Its a great city and it lengthens the vacation. 4 hours before the ship takes off, leaves a lot on the table. Just my 2 cents.
  2. All 3 are great choices. You should check out the excursions for each stop. Check out each stop here on cruise critic to see what others are doing. Also, we've done 1 & 2 and honeymooned in Aruba. We'd do # 2 again and we'd like to get to #3, just our 2 cents. Should you go to Tortola go to Jost Van Dyke is a great beach island day (extremely quiet, not much to do but unwind). Make sure you get to San Juan a day or two early if you can. Another great city.
  3. If you make drinks at home often. Your Grey Goose bottle is too small. You can buy them in 1.75L. Just a tip. 😎 Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Could use the credit in the SPA as well. A massage is a great was to start a cruise.
  5. Hopefully, you have Maarten. He was awesome. No answer for #1.
  6. The Gatsby theme must be gaining some traction as there were more than a few people who dressed up like it was 1920's (we were not in that group). The silent disco looked fun we will probably try that next time.
  7. We did Tuscan Grille & Le Petite Chef. LPC is new to us, the food was great. Tuscan was liked by everyone, the décor and menu seemed about the same. Enjoy your cruise. It'll be here before you know it.
  8. A Great Gatsby Themed party is basically a 1920's theme.
  9. We had a Gatsby Party on Equinox eastern 2 weeks ago. The cruise director Marten was awesome. You can probably find it on the social medias.
  10. Chessdotcom. it was a few months ago I don't remember... I'll look for him if that's the correct website.
  11. We just got off Equinox last week. It was great. No new plans as of yet, probably something in the summer or Easter on 2020. I hope you and your family are well. Hopefully we run into each other again. After all is it a small world. FYI, I played chess with a Purplesmurf but not sure if it was your husband as he didn't answer my questions...
  12. Just back from Equinox July 6th - July 13th. Overall it was a great cruise. The pluses: 1) The Honeymoon & Christmas excursion in St Thomas is awesome. It does take up most of the day though. 2) Ship condition is excellent. 3) The service was great. 4) Loved the perks offered by Celebrity it will be almost impossible for us to cruise without a drink package. After some time off the boat I do have a couple of gripes: 11) Café al Bacio: That 1st Sunday morning I really wanted exceptional coffee. So, I Googled “the nearest Café al Bacio” the results were not good. The closest was in Key West a good 5-6 hour drive from Ft Lauderdale! Totally unacceptable. Did you know these can only be found on Celebrity cruises? That just doesn’t seem right. I just headed to the local mega chain coffee store. Which leads to my next issue 22) When I got to the store, I ordered a simple doppio espresso. They stated that our sea-pass cards are not valid! Astonished I just paid cash. Come to find out that these cards are only good on Celebrity cruise ships. Huge Fail! 33) When we got back from the mega coffee chain, our beds and rooms were not made. My towel was still on the floor in bathroom. Apparently, the room stewards stay on the ship. Is this a known issue? Celebrity has some explaining to do. I’ll get the necessary answers on my next Celebrity cruise. Obviously, it can’t get here soon enough. Let me know if you have any questions. Qwksilver
  13. Thanks for all the responses. I didn't change our pickup time. It starts tomorrow!!! 🙂
  14. All, We are a group of 6. 2 Couples with 2 children. We are locals and usually just get to the port around 10:30-1100am. This year we have a boarding time of noon and our friends with the children have a 2pm. We will be taking the same car service. Is this boarding time new? I don't ever recall seeing this boarding time. Our group hasn't cruised since July 2017. My question is how bad would it be to still get to the port at our normal 10:30? Saturday cant get here soon enough. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your time and effort it's a great check list. Challenged accepted! We leave on Equinox next Saturday.
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