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  1. My plan is to hit CVS when we get to Miami. 🙂
  2. $59.95 for our little 3 day get away ... was able to get a 10:00am check in & A01 boarding last night so we're going to pass. 🏝
  3. I thought now you have to come at your designated check in time, now, regardless of status? This would only really apply to sailings 12/1-4th-ish anyway.
  4. The 8th would probably be better anyway. Diamonds, Platinums & suites have already begun checking in for our cruise with the rest of us starting tomorrow, so the perk of an earlier check in time, at least, is pretty much irrelevant for this cruise. Fortunately it goes fairly quickly now anyway.
  5. Will vary per ship ... but didn't see prices specifically.
  6. @Riles34On John Heald's FB he said for voyages starting December 1 .... where do you see the 8th? Only ask because I sail on the 2nd and might be interested ... 🤔
  7. We usually drive to Galveston and never have to worry about luggage restrictions - so always over-pack one large suitcase, one carry on & a tote. In 2 weeks(!) we are flying to Miami for a cruise and I accepted my husband's challenge ... one carry on and a tote. Not gonna lie, I've been practicing because I'm scared. Lolol
  8. It happened on our Vista cruise in 2018 while onboard ... I didn't think it was that huge of a deal, although I might have thought differently if we hadn't been able to switch our non-Carnival beach reservation in Cozumel, which I don't think a lot of people were able to do because they sold out.
  9. We've only booked starboard once, and our suite balcony was not far from a smoking area. An expensive mistake ... not a lot of fresh, sea air to be had on our balcony, to put it mildly. Lol
  10. We are staying at the Courtyard by Marriott downtown...she said they work with a 3rd party shuttle that'll take you to the port, $10/pp. Under shore excursions, there are one way trips from the port to the airport for after the cruise ... either MIA or FLL. That's how we're getting there. It was like $23/pp I believe.
  11. It all depends on your own budget, really, and the length of your cruise. $5/day wouldn't last but a few minutes, even if they picked the *longest lasting* games ... like actual video games and not the games for prizes.
  12. The cakes always look so beautiful, but everytime I've tried one it's been completely dry and tasteless. I'll be going into this funfetti cheesecake thing in a couple weeks with an open mind, though. Lol
  13. We paid $4800 for a spa suite on the Vista last year ... I think that's the most we've paid. All for the luxury of hearing weights from the fitness center slamming into the floor at random times of the morning & afternoon. It was great. 🙄
  14. Even though I live in San Antonio and can get them on every block, and I always say I'm going to order something different, I always end up with the huevos rancheros at seaday brunch. The breakfast burritos at Blue Iguana The mushroom soup & bitter & blanc in the MDR And count me in as another one to be hunting down this funfetti cheesecake in a few weeks. Lol
  15. We brought our own reusable straws ... a sticky PITA, IMO. But the quickly dissolving sugar ones are gross.
  16. The booked cruise I was looking under was only a short 3-day on the Conquest ... it was $49.95
  17. They are definitely messing around with it today .... I was able to put it in my cart just a minute ago, but then it vanished when I clicked the cart to try and pay. Teasers. Lol
  18. Not a casino offer, but I was able to move my deposit without the fee to a new sailing through my PVP recently because he is magical. Lol
  19. I'm sad that I'll no longer be able to wash down my breakfast burrito with an ice cream cone but I'll survive. I guess. 😞
  20. This. It's a 4 hour drive to Galveston for us .... not only airfare, etc., I don't have to worry about luggage weight or how much liquid I have in my carry on. Lol It's a 8-9 hour drive to New Orleans for the exact same itineraries, did it once because it was cheaper. The drive there was fun because it was our first cruise and we were excited, but the drive home was 😖. We've flown to Puerto Rico to go on the southern Caribbean itinerary and we're about to fly to Miami next month to visit some ports unavailable from Galveston on a deal we couldn't refuse. Prices from Galveston are brutal. 😐
  21. Hi! Do you recall how much the chair/umbrella rental was at Radio Beach? We're still trying to figure out what to do in Bimini. Thanks!
  22. Thank you for your time posting your review ... I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was greatness! 😁
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