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  1. Unless I make a request of the steward we rarely tip extra. Often telling the steward to just swap out towels as we rarely bring food or drink back to the room and keep the room tidy for our own enjoyment. Asking for ice or toher requests does bring out an extra tip for them. $1 per drink, drink package or not.
  2. I think you are 100% correct. I didn't really look at my vaccine card until this morning when I had to enter my shot dates as part of registering for my 2 day pre-cruise covid test. Some card stock and address labels. My wife and I tested positive last November and our official test results were on a copied form it looked like a 6th grader made. No doctor stamp, nothing remotely official looking.
  3. We get ours Thursday. So excited to Cruise again and on a brand new ship, the Mardi Gras.
  4. Interesting. Might have to reconsider the chips and just head to the smokehouse.
  5. Guess I will throw a couple bags in a reusable shopping bag so I can enjoy chips and guacamole.
  6. I don't see chips on the menus I looked at. Do they have tortilla chips? Love me some chips and guacamole!
  7. I have NEVER heard a single complaint about smoking and Disney Casinos. 🙂
  8. I did order a 6 pack and my box said expiration date was extended to Feb 2022. Also not my business but we wrote you ordered a 3 pack kit but WE have three cruises. That is 6 tests.
  9. stay on the ship and use the drink package. But we live 20 minutes from the beach and have not gone to the beach in at least 5 years. Kinda helps having a nice pool in the backyard with its own tiki bar.
  10. Booked on Harmony OTS for March 2022 and I have the drink package and wife has the refresh package. You do not both have to have the drink package and it has been this way for at least 5 years. My wife rarely drinks and since we are diamond members we can have drinks in the diamond lounge or we get 3 (maybe 4 now) drinks per night on a sea pass card. This is how we have booked beverage packages for quite awhile now.
  11. Royal's max is $13 and that is going to cover nearly every drink on their menus. Also Royal does not have a limit on drinks and it includes fresh squeezed juices or at least it used to pre-covid. Royal also allows one person to get the drink package and the other a non-alcoholic package.
  12. Thanks! Hoping for some sales. 50% off a couples massage is great if it happens. After decades of my wife trying to get me to get a massage I have finally agreed.
  13. Been quite awhile since we cruised on Carnival. We are on the Mardi Gras leaving on the 25th and have little intention of getting off the ship. A perfect time for a spa treatment. Any idea if the spa offers discounts on port days? Thanks!
  14. Nice. This is our return to Carnival (last ccl cruise was 2008) and hope to spend some time in the casino.
  15. Gross. Diners standing up and waving their dirty napkins around. Once we witnessed an adult male get up on his table and dance and wave his napkin around.
  16. I agree. I could get tested at Quest before this announcement. Nothing changed.
  17. Anyone else get in on this amazing discount? Earlier today the next four sailings were $129 for interior - balcony. I got an 8J extended balcony cruise fare, taxes, tips, and insurance for $823. Checked tonight to see about possibly changing rooms and prices are returned to normal.
  18. Here is what I had to do to get set up on drivewise and gather rewards. NOTE: I am NOT an Allstate policy holder. Like others, i signed up on the web and the the website told me to download the mobile app. The mobile app got me nowhere. I called the drivewise support phone and the CSR and myself decided the best way to proceed was to delete the account information I used to create the account. Once this was done I closed out the mobile app, opened the app back up, and created a new account via the mobile app. It worked just fine. Hope this helps!
  19. They sure are! It is just really hard to find the lounge.
  20. I wonder why they created a Facebook group, a website where they collected 350,000 people volunteering to cruise, then not select anyone.
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