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  1. Wonderful news. We are looking forward to be on her next year.
  2. Bahamas had never been our choice before (nothing to do or see) and if American is not welcome there, the ship(s) can replace it with one of their privately own island (as a beach day), we are good with that.
  3. No email for us. Just wonder about the deal.
  4. Our favorite ship and had been on her twice, We tried again for our 3rd time before she would move away but got cancelled (April 18 then August 15). If it will be a go. Enjoy.
  5. HAPPY DANCE - The waiting is over (101 days). June 13 sailing. We cancelled it on March 23. The full refund showed up to our CC today. A lesion learned NEVER PAID UP EARLY.
  6. I thought about the same. Princess DOES NOT WANT TO LET LOOSE for those that were paid in full and with $$$$$. Some of our CC members on the same sailing June 13 already received their refund last week (they cancelled before the due date). At first Princess said they had too much work to do then they will work on sailing date - serious. What will be their new excuse now?. We called them on 90 days and they told us to call back in 3 or 4 more weeks. We are going to be in 100 club before long.
  7. So glad for you. What is your sailing dale?. Did Princess cancel or you did?. When did it get cancel?. We are waiting for a full refund (air/cruise/tax/shore/transfer) since March 23 (we cancelled) for June 13 sailing. It is going on 94+ days.
  8. We are sharing your frustration. We are in 92 days waiting for refund and Princess told us the same thing that they are working on it. Cancelled March 23 for June 13 sailing 14 days Norway. They told us it would be 10 to 15 days and still waiting. We called them several times when we hit 30 days mark and our TA made some calls too but still no action from Princess. We might be wrong on this observation but it seems if the refund with alot of $$$$ Princess is dragging for feet very slow. We will wait until the end of the week and probably will file a complaint with BBB. Hangi
  9. My bad posted a wrong cancelled date. We cancelled on February 23 and it is getting near 90 DAYS. Princess agent told us it would take 10 to 15 days, it was a joke. Would you expect a refund if you have been waiting THIS LONG like us?. How much longer should we need to wait?.
  10. Me too. Cancelled on March 23, departing June 13 still waiting for the refund. Just Princess DOES NOT SKIP the June 13 sailing refund folks. Just about run out patience or anything nice to say about Princess. They are not treating those of us Elites too nice and wanting us to stick with them???
  11. We are too elites. It is a very hard lesson to learn for any future cruise and will hold onto the money until final payment date. In good faith we paid up nearly 3 weeks early and it is going to nearly 80 days with still no refund from Princess yet (June 13 sailing).
  12. So glad for you. What is your sailing date?. We cancelled on late March for June 13 sailing, it is gong to 70 days and still waiting for a full fare refund. Princess people can't tell when the refund will be but advise us to wait and wait some more just can't trust that they are working hard and took this long. So disappoint on them.
  13. I called Princess a few minutes ago. The agent gave me a lot of this or that and nothing she can help me but advise me to wait patiently for my time (June 13, 2020 sailing which we cancelled on March 23) and she does not know when it will be because the peoples are working from home etc. It is very poor excuses Princess told their people at the front line to LIE to all of us about our money.
  14. If Princess pays any attention on this thread or Facebook and acts accordingly then there won't be too many complaints about them on here or Facebook. Princess gave out too many excuses such as too much works and would take up 60 days for any kind of refund, please be patience with them etc. When their agent told me it would take 10 to 15 days to receive my FULL FARE refund on the cruise I cancelled on March 23, after 30 days I asked Princess on FB they had enough nerve to tell me I would get it back on May 23 (60days) and guess what I still did not receive it back yet. I asked again on
  15. August 15 - Breeze (moved from April 18 to this one). Hope it will be a go too soon after and will move to another sailing if we have to (Carnival already got the money). Also hope for good sailing and weather.
  16. Hope to see you on that sailing too. We are on 8/15 Breeze (moved from 4/18). Hope it will be a go with good weather.
  17. I do not know if this is the number you are looking forward 800-774-6237 on Page #92 post #2285. I am still waiting for my refund it comes to 60 days next week. I will give them a call soon after it hits 60 days. Good luck.
  18. It's also encouraging to note that the majority of guests affected by our schedule changes want to sail with us at a later date, with fewer than 38 percent requesting refunds to date - if it is such a small percent wanted to refund what took them so long to do that!!. Now laying off their people so it means it will take much longer now to refund!! My case was 10 to 15 days then 30 days, 60 days and now by sailing departure date and probably will be longer now with less staffs to work on the refund. One lie on top of another lie. Our booking trends for the first half of 2021, whi
  19. We cancelled our June 13, 2020 on March 23. Princess people told my TA we would see the refund in 10 to 15 days. On the 32 days we called Princess they said it would be 30 to 60 days (??). A few days later our TA called Princess they told her they did say 10 to 15 days but because there was another pause and they had TOO MUCH WORKS so now it might take another 30 days (????) or longer and Princess agent will try to put on a RUSH for us. One lie after another because after their RUSH we still did not receive any $ for our paid in full cruise with option 2 (no benefits) yet and it was over 2
  20. Princess is asking us to stick with them yet they do not live up what they are promising to us on the refund. For myself I believe they DO NOT HAVE enough fund to refund to every cancel cruises. One lie is on top of another lie by saying that they have TOO MUCH WORKS to do and they are working on that but NOT MANY in this board had received a refund. Trust me if someone on this board had received the refund they already let everyone know. My case they told us 10 to 15 days, then after 30 days it moves up wot 60 days. I told Princess on their FB page that I lost faith on them. I wil
  21. They refunded for the tour only but not the whole sum (?). Our won't be June to Northern Europe no refund on tour or whatever so it will be a little longer for us.
  22. What date is your sailing?.
  23. I might be wrong in this but I would not put any more money into Princess and hope for FCC or whatever baits they are offering. If they are another pause in July with more cancels. Princess is dragging their feet on refund because they are low in the fund or whatever reason. I hope they won't go under with my full paid cruise with it. When I cancelled in March their people told my agent it will take 10 and 15 days to see the refund (it was a lie). We are on the 60 days waiting now (per their people again) but my agent told me that it might be up to 90 days and they have 600,000 cancel
  24. We lost faith in Princess on handling the refund. In good faith we paid our cruise before due date and now they are holding the whole sum. Spoke with Princess people recently they are acting like it is their MONEY so we will need to wait for our turn so they can GIVE us some of it. Princess wanted us to stick with them. After this we might abandon them for another cruise line. Their practice proves that they are not trustworthy.
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