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  1. I also get very irritated when some guy thinks because I'm female, he can SPREAD into MY space! And that's the one's I'm not married to, btw. DH has a license. Strangers do NOT. At the casino we play at frequently, a spreader who was on the corner and had plenty of table real estate on the OTHER side, kept rubbing knee to mine. First attempts were a couple of gentle nudges back to his own space. Then a small fist shoving gently over. OOPS! Last attempt at being 'nice'... I mentioned to the entire table, including his wife at the other end (who didn't care and probably wished the jerk would evaporate, poor thing).. that I didn't like under the table knees rubbing and it was making me very irritable and ruining my cards. The dealer laughed and said, " she's not kidding either'... I laughed and said, "no, I'm not!".... STILL THE KNEE. So... finally & obviously, moved the cup holder on my right side (right handed, so awkward and you can't do that on cruises).... and wrapped my handbag around it to hang between us. BARRIER. Still had motion, but no direct contact. MUCH better. UGH. DH said on the way home that the guy does it to him too. REALLY?! Plan B... I have started carrying garlic tablets to chew on in said handbag.
  2. Umm... female with age related HOT FLASHES... would be denied boarding during an unpredictable episode. If one makes it through the airport.
  3. Yes... last month. It was convenient, priced well, and clean. I would stay there again. We used the hotel transfer late at night. Called the number in the app and the driver of the van picked up and directed us to wait upstairs one floor from where everyone else was waiting to get rides after our flight. Arrivals instead of departures? Very easy and quick. Check in desk had a computer issue that took a few minutes to clear out, but standard vacay issue. In the am, we declined their transfer shuttle and got a Lyft to port. The drop off/pickup area was just around the corner in a small garage and the Lyft driver found without issue. Since we arrived late, I decided to try them and it worked out so well, that they would be my FIRST choice, if I didn't arrive in the early afternoon. In that case, I want beach view. And that was the only drawback. We did not go out, just hit the bed, supper was at airport in between connections. So, I can't say if food options nearby were decent or easy.
  4. With the addition of the 'moveup' bidding program... If you book a last minute SS guarantee and someone who has a ss2 bids for a higher category, they move up to the CS (or RS, PH,etc), you get their old ss2. Why? Because Celebrity makes more money. As long as the moveup program is in effect, the odds for upgrades over the minimum cabin are reduced. JMO
  5. Pepsi tastes like syrup of Ipecac to me. BLECH. Aftertaste times TWO. I quit dining in at Taco Bell when I could no longer get a decent beverage to go with my meal. So... looks like any Carnival cruises will be water or wine for the week.
  6. The OP won't make their flight, probably. Scottygirl, IMO, you will easily make flight with self disembarkment. That does not require luggage tags since you carry all of your own. In our case, I'm pretty sure that on that particular day, as long as we had an early number...1-10.. we could have had them handle the luggage for pickup and still made the flight with time to spare. At the end of the line, probably not.
  7. I have had this flight from FLL, Terminal 25 and it is very do-able. I wouldn't lollygag around... or be first in self disembark line (6:45am, not SEVEN...wont make that for certain and definitely not MIA!)... Just be ready to go when the first offs are off. Admittedly, we did have a suite and exited through the lounge. First off with our luggage, did luggage valet, cab, and were waiting for about 2 hours in airport before boarding at 10:45. If we had waited with the normal cabis, no status, last off the ship people, find your luggage, wait for cab, wait at airport to get to the luggage check... I don't know if we could have made it. The key is you have to beat the lineup. And MIA departure adds an hour to all times over FLL.
  8. The casino club for frequent players.
  9. There may be more information in the cruise casino section area of the boards. (Below the cruise lines, near the ports and cruise air sections.) Here is my knowledge, FWIW: Initially, it doesn't matter which agency you use for your first cruise. You can even keep using the same agency. I have booked through bluechipclub and and an offer from my local casino (free) once. And followed that with a paid cruise with an online TA that I like, which typically comes in around 18% less than Celebrity's direct website price. After those 2 cruises, we were sent an offer for a free balcony cabin on the Edge, with a choice of 3 or 4 specific dates, one of which was a holiday date. We jumped on that and will be at the Onxy and Amethyst levels. First 2 at the lowest, Pearl. Our experience has been that the offers aren't as frequent as other lines and the casino itself has a major challenge in the UTH Poker table game payout for a 'luxury' line. (Max payout of $5k for a Royal Flush?!, compared to the majority of $25K .. i.e. CARNIVAL. ahem.) BUT the smoke free casino is fantastic for hair/clothes/lungs! And the drink program is foggy to me. It seems that although the first 2 days it was difficult to get a drink playing at the table, they were covered/paid for most players later in the week? We had packages, so I couldn't tell for sure. I also think I read somewhere that you can contact the Blue Chip Club directly to book and get a 20% discount from web price. I haven't done that but will compare with my online TA if I have to pay for my next Celebrity cruise. You earn your club points by inserting your ship card into the slot machines and turning the card in at the table games. You won't loose any casino benefits by using an independent TA. You get your earned benefits on subsequent cruises. Also, pretty tough to earn, comparatively speaking. It's not the best casino club at sea, in spite of claims to the contrary, but the smoke free environment and shipboard experience are hands above the line that does have the best casino offers.
  10. Update: I showed as Pearl later before boarding and Sail card showed us both Pearl. 2 weeks POST for our upcoming Edge on NYE sailing, DH is up to Amethyst and I am back to a nobody. They just seem to not see me playing right beside him at the tables 95% of the time. (Shaking head in the mud.) Will mention to shore side concierge when they contact again before sailing.
  11. P S...I would stick to the slots if I only wanted to use the included $50. On the Equinox there was a group of slot machines called Fu Dao Le with 2 babies on it, right beside the casino cage. You can play as little as .38 per spin and it seemed to make a lot of noise!
  12. You can learn to play any game online (free) with the proper strategies at wizard of odds (dot) com.
  13. We must be on the same flight. DITTO. 3 minutes earlier... and we officially don't meet the requirement cutoff. AARGH! It isn't like we can call AA and say your 3 minutes mess things up and get a later flight. Sigh. Let us know if you manage to get the Valet. In the meantime, I'm hoping for another scheduled time change. Just THREE more minutes! I'm guessing it is more of a computer issue than whether or not the bags would make it. Of course they would...if the computer would let them enter it. And really, how will we know if the schedule changes again at the last minute while our phones are off in the middle of the Caribbean on the last sea day? And it probably will. Just hoping for later, not earlier.
  14. Well...DH & I are both Pearl on our upcoming Equinox next week. For our Dec NYE on the Edge this year...DH is is still Pearl & I am back to a grain of sand? Celebrity's casino program is as clear as mud.
  15. There is a you tube guy ...channel is Ask Sebby... who has made some predictions on what Amex will be doing. He is really credit card savvy and a point hound. So far, his rec is Chase Reserve over Amex. FWIW... I have had the Chase Sapphire Reserve for about a year and half. I have gotten my moneys worth out of it, using it for farm business expenses initially to meet the minimum spend for initial bonus (free/using points for first class airfare on this next cruise!) Added TSA Precheck and using for my travel insurance. I also have the regular Chase Unlimited that I've had for over 10 years and it gets quarterly 5% bonus categories that you can transfer those points to the CSR for a higher usage value. There are also other options besides the higher %s for dining/travel. Example: I like to shop online at Sams (free shipping) and have the heavy stuff delivered to my door (cat food). By going through the Chase bonus shopping link, I earn an extra % on top of the regular. -Penny Pincher 😉
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