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  1. Even if you fill out the form, you have to either call OR wait for someone to call YOU (my PVP has done this twice) to manually complete the cancellation. I've tried doing the cx's several different ways. (3 CCL) My best option has been to go into the record and manually cancel the 'extras' like excursions, dining, pkgs and THEN call if I have another cruise already booked I'd like to transfer the deposit/pmts/obc to. Or wait if I don't for the PVP to call me at HER convenience. JMO..the form is worthless unless you intend to utilize the FCC far into the future. And h
  2. Not sure...but my 'thought'... Cat 2A is the category I'm routinely offered through the casino comps. Maybe they set a block aside when they plan on offering those dates in the future?
  3. Who knows? This all inclusive, all the time for everyone is a guess as far as the casino offers go. If you have something that says those things ARE included, take a picture of it and bring it with you. In the event you get on the ship and they are not, you take it to the casino host/ess and you should be good to go. (Guess) In the PAST, all of our casino offers did NOT include any extras, just the free room and frequently free drinks while playing in the casino. (Amethyst and Sapphire levels currently...but past were Amethyst and Onyx.) The level of casino play determined extra
  4. I have a couple of casino freebies booked. The next up is Jan 11, 5 night...and no notice yet from Celebrity that is cancelled. BUT, my grandaughter's log in showed the cruise as sailed with points a few days ago when I set her account up for the app access. Mine still showed as sailing. Of course, the expectation was it would cancel...but as of this am, no OFFICIAL notice, which is necessary to apply FCC's to the next up. I have the potential replacement freebie booked for July on Equinox. We rec'd casino offers that said we would need to book after MAY 22nd for these. Base
  5. Final check... The order shows as on the record, but still has the 2 items in the cart. As long it is paid and I can print that off, I'm happy. I wonder if it was a Google Chrome issue since that was the browser I was using and they had an update today? In any event, for whatever reason, Carnivals web orders do not all talk to each other instantaneously. Worth noting.
  6. Never dreamed it either! And I also use them prolifically. Particularly in the casino.
  7. 12:58 update... BREATHING... So, the funshops can see the order (although it is not showing on the record) and sent a receipt for the steakhouse portion (blue lagoon no receipt, may be on BIL's email)... it is not the standard confirmation, but there is a real person's NAME and phone number. Here's the explanation... apology for not getting a confirmation, but the sale went through and it is showing on the record in the BON VOYAGE dept, but not on my web record or in FUNSHOPS dept. Tomorrow, the computer systems should talk to each other and it should show
  8. 12:37 Yikes... Got through to Funshops. John says that he doesn't see any charges to the gift cards..so uh... where is the money? Didn't apply to anything and the cash is just evapped?! One of the cards is partially used and the leftover amount is still there, but he can't see where the spent amount went to. (the cloud, apparently and it is RAINING) On hold while he checks with Bon Voyage Desk. Stress.
  9. On hold... I swore I wasn't going to post any more...but.. this is worthy noting: I was logged into my paid Sept 2021 booking and was adding a shore excursion for 4 and steakhouse on the first night. Total was 575.96. I had 4 gift cards with different amounts, using up the ones with small amounts. I get to the end, enter my address info, hit apply and get a RED ERROR CODE... payment is not made. BUT MY GIFT CARDS ARE NOW EMPTY!!!!!! (Freak out.) Call PVP... she doesn't handle this, gives me number to Funshops. Call...they are having higher
  10. Uhm... I avoid older people (as well as other people with increased risk factors that are visible) in stores, etc, out of respect for their increased vulnerability. The asymptomatic aspect of myself being the motivating factor. Who knows who really carries the virus? Since we can't know without visible symptoms and subsequent test, the controllable factor is those at higher risk. FWIW, my pre-teen grandaughter had symptoms.. testing showed a normal cold. And we stayed home until there was no coughing/fever/visible symptoms...because you know... there is no longer any such thing as a regul
  11. If someone tells me upfront they are coming from a 'curmudgeon' background, I expect a different opinion from the norm. I see nothing wrong with stating a side of a full picture, even if I do or don't agree with said opinion. That is what is wrong with our world. We can't have different opinions and state them without being dog-piled on? IT IS OKAY to DISAGREE AGREEABLY. Really.
  12. Thank you SO much... my Google was having an off day, so perhaps next time I will go with Duck, Duck, Go.
  13. Well apparently a 4.0 gpa in college 30 YEARS ago still makes me a simpleton, because I was not finding the answers "with a little reading". I was surfing the Celebrity site for 30 minutes READING and failing. Maybe it's just COVIDmind. Or beginning dementia? Who knows... but, it is not for a lack of reading that I was failing miserably. And I am THANKFUL for the posters putting the answers on the site! And along those lines, I wonder how many other posters of a 'certain age' are starting to have difficulties. Just because something seems easy to one, does not make it easy for others.
  14. I tried 3 times before giving up...so I for one, appreciate the answers! What I READ said Halibut not silver salmon, and two different numbers for the glaciers...and another one I was sure of but was wrong and didn't even know it. And then the trick question.. HALF of trail number. I am most assuredly out of practice on TEST TAKING.
  15. Plan A... going on the cruise. I suspect that the cruiselines are as fed up as We The People are and have every intention of taking whomever is left and getting back on the seas. They won't be ABLE to say yay or nay until the last minute. If you are flexible, you very well could be on one of the first ones back from US waters. I'm on Apex, 2nd PLANNED sailing on resumption. Someone gets to be the first to sail, you know. Think positive. Plan B... cancel and have peace of mind KNOWING you are NOT going. If you need to have rock solid plans... that is the best gamble. But, be pr
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