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  1. Yes, and cigars can be enjoyed in any *outdoor* smoking area.
  2. OMG...resurrecting an 18 YO post about butter? Come on people...
  3. We often travel with friends who are from Europe. Before the cruise we ask what kind of change they would like. We're happy to get the Euro's. Perhaps you can ask someone on your roll call if they would be willing to bring you some change?
  4. I think you're right to think about this. I did it for a recent booking, although we had 4. The extra space and bathroom we're welcome. (I did this for my sister's family) One thing. They never used the connecting door. (Oasis) They liked the privacy of having that closed and the balcony divider open.
  5. You brought back a three year old post for this?
  6. Shame on you for blaming RCI because you chose not to buy insurance.
  7. I try to take the worst picture I can. Usually they make me retake it. Often it is used on the following legs. It makes me smile when I see it.
  8. We tend to bring more cash than we need. I figure it never hurts to have it. We do bring 200 in singles though. We do usually take multiple cruises though.
  9. Here's what we use. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085D7WXT2
  10. I did (accidentally) run over my (very) old flip phone. It did still mostly work, but I needed to charge it by removing the battery.
  11. We're on Enchantment (again) in a couple of weeks. My wife hates the beds. We always bring an inflatable mattress pad with us. I figure why should a vacation be ruined due to something I can easily fix. Here's what we use. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085D7WXT2
  12. Thursday, Feb 8 2024 5pm - SEARCH feature will be inaccessible during an update. It might be helpful to put a time zone and expected up time in your announcements. For those who need to use search I suggest you use Google. (I find it works better anyways) Just add site:boards.cruisecritic.com to your Google search.
  13. Have you seen something about where she is heading after Europe in 11/25?
  14. Put it in your survey comments. It will get back to her, and more importantly her management.
  15. Move on. Look, I totally get it, cruising has gotten a lot more expensive. When I look at my cruise spreadsheet, I'm a little stunned at what I am spending. That being said, I guess I still feel like it's a good value, considering what you get. Obviously not everyone feels that way and hopefully they'll find other options to scratch their vacation itch.
  16. While the door may be fine, if you're inclined to head to the casino, you may have problems with the machines as they're becoming almost exclusively touch/RFID for the CR program.
  17. The suite lounge has outdoor seating. You can also, if I remember right, go out the door of the VC lounge, and your find seats just down the stairs. Not as convenient, but easy to do.
  18. The nice things is *if* you do get caught you can eat some of the evidence to take the edge off...
  19. What luck...I'm on that sailing too. Does anyone know how to email the 3rd engineer? 😉
  20. Thanks...seems like I should give it another whirl next time I am there.
  21. My experience has been this is not true at Perfect Day. The only cell tower is the ship, and that's a big up charge. I haven't tried Labadee, but it may be the same. The rest of the islands it usually works.
  22. I had this issue on a recent cruise. I solved it by making sure they understood that the card would allow them to BUY anything on the ship, but that their MOTHER would be paying me back and they would have to deal with those consequences when they got home. Fow me it worked out...a few charges in the arcade. No biggie.
  23. Cigar smoking on the ship is a less than desirerable4 experience. The smoking area is overcrowded, has uncomfortable seats AND depending on when you do it the wind can make the cigar burn hot. I'd suggest skipping it and having one ashore.
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