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  1. It's a short walk to your station for rowing. 😉
  2. Huggy Bear says the word on the street is it's better to buy it on the last evening. They just let you take it right to your room.
  3. If it matters to anyone, I have a Kindle Fire I brink along on cruises. I access CC from it with no issues, using the Silk browser.
  4. I don't see why it wouldn't work. That being said, I don't work for Royal. I'd call them and ask AND I would have a plan B just to be safe.
  5. My Magic 8 Ball has had poor results of late, but, if I were forced to bet I'd bet against it.
  6. I get it. That being said, I am going to do both. I'll order the kits, and try to get the testing done locally. This way if something goes wrong I have the kits to fall back on. The hundred bucks is cheap insurance.
  7. Personally I think it's a sign of the times. Cruises have been canceled and/or are sailing with restrictions and that's keeping people away. I'd like to think that once things get closer to normal, the participation on the roll calls will go up. That being said, the participation was going down pre-covid as well.
  8. I don't believe Sky class get free PPV movies. We never have. OTOH, I did get them when I had Noro. Not a good trade and I didn't watch them anyway. 😞
  9. Why not have both...some the ships have nice aft JS rooms.
  10. We have had that one before. Nice room. Enjoy.
  11. If you're a fan it's a reasonable price. FWIW, when I did it I enjoyed it and the chef invited us by for a second special lunch on the house.
  12. I'm confused. If you're going to be snorkeling, you're going to get wet. What difference would rain make? I totally get lightning or even stormy conditions at sea, but, rain?
  13. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to let ours know, just in case.
  14. I gave up. I bring a sport coat so I have options if I wish.
  15. We just got the message that our Harmony cruise in November is not going to stop there. I suspect the proximity to Labadee and it's concerns makes it easier to remove both for Mexico.
  16. No, and I believe Mariner is one that does not.
  17. It took us ~8 months to finally get the refunds and FCC's properly issued. I assume we're an outlier, but, at least here, others have reported longer waits.
  18. I've been in the JS, GS, and OS, on the Explorer. If I were doing a B2B, I would not move from one to the other, period. Not having to move is, for me, one of the great perks of the B2B. As for the pricing difference between the OS and the GS. I don't recall them being that extreme. I prefer the OS for the larger space, but am fine with a GS if the price difference is more than I feel is reasonable. Enjoy your cruise.
  19. FWIW, I'm not advocating anyone use a TA. They have their drawbacks. OTOH, for us, since we primarily book suites, the TA works out well. We typically get a chuck of OBC from the TA, and prepaid grats. That's a pretty decent perk. Price drops for suites are not as common as they are often sold out. I do think that in the age of covid, booking direct may have advantages, we'll have to see how that shakes out.
  20. Sounds to me like you should respond to the RFC. You're no worse off if they don't want to add your concerns to their new policy.
  21. Like some of the others, we let our room attendant know that we're fine with them skipping us on turn around day. They're super busy, and it's, IMHO, one easy way to show your appreciation for their hard work.
  22. Has anyone had an issue with this? I never have. The port fees are always returned while I am on the ship.
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