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  1. You are definitely not the only one. So much so, that if it is still in place later this year, I will cancel or postpone my cruise. I love a cruise once I am on the ship, but the stress of the process of actually getting on the ship was already pretty bad for me. It's just not worth it once Covid is added to the process.
  2. Carnival Pride. The reason is all about public space per cruiser and the efficiency of the Sprit Class design.
  3. Carnival is in a rough spot right now. Half of their clientele are not allowed to cruise and the other half are having second thoughts because so many vaccinated are still getting the virus and getting sick and the process of boarding a ship has become so complicated that many have decided to just wait. Carnival is just trying to surf this out and make as much money as they can until they can open cruising to everyone again. For those of you who say this is the new norm, get used to it. Carnival cannot survive your new norm and will have to restructure if this scenario continues for another year. No one outside Carnival knows the cancellation numbers of people who have booked, but cannot cruise under the current restrictions.
  4. Pictures, the shops, drinks and specialty dining. That is about all we have found that we use it on.
  5. Yes, this will work. We booked our kids an inside cabin across the hall and ended up just using it for showers and storage. Carnival did not care where anyone slept and the kids slept on the pull out sofa.
  6. We always do our own laundry on the ship, it will be interesting on the Mardi Gras. There were no hours posted in the Laundry room and there were six on the liberty. You entered the room and paid via your room key and could not use quarters even if you had them. We do always bring our own soap and dryer sheets.
  7. My wife has tried this many times and it just does not work. They still bring a bunch of food she has to leave on her plate. I can only suggest trying not to worry about it, but my wife still does and it is a reason we also often eat in the buffet. She has the same problem in the buffet now though as there was no self serve on our last cruise and no matter how hard she tried they always gave her larger portions than she asked for. I try to tell her that they are used to dealing with my grandmother who always said just a thin slice and in reality meant half the cake.
  8. I wondered that also as both of my cruises were also in possible spring break season. February and March.
  9. Sorry, the Dream is still a mess, I have been on that ship twice and those are still my two worst Carnival cruises. In my opinion, the problem with the Dream is the design. Very low public space per person and venues that double as or are open to walkways for people moving around the ship. This is a terrible design for a ship and doubly so now that Covid is a thing. Just seemed like every place on the ship has too many people because of that design and my cruises felt like a week of paying to stand in lines. The Pride and the Spirit. That is where it's at.
  10. I did this on my last cruise in the Liberty. We decided to just relax in the morning and be the last off the ship while trying not to impede their process as I know everyone else wants to get on. The last off the ship was just before 9:45am. So that is about as long as you can wait.
  11. I did this on my last cruise in the Liberty. We decided to just relax in the morning and be the last off the ship while trying not to impede their process as I know everyone else wants to get on. The last off the ship was just before 9:45am. So that is about as long as you can wait.
  12. So sorry that you will not be able to cruise, but what happened at that point? Did you have to call them to get your future cruise credit? Was the cruise automatically cancelled? Edit: Sorry, read further after this, thanks for following up.
  13. The Pride is my favorite cruise ship of all ships and brands. I do not care that the ship is 20 years old. It was the pinnacle of design for the comfort of the passenger. More space per passenger than any cruise ship afloat today. When you are on it, pay attention to the layout compared to other designs. Large common rooms that are completely rooms instead of just a space. I have two cruises booked on the Pride in 2022 and am hoping everything eventually gets back to normal.
  14. I am sure. It is mainly the requirements pre boarding keeping many from cruising.
  15. This does not really help the OP, but I will be using these if I decide to cruise while testing is still required. Several people I know have cruised successfully with these results now. https://www.emed.com/products/covid-at-home-testkit-six-pack
  16. I am also sitting on two bookings and will have to postpone or cancel both if cruising does not return to normal soon. I wonder how many of Carnival's current bookings are unlikely to come to fruition.
  17. I know I am sitting at home thinking cruising is just not worth it right now like so many others and Carnival is in the position of needing to make as much money as possible. Not a good set of conditions.
  18. I felt this way until we cruised with Chris Williams. A really good CD does make a big difference.
  19. Will they still blame the unvaccinated when their 100% vaccinated cruise still has people getting sick at the same rate?
  20. https://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/222847
  21. Too late now though, the media will catch wind of this eventually and Carnival is going to take a hit with consumer confidence. Many of Carnivals patrons were already cruising on what they could barely afford. They are going to be scared off by this news. https://www.breakingbelizenews.com/2021/08/18/health-minister-says-he-doesnt-know-that-cruise-ships-are-dumping-covid-19-patients-in-belize-after-one-dies-on-return-home2/
  22. It does not matter what normal procedure is. Sometimes you have to do what is right for the business in the long run in times of adversity. Millions of potential cruisers are sitting at home thinking is it worth it or too dangerous to cruise? Every time one of them reads this article Carnival loses potential revenue. Right now it is only in our world, but soon it will be all over the news. They are just slow to catch on. Carnival had the chance for this to read "Flown home at cruise lines expense and they did everything they could" instead of the sob story they will make it now. You may find cruiselawnews to have been generous when Good Morning America plays their version.
  23. Regardless of whether you think how Carnival handled this is right or wrong, this is going to hurt business. They really should have taken more of an interest in her process because thousands of people are rethinking their cruises now due this event. No one wants to be stuck in another country trying to get care and I personally do not think Insurance would have helped her much.
  24. It is rough coffee in the buffet. Mix it with Hot Chocolate until drinkable.
  25. Hate it never, but I did have two issues with the aft balcony on the Pride that would keep me from paying more than a regular balcony for it. Very sunny and people could see me on the balcony from above unless I was right up against the wall as they are slanted. The vibration on the Pride at the very rear if that still exists.
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