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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned but look here for trackers https://expertworldtravel.com/best-smart-luggage-trackers/ https://www.amazon.com/s?k=luggage+tracker&rh=n%3A172282%2Cn%3A18022313011&dc&qid=1561035088&rnid=2941120011&ref=sr_nr_n_8 If you have an expensive bag and clothes you might want to look at something to be able to track your bags.
  2. rent a car one way and drop it off at the airport or the port depending on the rate.
  3. Yes it is not the type of data that is real time like streaming or voice. Imaging getting sent a book one page at a time but some pages arrive before others and some take longer. It is not an issue as the pages are all numbered and you can wait for all or a large amount of the pages to arrive, that is the glucose monitor. Now imagine someone sending you can audio file broken up into 3 second files and you don't know the correct order. That is what happens when you stream over a poor connection since the files keep on coming and there is no pause you cannot figure out the order. Buffering allows some of the files to get there so in case some are slow to arrive you are OK. But if some never show up it will sound choppy.
  4. If so it should have sleeves for your arm to prevent the burn
  5. I think the biggest issue is that it seems to be a known issue and has continued to be an issue. Maybe they need to have water running out of small tubes all the way down to keep it slick?
  6. We got a car and drove to Tampa did some shopping on the way to Tampa, love the airport, cheaper flights too!
  7. That is my old Komondor, he used to love to sleep in the shower unless we locked the door he would get in.
  8. I feel more than anything they need to reduce the risk to other people.
  9. You might want to use a different person to make the reservation they usually ask for your room card so you could book one for 2 and your SO could book the other. Nothing says you have to take your cabin mate to dinner every night, you could be taking a parent from another cabin.
  10. You could possibly relax and arrive at 1PM if you are leaving at 5. We did that last cruise and literally had more staff that customers since we were the only ones checking in. Walked on-board it was very nice, I didn't feel like we missed 2 hours of being on the ship either.
  11. When I was on the Jewell and we got off in Rome it went really quick with no bumps from our TA I would expect a regular cruise to be even quicker. Usually everyone wants to get off to go somewhere else. Getting on should be just as easy and quick.
  12. I would look at letting him take a friend along. While we all love our kids they may not love spending 7 days hanging out with you! I would go for a ship that allows for the most fun for a teen but don't forget the ports and what he might be able to do while in port.
  13. Bonaire is amazing clear warm water, I even saw a sea turtle when I visited there many years ago. Was staying at a B&B and turned out they had a "hotline" to call and report sightings. There are numerous places where you can scuba just walking out, St Lucia is another spot that is supposed to be really good for snorkeling. For Cococay here is the map perfect-day-at-cococay-wayfinding-map.pdf
  14. Well actually making a VOIP call with no video is pretty low bandwidth it is the latency (lag) that you need to be concerned about. VOIP calls should be 64K or less. netflix can buffer you conversation cannot.
  15. Well you can do the math on the unlimited package vs pay as you go. For the dining it really just depends on what kind of dining experience you are looking for, my wife would just about kill me if I paid for the unlimited dining. She just wants to order her food, get the food eat and be gone in less than 45-60 minutes not 2+ hours.
  16. The 4 Device package will be pretty pricey you can get the 2 device package and then share the codes and take turns logging the other person off. The packages are for simultaneous connections not actual devices and that causes a lot of confusion. last cruise we had 2 phones, 2 tablets, and iPad and a laptop with the one device package and we just swapped off what we wanted to use. I would give your kids one code to share and keep the other for yourself. Or keep both codes and make them come to you to log on. Unless you really don't care about how much your spend I would skip the 4 device package. The 2 device surf and stream will be much better more than likely, if not save the $4/day/device and just get the kids the surf package. This is probably a little old and they do offer discounts Surf & Stream Voom 1 device: $19.99 per day, per device 2 devices: $18.99 per day, per device 4 devices: $16.99 per day, per device Single Day Pass: $29.99 per day, per device Surf 1 device: $15.99 per day, per device 2 devices: $14.99 per day, per device 4 devices: $12.99 per day, per device Single Day Pass: $22.99 per day, per device
  17. Pretty much it seems a cruise of 14 nights gets you 3 formal nights, most cruises after 14-16 days are just 2 cruises combined.
  18. Usually 3 they tend to be more casual and you can also do any of the alternate dining locations if you want to skip dressing up.
  19. If the TP is on a larger ship you should have pretty good internet so plan on that for a fallback. We really enjoy trivia but the last 2 cruises the people were not very good English speakers so we could not even understand the questions. Guest lectures also vary the larger ships have been better than the smaller ones. We used the buffet and Specialty dining more than the MDR as we found the service to be slow, we got our shrimp cocktail then a few minutes later they brought the cocktail sauce. The food was also not very hot and portions were small. We found the Buffet to usually be a better choice for us, plus we did not have to do any planning for meals. Specialty dining had all sorts of offers after the first half of the cruise.
  20. Yes people who have never been on a TA don't understand the allure they have for many people. All we do now is a TA every 2 years Nov 2020 is our next one.
  21. We have always had good weather but it depends on what your stops are Azores vs Canaries. Azores will be cooler Canaries warmer also do you have any Caribbean stops? We have done 4 and the only cool one was West to East. Will only be doing trip from Europe from now on!
  22. last TA we had fox news and msnbc for most of the cruise but we did lose one or both for a while. I usually use the internet to stream TV using my Dishanywhere app most of the cable/satellite providers have a streaming option so you could try that. On the Jewel since the TV swung out so we could watch it plugging into the HDMI was a easy. I actually brought along a long cable so I could control the TV from my bed 🙂
  23. I have found that arriving later works much better, I prefer to have a lazy brunch then show up at 1 or 2 walk thru the non lines and still have plenty of time to explore. No hectic times getting out of the car finding where to drop off etc..
  24. You can do all sorts of things take the first second or third letter of the question as the answer what is the name of your high school friend becomes hshafoicre or the number of letters in the last word eight Lots of different combos you can use and the best part is the question gives you the answer.
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