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  1. Well, when someone comments on an article that they've never been on a cruise or would never take one, I assume they're being honest about that.
  2. As soon as I saw the Caribbean Sunsets cruise, I checked for the cruise on Azamara's website, and it wasn't listed. So definitely things are a work in progress. You're correct, the cruise departs from Miami.
  3. I've found no matter what news entity publishes an article about cruising, loads of people jump in to comment they'd never go on a cruise. "Petri dish" is always the primary comment. It's funny that people that don't cruise apparently like to read articles about cruising.
  4. Like many on the board, we had an upcoming cruise cancelled, which was a replacement for an earlier cancelled cruise. Azamara hadn't offered a L&S option for this cruise in its list, but via our TA, we're attempting to move to the itinerary that we had orginally booked for November 2020 (Brazil-Argentina). Anyway, today I logged into my account, and noticed we still had a cruise listed. Because the last couple times I've logged in it's still listed the Peru-Chile cruise, I just assumed Azamara still hadn't updated the system. Then I noticed the upcoming cruise is ""Caribbean Sunsets" on Quest, departing 1/23/22 (the ship and departure date of our Peru-Chile cruise). I was pretty surprised to apparently be automatically lifted and shifted to a cruise that is in no way similar to the one that had been cancelled. I've been leaving my TA to deal with Azamara regarding our L&S, but I think I'll be making a phone call to Azamara on Monday, too.
  5. One of WaPo's travel writers was a passenger on Edge's first sailing and wrote about her experience: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/first-cruise-celebrity-edge-coronavirus-safety/2021/07/15/e5494e5e-de7b-11eb-ae31-6b7c5c34f0d6_story.html
  6. Our TA has gone back and forth with them, and was told on Friday they just need to get it rubber stamped from above. If her response is in the negative, then I’ll give Azamara a call. We told her to make sure to tell Azamara we’d be canceling if the L&S isn’t approved. We booked that itinerary since it was a PerryGolf cruise, and we want to use that nonrefundable deposit, too.
  7. I’m glad to read of at least one person that was able to L&S back to their original itinerary. We are trying to do that now—we’d been booked on a Brazil-Argentina cruise in November 2020, and did a L&S to a January 2022 Peru-Chile cruise because our original itinerary was unavailable. Now of course the Peru cruise is cancelled, and a Brazil-Argentina cruise is available in January 2023. However, Azamara told our TA we can’t switch to that cruise because it’s not the Peru itinerary!
  8. From the website: "In addition, the conditions in certain parts of the Middle East and Western Africa are not conducive to cruise operations leaving us no choice but to cancel Azamara Pursuit voyages until January 2022." Sounds like an actual reason to me. I trust they know what resources they need to operate. It's not like they WANT to cancel cruises and continue to lose money.
  9. I just noticed this list of Lift & Shift options on the website. Interestingly, our cancelled cruise isn't shown. https://www.azamara.com/cruising-suspension/lift-shift
  10. It depends. We were lucky during the first L&S. There wasn't anything similar the following year within four weeks of our original departure (a South American cruise to Brazil-Uruguay-Argentina), so they allowed us to move to a Chile-Peru cruise about 8 weeks past the original one year date. However, others have posted they did not receive similar treatment. Now with Azamara under new management, it remains to be seen if they allow any flexibility.
  11. I received an email from our TA this afternoon that our January 2022 Peru/Chile cruise was cancelled, which was the replacement for our November 2020 South American cruise. It's actually a good thing, as we were going to cancel it anyway--we didn't feel it would be safe to travel to South America by then. Hoping we can reschedule to our original Brazil-Argentina itinerary being offered in February 2023.
  12. My first personal email address was a combination of my initials and my university. A friend told me once she always incorrectly read it as "hiccups."
  13. Reading that the numbers are your zip code (my guess was birthdate), I immediately thought, thanks to a certain TV show, "Oh, they must be in California!"
  14. When our South American cruise was cancelled, there was nothing comparable offered the following year. I asked Azamara about switching to another itinerary in South American that was 14 months later, and they approved that request. It sounds like we were one of the few that had an exception granted. When the 2023 itineraries were released, our original cruise was offered. I contacted Azamara to see if we could L&S to that cruise since it was the original one we booked, but no luck. We can transfer our booking to that cruise but we'd have to pay the prevailing rate, which is more than 50% higher than our original booking.
  15. About six weeks ago I priced tickets for a January 2022 South American cruise, but because my husband was still kind of iffy if he wanted to travel to South America then, I didn't book them. I checked last week and the business class ticket price jumped over $900 PP--Choice Air is now actually a little more expensive than booking directly with the airline. Of course, we have the cancellation option with Choice Air. I don't know if the higher price is a result of the sale, or just normal air fare fluctuations. We thought about switching to another cruise, but prices are so high for 2022-23 that we may end up just cancelling and losing our deposit.
  16. The British Isles cruise is always pricey due to being a PerryGolf cruise. There are usually 150-200 passengers booked through PerryGolf.
  17. I loved our Uniworld river cruise. We liked that it was all-inclusive--we didn't spend a penny beyond our cruise fare on the ship (we tipped the tour guides, though). I liked the active excursions; they had several hiking and biking tours, and a few more unique tours than some of the other lines offered at the time. The service was wonderful, too--we've never been so spoiled. The dining room accommodated any specials requests, such as I asked for grilled chicken and steamed vegetables for lunch most days. The waiter was concerned that I requested the same meal; one day the chef came out and asked what else he could make for me! The next day, the hotel director also checked in with me because she'd been made aware I'd eaten the same lunch every day! I explained I was watching my weight and asked for those lunch items so I could then indulge at dinner. They said they understood, but seemed disappointed I didn't want them to prepare something else 🙂
  18. I’m signed up for Celebrity and Azamara emails. I get them from Celebrity, but nothing from Azamara.
  19. I don't know if this is still O's policy, but on our sailing, the happy hour was 2 for 1, and we had quite generous pours, so we'd each order a drink and the wait staff would bring the second one when we were finished with the first. Then at the close of the hour, while this probably isn't standard policy, the staff would allow a "mix and match" if we wanted another drink. I think there were two evenings on our 7-night cruise that had free open bar for two hours as well. The OBC included in our booking covered our bar bill for the week.
  20. Wow, that's the exact opposite of our experience on Oceania, although we were on an O ship. Food was much better than on Azamara, and for us, no noticeable difference in service. Our cabin attendant on Riviera was better than any we've had on Azamara. Since that cruise, though, we haven't found their price point in line with what's included, and have been sailing on Azamara or Celebrity. The food on our last Azamara cruise on Pursuit in October 2019 was, despite the complaints a lot of people had when Pursuit first joined the fleet, the best of our three AZ cruises (one each on Journey, Quest and Pursuit). We were very pleasantly surprised.
  21. That cruise was a great price and we would have loved to have booked it, but felt there were too many unknowns (the least of which is we won't be vaccinated by then).
  22. I don't see the bug at all anymore, but I have signatures turned off so possibly it's there. Back to the topic at hand, we're keeping our reservation on our January 2022 South American cruise. My thought is that within probably the first year, it will be business as usual without any major changes. I'm sure Sycamore did its due diligence and knows why people sail with Azamara, and wants to keep the customer base. We'll think positively, at least until we hear differently from passengers onboard once cruising is able to resume.
  23. Us, too. We were on the PerryGolf South American cruise that was scheduled for November 2020. The same cruise didn't exist for a Lift & Shift, so Azamara allowed us to move to another South American cruise in January 2022 (not a PerryGolf cruise). I noticed this week that Azamara/PerryGolf are offering the original South American itinerary in February 2023, so I inquired about doing another L&S. We were told we'd have to pay the prevailing rate, which at almost $1300 more PP, wasn't palatable to us. So now we still have the PerryGolf deposit to use sometime in 2022. A land trip with them is an option, but they are quite pricey. This the first I've been on CC this week, so I'm just now learning about the sale. Like everyone else, I'm curious what this will do to the cruise line, and what it means for the PerryGolf partnership.
  24. I'm so bummed we requested a refund for our Edge cruise prior to Celebrity allowing Lift & Shift. When they added that option, even though we hadn't received our refund, we weren't allowed to L&S. We had a such a great price with all four perks that now it's close to $900 more PP for the same cruise in 2021 with the Elevate package. To be fair, though, even before X created this new pricing, there was no way we could touch the deal we got during the Veteran's Day 2019 sale.
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