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  1. Do these old eyes deceive me or have Cunard painted QM2’s hull traditional black-instead of the dark gray she has had since she started sailing?
  2. Gotta question🤔 I was booked on the Dec 3 TA round trip with the Xmas Markets in between. Now I’m still booked on the now Dec. 13 W’bound-ok-looking forward to being on the Atlantic in winter. BUT what are the rules for those of us who are fully vaccinated and who will be transiting directly from LHR to the ship; as of now we (USA) are Amber. 🤔 Anybody know where to find a definite answer?
  3. I must agree with Lissie. I did an entire World Cruise a few years back and YoYo and I conferred extensively about the best cabin; I declined a later offer of an upgrade. My choice with YoYo’s help was perfect. When I’m on QM2 my superb TA knows what I want as to deck and location. When you are laying out the cost of a very long cruise choose carefully -and when you get what you desire - stick to it.😊
  4. I am a bit more nervous 😟now that the US has warned against travel to the UK ( this AM) due to the ‘high infection’ rate. Had both shots(Moderna) back in Feb. and March; and I’m booked on Dec. 3 R/T TransAtlantic/Christmas Markets voyage. I really don’t need to disembark at Southampton in either direction-much as I love the UK-but I’m ‘nervous’. Very anxious to get back on the ‘frantic Atlantic’ in the winter on my fave ship. 😀
  5. Y’all are making me nervous-though I’m on QE next year-from Tokyo - of all places!!!!!! on to Alaska-and Vancouver. I hope the usually efficient Japanese will get their act together by then.🤨
  6. No the rep. did not-but things have been sorted after I wrote and complained. They are back in my good graces. ☺️
  7. I took a wonderful Around South America cruise on the lovely Prinsendam a few years back. I remember the folks at the Future Cruise desk saying that HA does not hold on to deposits if the passenger cancels. Well, the times have changed! I booked a HA cruise through an online agency and because it touches Australia, I decided to cancel. Turns out HA is keeping my deposit-I note that there was no indication at the time of booking that the deposit was ‘non-refundable’. I do not want a Future Cruise Credit. I hope HA enjoys my money because that's all of it that they are going to get-ever!
  8. I’m booked for the Dec. R/T QM2 from NYC via Southampton and the Low Countries. I’ve had no word that that voyage will not happen. Can’t wait to be back on my fave ship on the ‘frantic’ Atlantic.😁
  9. I have always been happy and satisfied with their laundry and dry cleaning services.
  10. New York has very tough insurance laws and regulations. It is not uncommon for insurers offering coverage on national media to prevent residents of particular states from accepting their offer due to those states’ insurance regulations. I’d really like to know the basis for this new policy; but I suspect some wrinkle in NY insurance law is the reason. It’s a real nuisance whatever the reason. 😠
  11. I just booked on QM2 ex NYC on December 3-it’s a cruise to the Low Countries, then back to NYC-what if I close not to disembark at Southampton in either direction?🤔
  12. RECIEVED THIS MORNING--My Infinity cruise Dec. 1-Lisbon to Rio is cancelled -I have asked my TA to get ALL of my money back. I am so done after two years!😠
  13. You are soooo correct-I’m on Infinity from Lisbon to Rio in December and I’m flying into Lisbon the day before sailing. It’s costing a bit more because of the day of travel, but the extra day before sailing is well with the cost.
  14. I hope somebody gets an early line on QM2’s sailings in early 2022-I’m booked from NYC on January 3, but I’d like to see my choices about getting back home🤔; if there’s a direct Turnaround I’d like to hang on to my cabin-I suspect there will be very high demand for the W’bound-whatever it is.😉 As with others , I was on QV from Southampton to Cape Town-another time I guess. Glad to be on QM2 to Dubai in 2023. Other lines are announcing new ships-I wonder when we’ll here from Cunard about the new ship.☺️
  15. Hi All, Just spoke to Cunard (finally) and my TA-My E’bound QM2 booking on January 3 is still on.😊 Cunard rep. said they expect the QM2 voyages between then and April 24( currently scheduled W’bound) to be available at the end of July. According the Cunard advice-there will be QM2 voyages across the Atlantic and to the Caribbean between January and April. So there it is I guess.😉
  16. Never purchased one before but I will next time I’m on QM2 next year-will keep it with my plush penguin ‘Round South America Cruise’ on Prinsendam. 😀
  17. Hey, I just received an e-mail from Cunard saying the 2023 World Voyages go on sale sometime this month. Well, I think that’s great!😄 Looking forward to Jan 3-and sailing thereafter. Bon Voyage y’all.😄
  18. received a ‘sorry you got it in error’ --ah technology!
  19. Well, I’m booked on QV Southampton to Sydney Jan 10,2022-here’s hoping! 😉
  20. I did a Grand Voyage around South America and the Antarctic on HAL; it was a very fine experience. We were on the Prisendam, the service, shore excursions, food and ambiance were excellent;I was with a fun table and we had a great time for the entire cruise; the overland tour to Macchu Picchu was superb. Everything about the Antarctic experience was also excellent-especially the lectures by a group of researchers from one of the land stations; they got hot showers, a good meal and food to take home😁. I did a wonderful crossing on the Nieuw Amstedam in 1971-another experience altogether , a violent hurricane-whoo-hoo😁- oh long ago and far away! I have done many crossings and cruises on Cunard. My World Cruise on QE could not have been better. Cunard’s style and ambience is of a different order from HA, but I always check out HA’s unusual itineraries-they are now offering a ‘Round Africa in ‘22 which looks fab-but I’ve already got plans. Hope they offer it in ’23-I’m getting on😉 Oh to get back to sea!😊
  21. There was discussion (earlier?) about using the WHO yellow inoculation cards to record COVID shots. I had my first shot today and in addition to giving me a regulation card with the details of the vaccination , the nurse who vaccinated me happily wrote the necessary information on my yellow card. I get my 2nd shot next month so I’ll be ready to go if QM2 sails in August-whoo hoo😂😂😂
  22. Hi all, I’ve been upgraded twice from a Britannia balcony to PG- Never had so much closet space! It was very pleasant and had great table companions . But my absolute preference on QM2 is a 5Deck BZ far forward-so if get one at booking-I indicate No Upgrade. I enjoy the ship’s motion(if there ever is any on QM2!) and the quiet. 😉
  23. Sailing on August 1-hope to be vaccinated by then. 😉
  24. Hi Smitheroo, I’m also on the 1/3/22 - let us light candles, cross fingers and do whatever it takes to make sure we sail on that date😉
  25. I hear you BlueRiband, but I want to sail ASAP-so I’ll mask and distance if necessary. I am curious about dining arrangements for us solos-but if I can sail, I’ll manage-curious about Commodore Club and Chart Room - but I’ll manage-just to be on the Atlantic😊😊
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