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  1. Ha.... I commented too soon. It’s gone off again!
  2. Seems to be working pretty well now.
  3. I’ve found that it is normally better than other lines; right now, I’d say there is something unusually wrong and would give them some time to fix things.
  4. Take the port side cabin for a more interesting view of Cartagena (as per Essiesmom). Otherwise, there is no great difference.
  5. You do not need an eTA for Canada, it’s for arrivals at Canadian airports only. You will need an ESTA for the United States. See this: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/esta I assume you are a UK citizen.....?
  6. Your wife should have her own Captain’s Club number and you should ensure it’s added to the reservation to keep everything straight. Do not depend on Celebrity to do any linking for you.
  7. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=416&top=16 She does not ned a visa with Colombian passport and Green Card.
  8. Oatmeal; reminds of the glue we made at home when I was a kid.
  9. Fair enough. If you’re in Ottawa or Toronto or Montreal or Calgary, feel free to use Uber.
  10. Of course there is! I don’t know about St. John’s but Uber is alive and well in Ottawa.
  11. Ha!! More like need to be a psychic. Anyway, the OP has clarified the situation and ought to be satisfied that she and her group do not fall into the non-matching name bin.
  12. I read post 2. Certainly, that is a possible explanation and if the OP had described that scenario in her post then OK. All that was said was that some FB posters are saying you need a Marriage Certificate..... for what specific purpose?
  13. Come on now, what about everybody who is not married?
  14. Oh yes. Other than the few bridge stairs not a lot unlike moving around an airport.
  15. From the bus drop off it is a short walk with just the one bridge (as shown in the video). There are not to many stairs on the bridge... about 15 up and down; not a big problem for most people with one piece of wheeled luggage. My sister stayed at the Olimpia and we stayed at Hotel Arlecchino, which is the first hotel you see on the video after crossing the bridge. It was very good and I think it is affiliated with the Olimpia. Getting to people mover is simply retracing your steps and an easy walk.
  16. Possibly. I doubt we’ll ever find out....
  17. Sure it is... who cares what a bunch of suits in the US say when an officer in a foreign country is making the decision?
  18. Well, it may be complicated but I’m thinking the bigger problem will be whether the Mexican authorities will consider the OP as an admissible person; getting an answer to that question will be a crap shoot as it’s likely dependant on the immigration officer making the decision at the time of entry. Frankly, I cannot believe any cruise line (or air line) would run the risk of taking a passenger onboard that may be the source of a serious headache.
  19. No problem for me to sign in using an iPad.
  20. It doesn’t much matter; you’re going to/fro Bermuda and will get same experience no matter what you do really.
  21. Is the X80 suitable for taking luggage onboard to shift fro the ship to a downtown hotel?
  22. Are you planning on taking a train from the airport into Amsterdam Centraal or the Airport Express Bus?
  23. Euros are not ‘worth more’ than dollars.... they’re simply a different currency. Maybe you mean a tip of 10 euros is worth more than a tip of 10 dollars.
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