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  1. After six months of being pretty much idle, I’m not impressed but I’m not surprised. I think their main sticking points are the issues around recommendations 50 to 54; what to do in the event of a significant outbreak. Evidence suggests that ships with a number of infected passengers onboard cannot rely on national, state or local authorities to take on the burden of evacuation, quarantine and care that may be required. I enjoy cruising and have done plenty of it but I just don’t see the industry being able to start up again in the near future out of US ports.
  2. Recommendations begin on page 9 of the report. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/healthy-sail-panel-full-recommendations.pdf
  3. I’m sure @chengkp75 has an opinion on that. Mine is.... not even close. This is not a plan, especially the elements related to a significant outbreak.
  4. I think it’s that black disk in front of the blue streak I see on TV.
  5. Well... after overthinking this somewhat, I may have to change my response. Most of the interior cabins on the Eurodam have their doors opening out to the starboard side. So, it’s more likely a passenger will run into the stewards and their equipment on that side of the ship. So, if you need a reason to pick a side, choose the port (left) side of the ship. Have a great time.
  6. It’s over 180 miles from Miami to Nassau. I don’t think that’s within six hours for a cruise ship.
  7. As long as it’s only someone else I guess it works for you.
  8. I didn’t say it was a riot. You asked for a link to a news article and I provided one. There are others in the same vein.
  9. I guess it depends on what you want to call a riot but the Norwegian Pirit cruise of October, 2019 was portrayed that way in some news sources. For example.... https://www.businessinsider.com/passengers-cruise-ship-riot-over-cancelled-stops-and-stale-food-2019-10
  10. It’s the Evacuation Scenarios and recommendations 50 to 54 that will cause the most grief for the cruise lines. All the rest is around prevention, these four recommendations are focused on what happens in the event of a significant outbreak.
  11. I’m no expert on YF, virology, epidemiology, vaccinations or anything of that ilk but I do have an uneasy sense that the measures that have been taken worldwide related to the transmission of yellow fever and cited as something that could or should be adopted for CV-19 control are not quite equivalent. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t YF transmitted by infected mosquitoes?
  12. I have a small amount of money. Does that make me a hedge fund manager? I’m certainly not a wealthy investor. Would this influence the CDC’s decision making process?
  13. Or maybe when people began looking at all the questions being posed (really, a list of all the problems associated with cruising and the virus) people realized that they really don’t have adequate answers and ‘I just want to get back to cruising’ wouldn’t carry much weight. As for the general public, I’m pretty sure they don’t much care about the cruise industry; they have many more issues to occupy their attention.
  14. It’s not everybody, just the people trying to protect citizens and in a position to do something about it
  15. I can’t imagine getting on a plane to the US to board a cruise ship in the foreseeable future; I guess that means more room for those that are ready to go now!!
  16. Not much different than most other special interest groups. They’re going to take advantage of any opportunity they can to voice their opinions. Kind of like people who just want to get cruising again providing feedback that doesn’t really address the public health concerns that supposedly prompted the No Sail Order.
  17. Speculation threads...... About 95% of what’s being discussed and debated on Cruise Critic is speculative/hypothetical these days. I forgot to include imaginary.
  18. Fair enough, that’s your opinion and you may very well be correct. I hope you’ll allow that the discussion of these hypothetical situations with a lot of complex variables would be pretty difficult if we weren’t permitted to suspend belief, credulity and the likelihood of change/variability when prognosticating.
  19. That’s because it wasn’t the case. Here is an excerpt from the No Sail Order: This Order is not a rule within the meaning of the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”), but rather an emergency action taken under the existing authority of 42 CFR §§ 70.2, 71.31(b), and 71.32(b). In the event that this Order qualifies as a rule under the APA, notice and comment and a delay in effective date are not required because there is good cause to dispense with prior public notice and the opportunity to comment on this Order.31
  20. Pretty reasonable. I think the prices will be about double that next September. We’ll see.
  21. Go down to Union Station Monday morning and see whether it’s a typical pre-COVID-19 day on a walk from there up and around the banks on Bay Street. If they let you into one of those 60+ story buildings, check out the elevator traffic. Looking forward to your report Monday afternoon.
  22. I wish I had enough points to stay at a Hilton in Amsterdam!!! We want to go back for a few days (not related to any cruising) and the prices can be a bit eye-popping. My strategy will be to hold my nose, bite my tongue and hand over the plastic.
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