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  1. Sure it is... who cares what a bunch of suits in the US say when an officer in a foreign country is making the decision?
  2. Well, it may be complicated but I’m thinking the bigger problem will be whether the Mexican authorities will consider the OP as an admissible person; getting an answer to that question will be a crap shoot as it’s likely dependant on the immigration officer making the decision at the time of entry. Frankly, I cannot believe any cruise line (or air line) would run the risk of taking a passenger onboard that may be the source of a serious headache.
  3. No problem for me to sign in using an iPad.
  4. It doesn’t much matter; you’re going to/fro Bermuda and will get same experience no matter what you do really.
  5. Is the X80 suitable for taking luggage onboard to shift fro the ship to a downtown hotel?
  6. Are you planning on taking a train from the airport into Amsterdam Centraal or the Airport Express Bus?
  7. Euros are not ‘worth more’ than dollars.... they’re simply a different currency. Maybe you mean a tip of 10 euros is worth more than a tip of 10 dollars.
  8. We found our views of the mountains, glaciers, etc.... to be excellent. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.
  9. You can post in it.... something like ‘Hi, I’m looking forward to this cruise and am joining the Roll Call.’
  10. From my own experience, starboard would have afforded the best view. Really, I cannot predict what the captain will do; going on deck will provide great views no matter which side the Cape is on.
  11. Ahh... now there you go! Only problem with this is that it is not what we did on our last cruise to the Horn.... we went about it in a CW direction.
  12. If you’re going to circle something in a clockwise direction, the thing (Cape Horn) will be one the starboard side (centre of the circle).
  13. US. Bring a couple of simple adapters; you are are unlikely to need a converter for the things you will be plugging in for recharging.
  14. I’m all in favour of a good road trip and don’t wish to be disputatious but I would like to know what you think is too expensive or inconvenient for flying from LA to YQB? Air Canada is offering a one way flight LAX/YQB on September 20 for 243 CAD. For two people I don’t see how you can beat that by flying to Albany, renting a car, paying for gas and hotels and meals for three or four days.
  15. I just returned from an AMA cruise between Budapest and Amsterdam. I’ve never been on Viking but looking at their website, there is nothing missing on what they include in their cruises that AMA includes. As Jazzbeau pointed out, AMA does provide a variety of excursions that Viking my not; I really couldn’t say and I’ll bow to him on that one.
  16. I suppose that could happen but I think it’s unlikely. I’ve traveled extensively in Canada over the winter and have seldom had significant issues, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver.
  17. Have a look at Business Class fares on the Air Canada site. May be able to get a round trip for about 6800 USD. There will probably be a long layover in Toronto on return but Business Class may provide accommodation for the night.
  18. Give them some USD, GBP or Euros. They’ll manage quite nicely.
  19. Depends where you cruise is going. If Caribbean, it will suffice. Despite what jmcathome says, it is NOT the same as a passport book.
  20. I’ve bee to Russia a couple of times and had zero need for rubles. USD and Euros and CC will get you through nicely. As for washrooms and the like, if you are on a ship or arranged tour (SPB for example) they will be taking you to places where facilities will be available w/o charge.
  21. All very nice what a ship owner’s point of view may be but I’m thinking the authorities are more likely to consider Article 6 of the CEVNI European Code for Inland Waterways when it comes time to report on the contributing factors to the incident.
  22. Larger vessels do not have the right of way! The circumstances under which two vessels meet, cross or overtake may allow for some communication and agreement between them regarding each other’s intentions and who may make allowances (or not) on what they will do. Although nothing, really, has come out on this specific incident (other than a very brief video clip) there has been no suggestion that anything special or unusual was agreed upon prior to the incident. Just because the two ships were approaching the bridge at nearly the same time means little other than suggesting the Viking ship ought to have slowed down substantially to permit the sightseeing ship to make its transit safely.
  23. Typically, an overtaking vessel (Viking) is obliged to stay out of the way of the vessel being overtaken. Also, vessel being overtaken is to maintai its course and speed. So, the investigation will be looking at that among a number of other things to determine what exactly took place.
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