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  1. Nor torn/distressed masks even if they’re nice designer ones.
  2. The CDC has Level 3 warnings regarding travel for: 1. International travel worldwide; 2. Cruising of any type, anywhere.
  3. Although (according to the original story) the lady had lost 200 pounds it appears as though her attitude towards food had not changed. She’s still got some serious work ahead of her. Additionally, taking her out to the Golden Corral (Buffet, Buffet! Buffet) is not helpful.... sort of like taking an early in recovery alcoholic out to a keg party to help celebrate three months of recovery.
  4. The Swedish experience appears to have been positive and provides for some optimism. In Ontario, the schools were closed. I believe the kids will be going back in late August or early September and we’ll see how all of that goes. I’m sure things will work out, there will be a high degree of vigilance.
  5. Yes, that’s exactly what we did. After visiting on a cruise, we took the time a couple of years later to rent a car (after a cruise, of course!) and drive down from Fort Lauderdale to spend a few days in the keys and KW. Enjoyed it, but once is enough.
  6. You can fly there too. One thing about cruising, it affords a means of seeing a variety of different places (albeit for a brief period) that are normally separated in a way that makes it difficult/expensive to combine the itinerary through use of planes, trains and automobiles. If I fly to Rome, I can drive to Venice and Naples and Genoa and Nice if I choose to do so but for many people a cruise is a better way to do it and having a port shut them out is very disappointing.
  7. Well, you’re free to construct a theory on the evolution of commentary in the age of Twitter, discussion boards and somewhat anonymous social media and interpret it that way and I won’t debate it. The inspiring tale strongly suggested that a person piled their plate high with food they had no intention of eating and simply left a significant portion to go in the trash. In my books, that’s waste.
  8. And they’re dynamic too.... chasing me out of lounges, bars and other locations I’d like to use for their advertised purposes; not as an art bazaar.
  9. I agree. However, for context, I refer to post 948 in which an uplifting weight-loss story was marred by the obvious and blatant waste of food on the part of the almost heroine. I stand by my observation. It was not judgemental at all, a plain statement of the obvious. BTW, I don’t feel doxed.
  10. That’s quite a story. Rehabilitated from a presumed glutton to just blatantly wasteful.
  11. You know, you (generic) can calculate until the cows come home with the CV-19 numbers that are available but it’s all going to be a big crap shoot. I expect things are pretty much the same in the US as they are here.... kids were taken out of school in mid-March and locked away in little bubbles (often referred to as houses) for the last four months or so with almost no interaction with other people in an environment totally non-representative of anything even the so-called ‘new normal’ will look like for them. Making predictions on what will happen in school is a mug’s game. Hence all the precautions the CDC is recommending.
  12. Interesting to see how this moves along. When AC made its proposal to buy Transat they offered $18/share when the share price was pretty steady at about $16. Now that Transat is at $5.44, I think it’s safe to believe the acquisition may be somewhat prolonged. Me, I like Transat; we often take the bus from Ottawa to Dorval and back to use it (they don’t service Ottawa except for winter charters). BTW, I know I went OT but the OP doesn’t appear to be too engaged.
  13. Additionally, there is the phenomenon of viral quantum tunnelling. Imagine, if you will, that the droplet is like the electron approaching the barrier (in our case some tissue or cloth). There is a chance it could make it through. Rather than reproduce all this here, I’ll refer you to this very simple explanation... http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/glossary/quantum_tunneling.html
  14. Yes, very much so. There are flights from Canada to Europe but they’re limited. One would have to be truly desperate for a three day cruise to go to the effort and/or ignore the travel advisories with the potential consequences attendant to that. I suppose a B2B could make a difference.....
  15. I’m not at all certain how this voting works in the US and I suspect it varies a lot from state to state. However, I do understand that the proponents will leverage pretty much any opportunity that presents itself to achieve their goals.... I suspect there are some groups/organizations in KW with substantive counter-arguments for the voters to consider i.e. Chamber of Commerce.
  16. I agree with gumpster on the Air Canada Premium Economy. If you’re willing to go through Montreal, check out Air Transat Club Class. It’s very good and quite a bit less expensive.
  17. That may not be entirely correct.... https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/florida-keys/article242538821.html
  18. I certainly don’t have an answer to that although (at least for travel in/around North America) it won’t be until the virus is considered under control by the various national health authorities. Too bad for cruising, it’s really not their primary concern.
  19. Which may help explain why the ‘EU Plan’ has not yet been adopted (if ever) and the CDC’s current requirements for cruise lines to begin operating again have not been satisfied (and probably never will be).
  20. You don’t consider trying to protect British citizens as not working on your behalf?
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