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  1. Ships typically leave port at a certain time for operational reasons; availability of pilots, tides, other ship arrivals/departures, transit time to next port of call, etc....
  2. How much is ‘a few minutes’ and how would the Captain know that the passengers will arrive within that time frame? BTW, I often take private excursions but so far have not been late to return to ship.
  3. Although I don’t know the details, I’m sure there are license costs associated with the loaning of the books. I use my public library and don’t pay directly to borrow ebooks but I have no doubt that a small portion of my municipal taxes are going to the city library to support this. I don’t foresee a day when Princess will be providing access to ebooks, and certainly not without a charge. BTW, I still prefer hard copy as I find them easier to read especially in a sunny location. I will typically leave a book or two in the ship’s library and have seldom taken one off.
  4. I have reported people on two occasions. Don’t know the details of what happened, but the smoking stopped.
  5. Economy Budget fare - no Economy Standard fare - yes One checked bag and seat selection.
  6. Yes, I think the OP will get the drift on this question. Me, I don’t know what possessed me to choose the Princess conversion option - brain fart, I guess - I’ve done plenty of international travel and have a pretty good idea on how to handle my currencies and credit cards in a way that best suits me.
  7. That’s for sure. I let Princess do it once for a relatively small account and was quite disappointed at the rate they chose ‘for my convenience’ (from USD to CAD)No big deal in absolute terms but never again.
  8. It is not necessary to take a Princess excursion to have the visa business covered off. We used SPB tours (there are others such as Alla) for ou two day stop in St. Peterburg and visa are included as part of the overall excursion.
  9. Ha... maybe for Torontonians but it’s more like late April for us in Ottawa! Have a great trip.
  10. d9704011

    2 one way trips

    Have a look at page 13 of the CBP document in the following... https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/documents/ICP Pax Vessel Services Act Apr 2010.pdf
  11. d9704011

    2 one way trips

    For sure.... a stop at a ‘distant foreign port’ (ie Cartagena) permits the voyage. The B2B business can be problematic though.... a cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver followed by a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles on the same ship without a substantial ‘layover’ would likely not be a permissible combination.
  12. d9704011

    2 one way trips

    You’re not imagining things.... is there a stop in Cartagena, Colombia on the itinerary?
  13. That’s a great location to cruise! Weatherwise, your coolest port is likely to be Ushuaia and temperatures will probably be in low teens. Other, less southerly ports, could be much warmer (BA could be in low to mid 30s,,, it is summer there after all at end of Feb). As for best side of ship, I don’t think it really much matters but we like starboard but I can’t give you any firm explanation why. Probably best to choose a cabin that’s conveniently located according to your needs (ie. close to elevators, buffet, gym, midships whatever is important to you).
  14. We always plan on arriving at least the day before the cruise; we have come in two days early just to escape the cold weather for a little bit longer. We have been fortunate and have never experienced any significant weather related flight delays. As for lounging on Caribbean beaches in January, very seldom have things been cool enough for us that we could not do it.
  15. DUI will be troublesome for your friend; impaired driving is a criminal offence in Canada and he may be inadmissible.
  16. Ha, don’t bother. There is nothing there that will help you answer yor question(s). Sorry, did not want to waste your time.
  17. You can try the questionnaire here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/come-canada-tool.html Of course, there are all kinds of provisos associated with this thing...
  18. I think by ‘flat iron’ the story is about a ‘hair straightener’.
  19. Me, I always purchase some of the local currency for tips and small purchases.
  20. Ha.... I commented too soon. It’s gone off again!
  21. Seems to be working pretty well now.
  22. I’ve found that it is normally better than other lines; right now, I’d say there is something unusually wrong and would give them some time to fix things.
  23. Take the port side cabin for a more interesting view of Cartagena (as per Essiesmom). Otherwise, there is no great difference.
  24. You do not need an eTA for Canada, it’s for arrivals at Canadian airports only. You will need an ESTA for the United States. See this: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/esta I assume you are a UK citizen.....?
  25. Your wife should have her own Captain’s Club number and you should ensure it’s added to the reservation to keep everything straight. Do not depend on Celebrity to do any linking for you.
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