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  1. While almost everybody else will be dining on crow, you should follow your heart and rebook.
  2. Yeah, a bit of a non sequitur given what you posted and the fact that you’re in Canada, not Connecticut.
  3. Yes, that would be a better comparison. Would you like to take a cruise organized in the same fashion? Of course, that may not even be possible if other countries won’t permit the ships to stop in.
  4. If 300 pax on a 1,000 pax cruise ship caught the virus, that would be 30%. I picked that number in much the same way you picked yours.... out of thin air. All the examples of what you can do in Florida are not in the least similar to putting 1,000 pax and crew on a ship for a week or so.
  5. Yes, that’s exactly where it is.
  6. Too easy. I don’t suppose you’d hazard a guess on where in Iceland?
  7. Coq-a-doodle-doo to the Antipodeans! Where are these fumaroles?
  8. The cruise lines had months to develop and submit detailed plans for consideration by the CDC which may have led to an earlier resumption of cruising. The recent Request for Information is a process to acquire information that may be used for future guidance on public health and the resumption of cruise ship operations. Without being privy to all that’s gone on, my feeling is that any plans submitted were inadequate and the majority of the public input will be something like.... I want to cruise again... not too helpful.
  9. Just getting set to hit the hay. No, I did not know the rules. Will begin to comply tomorrow morning; have gazillions of photos to choose from. Good night.....
  10. I believe the senators made suggestions to circumvent the CDC from the cruise resumption decision process and the recommandations/suggestions you’re referring to were made to cruise lines, not the CDC.
  11. Never been there, just happened to see a photo of the sculptures a few days ago.
  12. Living Desert, Broken Hill, Australia
  13. Could be. I was looking at a graphic and my cataracts aren’t helping with the print.... I sort of guessed at the number.
  14. Try population of US x 70% contract CV-19 for herd immunity x 2.8% case mortality rate (as published by Johns Hopkins for USA). So.... 330,000,000 x 0.7 x 0.028 = 6,468,000 deaths. Close enough I think.
  15. A bit of a mystery. You can go to the website and click on VIEW FULL REPORT... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/healthy-cruising-panel
  16. Try this one.... healthy-sail-panel-full-recommendations.pdf
  17. Quarantine restrictions remain in place until October 15. We’ll see if that date holds.
  18. They ought to check out Medipac travel/health insurance.
  19. See this if you want further info.... https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/a-framework-for-equitable-allocation-of-vaccine-for-the-novel-coronavirus
  20. That’s for sure. Got the cataract done on the left eye about three weeks ago but the right eye remains to be done. Then, new glasses.
  21. 5 degrees above normal? Secondary screening for you before getting the all-clear to board.
  22. True enough although I may consider myself fortunate later on if the other scenario (not entirely unlikely) comes to pass.
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