I used White Star last year to Hamburg, Germany. It was my 29in case and wasn't cheap but I considered what the airline might have charged me. I didn't want to be encumbered by having more luggage than I could reasonably handle through an airport.

My contact was with Cunard's White Star desk. They sent a waybill where the items packed had to be listed: Previously worn clothing and shoes only. Due to international customs restrictions no toiletries, electronics, medications, or jewelry. Clothing and shoes ONLY. There are explicit instructions on what documents (including a photocopy of one's passport signature page) to add into the waybill pouch.

DHL picked up the case at my NY apartment about two weeks before sailing. The same day a FedEX driver picked up the White Star copy of the paperwork. The case arrived at my stateroom when the ship was in Hamburg. There is also a note enclosed that the case had been inspected by German customs.

Only down side is that after being packed for two weeks almost everything needed pressing. I'd use it again if I had to fly one way.

They need at least two weeks notice for international shipments, one week for domestic shipments.