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Given that it is not spring break for everyone across the country and that this boat was marketed to spring breakers, there is a definite responsibility on behalf of NCL to have let non spring breakers be aware that this ship was marketed as such. My husband and I have been on over 20 ncl cruises, many of them music cruises, and we have never seen anything like this. My kids couldn't even access the pool through the entire duration. My 14 year old tried climbing in to a hot tub at one point and a fight broke out between the spring breakers warranting security to intervene. We couldn't enjoy our balcony because drunken people were screaming "land ahoy" at all hours, smoking weed, blasting music, and throwing things over board. This is in addition to the multiple bathrooms we went in that were laden with vomit.

We had a great time, but are very disappointed in NCL.
We travelled with kids and my 10 year old daughter was fishing beer cups out of the pool. For whatever reason they were allowed to have drinks in the pool and none of the regular pool rules applied to them. It was an absolute zoo.

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