Hi All
Our first trip with Scenic we cruised on Sapphire last year we were booked on Pearl in April but because it's overhaul was not completed in time about four months before we were transferred to Diamond and informed about it. Over the winter of 2012/13 all Scenic boats were completely refitted apart from I think Sapphire it may have been Emerald but that has been done now.
Baths or tubs are in the following boats and suits -
Crystal & Jewel - Royal Suite, Junior Suite and Deluxe Balcony Suite.
Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby & Pearl - Royal Suite, Royal Panorama Suite & Junior Suite.
Gem - Royal one bed Suite & Royal Suite.
This year we are on Gems second Seine cruise in a Deluxe Balcony Suite when we booked this was not available so we booked a balcony suite with an option on a deluxe suite if one became available which it did about two months after we booked. For whatever reason if a change has been made we have received a full update from Scenic.