Do you take your kids out of school to cruise?

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We have taken our 3 kids out of school for 1-3+ weeks almost every year. We started when they were very young - taking them on transatlantic cruises to avoid jet lag. We got hooked on the T/A trips for many reasons. Once we get to Europe, we explore a country or two with the kids. Why do we do it? 1) It's amazing family time. 2) Our public school in CA gives us the work to take with us and every teacher and administrator we have had has been extremely supportive. 3) Exploring museums, castles, and churches in different countries in one heck of an education. 4) Because of the spring timing of T/A cruises and our spring break, we combine time with spring break so that kids miss 2-3 weeks but get a month of traveling.

This year will be our 6th, and possibly our last. Our oldest will be in middle school next year....
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We did it one time when my son was in 6th grade...never again. He was gone for two days (a Friday and a Monday) and even though he didn't have any unexcused absences up to that point in the year (it was in January, about 2 weeks after we got back from Christmas break and no we COULD NOT have sailed during the break, before anyone asks. My husband works retail so Oct-Dec are the busiest months of the year for him), we got a very nasty letter from the state ed. dept. about it. So never again.
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Yes. When DD was in elementary and middle school we did a week to 10-day cruise almost every, year pulling her from school each time. While we always cruised at a time when her absences from school would be minimized, she would generally miss anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

In our state and in our school district a parent can request and be granted excused absences for their child. We always gave plenty of notice and got all of her homework -- she always had it done before she went back to school -- long plane rides and additional time during the vacation was her work time.

We cruised the Mediterranean (multiple cruises), Hawaii, Panama Canal -- so it was easy to make the trips "educational"

We did Med cruises over US Thanksgiving week each of the three years she was in middle school.

She was in band in HS and they did a big trip every year for band - so that was our travel for those four years.

In middle school she was taking HS math and science courses. She managed to graduate second in her HS class (of 300+), entering a Big-10 school, will graduate with a degree in Engineering (math/risk analysis) with a 3.77 GPA in exactly one month from now. So it seemed to work for her.

It does take some discipline to make it happen. But travel can be a great experience for kids.