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Originally posted by Tucker in Texas
On the Magic (and I think their newer ships) you have to have your cabin key inserted in a slot to work the lights. Took husband 1/2 an hour to get locked out of the cabin because he forgot to take the cabin key card with him when he left and I hadn't gotten around to putting another card in the slot.

Any card with a magnetic strip will work. I took one of my frequent shoppers card and we left it in all week and used the lights as you would normally.

Tucker in Texas
I know this is from two years ago, but the same thing works when using the bank ATM after hours. Thieves put card skimming devices in the after hours door locks to get your information so they don't have to modify the ATM, except for a small camera to catch your PIN (which goes to a phone via bluetooth). Using a store card will cause your PIN to not match up with the card data they receive when you unlock the door. I was taken for $350 in November, which would have been over $1000 had I had just $5 more in my account.
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Originally posted by bobsfamily
Great! Again you never can tell with tables... Harrah's in Cherokee, NC sends me free rooms and comps all the time, I usually play one night out of 3 but do gamble a bit. Sometimes win, sometimes lose but the room is about $300 plus a night.
Cherokee is weird. I play hold em and maybe play $150-300 once a month. Usually get a Sunday-Thursday comped room from them.