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Favorite wildlife or nature pictures

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Eastern Brown Snake. Probably the most dangerous snake in the world (not th most venomous but up there and it lives in populated areas.) This guy took up residence outside my bedroom for a week and posed for me.




A Pelican which came to get a feed when i was cruising on my normal boat.



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This formation has been seen in countless movies but it is the true Star Trek

fan that will recognize it as Gorn Rock. I made a pilgrimage to Vasquez Rocks

Natural Area Park a few years ago to see it for myself. Sadly, I couldn't find

the deposits of sulphur and diamonds that Kirk used in his jerry-rigged cannon

to defeat his reptilian adversary.





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I have way way way way too many wildlife and nature photos, as that's something I shoot primarily and have for over a decade. So rather than fill the thread with a thousand posts of shots, I'll just post a few 'fun' ones I like, rather than the more serious or 'good' ones:


A raccoon who is just way too comfortable around my backyard - she comes in daily to feed on leftover sunflower seed from the bird feeders, and doesn't care if I'm 15 feet away watching her. In this case, I was in the pool and she just sauntered up, found the seed, then rolled onto her back and started piling seed up on her belly and eating off it:



When I go birding, I see many other people there with binoculars and cameras looking for birds. Occasionally, the birds get a little closer than planned - you may not even need binoculars, or in this gentleman's case, the binoculars won't really help get a better view of the red-winged blackbird, who found a new high perch from which to survey the world:



Looking at a bird straight on is about the least flattering angle from which you can view them - the long bill and striking head feathers that stand out in side view are wiped out in the perspective. In the case of this yellow-crowned night heron, the straight-on view makes him take on the appearance of an alien - reminds me of the movie Mars Attacks for some reason:



Great blue heron: "HA! I got you!" Fish: "OK, you got me...now what, smart guy?" heron: "I hadn't thought that far ahead". Fish: "So how do you get me off the end of your bill if you can't open it, and if you pull your bill out, I may get away!?":



Bob was a good guy. We all liked Bob. We just wish Bob had taken our advice when we told him not to get so close to the water to photograph that alligator. Unfortunately, the alligator REALLY liked Bob too...for lunch:


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