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Regent Refund Roll Call

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Sail date -- 20 Dec 2020 (Explorer Singapore to Sydney) -- cancelled by Regent on 02 Nov

Requested FCCs -- 03 Nov

FCCs created -- 25 Nov

FCCs applied -- 04 Dec


Getting the FCCs applied turned out to be a laborious process, requiring five phone calls to TA each averaging about an hour with back and forth with Regent.  We have two cruises booked with Regent and they ADDED all of the FCCs (100 percent fully paid plus 25 percent bonus) to the 2022 Mariner cruise, leaving a substantial amount remaining (which I could see on my account on RSSC.com).  In a subsequent call, Regent agreed to split the 100 percent (which had a remaining balance after zeroing out the 2022 cruise) and ADD it to our 2021 Voyager cruise as well ADDING the 25 percent bonus to that cruise.  Regent did that, but did not APPLY it to the booking.  (ADDing and APPLYing are two different things for Regent--hence the emphasis.) 


Since the remaining balance of FCCs exceeded what we owed on the 2021 cruise (we'd already had FCC from our cancelled Navigator cruise applied) we added air and a land package.  In a call on 03 Dec, Regent finally APPLIED the FCCs to the 2021 cruise.  We still showed a remaining balance to be paid to Regent AND a remaining FCC balance.  The remaining FCCs turned out to be from the 25 percent bonus and can only be applied to the cruise fare (including air).  Despite requests from our TA, Regent would not apply the FCCs in an order to pay off the land package from the remaining 100 percent and then apply the 25 percent.  (The TA said Regent has been inconsistent on this--sometimes agreeing and sometimes not.)  We were told any unused FCCs would disappear after the cruise and could not be applied to a new booking.  Our only option was to upgrade on this cruise--in our case, the upgrade is in name only as the cabin size and layout doesn't change, only a "better" location.)  Using the 100 percent to pay off the 2022 cruise before the 2021 cruise seems an odd choice, but since the 100 percent paid it off in full Regent will be refunding our deposit on that cruise in addition to the port fees and taxes on the cancelled cruise.  We still have a few hundred in bonus FCCs remaining that will go "poof," but remembering it is all Monopoly money anyway.  Just hoping these cruises (in Sep 2021 and Jan 2022) will go!


The FCC process seemed to be a lot more complicated than it needed to be and required a lot of higher math skills and interventions on my part.  We are settled with Regent in just over 30 days versus 45 days for the Navigator cancellation so they are speeding up, however.




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12 hours ago, tert333 said:

Is it normal they break the refund into two parts?

In my limited experience (2 cancellations on Crystal), the three payments I had made were all refunded separately, even though they were all to the same credit card.  The taxes were not separated out.  However, I had disputed all three charges so that may be why they resulted in separate refunds.


On another cancellation (on Regent) that I took FCCs for, the taxes were refunded separately pro rata for each of 3 separate payments that I had made.  In that case, however, I had used 3 separate credit cards.


Now I am wondering if anyone has had separate payments combined into one refund transaction?  I have assumed that would not happen, but perhaps it does.

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On 11/3/2020 at 6:33 PM, blacksmith said:

1/05/2021 cruise canceled on 11/02/2020.

Requested refund 11/02/2020.

TA indicated that refund will occur within 60 days.


TA also advised that insurance would not be refunded, but could be transferred to a future cruise within 12 months.

Received refund (credit to credit card) 12/23/2020. All but $2000 paid to independent insurance company. 

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