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  1. You have nothing to lose by trying. Last year on the Anthem before I made final payment, I asked for a re-price. Even though the category was sold out, I got a $700 refund. It does happen.
  2. Where is it located?
  3. It's whatever they want the minimum to be. They have a captive audience.
  4. The August 15 sailing of Liberty of the Seas is now swapping Turks/Caicos for Labadee.
  5. Odyssey is replacing the Anthem in Cape Liberty. So it will be sailing from Bayonne between November and April and Europe May through November.
  6. The closest liquor store is a state store next to the grocery store near the train station. It's about a ten minute walk from the ship. It's away from the boardwalk where the ship docks. It's not the duty free that most people associate with the Caribbean.
  7. The ship usually sails at 3:00 so don't get there until after two, otherwise you ll get caught up with the boarding traffic.
  8. It is above the outdoor smoking area on deck five. You WILL smell the smoke from there. I know that because I book accessible cabins ,7764 & 8674 for my wife, and it does reach us there.
  9. You may a find a few of the items on a given day, but don't count on it. The MDR menus are usually the same fleetwide. I don't know if the WJ dinner menus are consistent fleetwide, in my experience there's nothing in writing. Some ships may have theme nights in the WJ on occasion, and the theme is printed in the compass.
  10. I assume El Loco Fresh replaced JR's and Playmakers replaced the Pub next to Sorrento's.
  11. They've done it like that the past 4 years on the Anthem, so I expect the Odyssey would follow suit.
  12. You don't have to loop back.
  13. Is Labor Day in Canada a holiday, and is it the same day as in the US?
  14. You fell for it, plain and simple.. That old saying still carries weight today. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  15. FYI.... Four more states just joined the United States, NJ, NY,NH, and NM. It only took them 4 days to fix it.
  16. He's an acquired taste. Not fur me. It seems he does the same show every time.
  17. First time on her when she comes to Cape Liberty in the fall. How are the production and ice shows? How similar is she to the Anthem?
  18. Try on-line, not working right but you can at least get checked-in.
  19. Royal's IT staff has just outdid themselves. I did a check-in for our upcoming Symphony cruise in May. I used the drop-down menu for state and guess what, New Jersey was missing, along with all states starting with "New". I guess geography is not their strong suite either. So I used Nevada just to complete the process. There's no cross checking between zip and state so I got through.
  20. You Should be on the Carnival board and name your ship and ports of call.
  21. Does anyone know if there are any breweries near the cruise port? First time in this port and am to get a feel for the area. Any good local bars near the port?
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