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  1. At a recent question and answer session, they said Royal couldn't get enough of riggers to do it.
  2. Royal itself doesn't do the rental, you need to deal with outside vendors as described above.
  3. This year the Anthem does 11 night southern itineraries out of Bayonne. Next year the Odyssey is doing 11 and 12 southern trips in January as well.
  4. I too prefer the Quantum class. We've been on the Anthem at least 12 times and already have 3 booked on the Odessey when she comes to Bayonne. The WJ just doesn't work on the Oasis class. There's no people flow and never enough tables. They got it right with the Quantum class.
  5. It really doesn't get you anything extra. You could book a 3/4 weekend cruise before then to get to emerald if you really want it.
  6. We did a b2b on the Liberty this past September and they delivered our purchases made during the first leg on the last night of the first leg.
  7. Keep in mind that their show is probably at the 90 minutes mark of the dinner service and most people have finished their dinner by then. It's nothing that I would purposely wait for.
  8. Keep in mind that the pina coladas are pre made and come from a bubbler machine. They were not made to order when I was there last year.
  9. On the cruise you reach 140. Go see the Loyalty Ambassador during the cruise to make sure you're on the list.
  10. Now I know why we didn't see our invitation to the top tier event on the Anthem two weeks ago. Thanks for sharing.
  11. The carousel is no big deal. Once you get to your section, how long does it take you to get your luggage, two minutes tops? I think the money could have been better spent some place else.
  12. I've been in IT for 40 years. Royal's IT is known for its poor performance,
  13. Changing the app is something that their IT department would do. And we all know how bad their IT staff is.
  14. You're right about tasteless. I call the flavors white brown and pink because they sure don't taste like vanilla chocolate and strawberry.
  15. There's really no dress code anymore.
  16. Sorry, my bad. I am on two of the Jan sailings. My second, going out on Jan 29th has only 4 ports.
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