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  1. Sure! Alaska has most of the deals for solos because the market is saturated with too many ships. Sample: NCL Jewel - 7 days - Seward to Vancouver - May 6th Solo Inside Guarantee $638 plus $302 port/taxes bare bones. If you want the UBP & one specialty dinner, the all-in total is $1,104. If a balcony is needed, the all-in total is $2,972. Royal Princess - May 11 - 7 days - Anchorage (Whittier) to Vancouver - May 11th Solo Inside $559 plus $234 port/taxes
  2. Similar here although my parameter is $100 a night (cruise fare/base fare only). I also only book insides because I have no need/desire for solitary time in a cabin. Sleep and shower there and the balance out and about someplace on the ship. I had my share of balconies at less than $100 a night (base fare only) but those were all before the pandemic. Prices are very high now.
  3. I went once several years ago with other solos. The show was better than the food. Once and done!
  4. Interesting comments about difficulty attempting to use the coffee machine in the Studio Lounge. I would say that I am average with machines/technology but I had absolutely no problem pressing the right buttons to get a cappuccino and other coffees. When I was on the Prima, I was in a regular inside. However, we met for the solo gathering in the Studio Lounge. I noticed other solo using the coffee machine and certainly enjoying the cookies. Pretty much every evening, I saw a crew member refreshing the snacks and coffee machine supplies.
  5. Last year on a Panama Canal cruise, a solo in our group had to get up around 4 a.m. for an early NCL excursion. We were docked in Panama City and I think part of that tour was to experience the canal and locks by boat (as opposed to a gigantic cruise ship). When I saw him at the Solo Gathering later that day, he told the group that it was a good experience but very hot and exhausting. Seems odd that so many who are supposedly regular cruisers are skeptical that there are super early excursions. However, I don't recall what he said pertaining to getting breakfast. With a bunch of passengers on that tour, I'm would bet that something was done by NCL for breakfast.
  6. If having access to the Studio Lounge is important to you, then don't take the chance of being awarded a regular balcony bidding. It's unfortunate that they don't offer an upgrade bid to a solo balcony.
  7. I think ship security at ports of call are more intent on looking for things like bottles and weapons. If your food is not visible (regular bag vs clear bag), it just goes unnoticed by the person doing the screening.
  8. Well, then I guess NCL will have to include those industrious passengers in the DSC distribution. Got to reward hard work and service.
  9. I guess everybody can play that game. I don't use the pool or slides so if they were to be removed, it wouldn't bother me. Just saying! I like the afternoon snacks and enjoy reading stretched out on a sofa. Oh well, the penny pinchers in Miami are working overtime on the next cutback.👎
  10. BINGO! I did a TA once on the Star and would not book it to the most exotic locations regardless of how low a fare NCL charges.
  11. Don't know the email address but I'm curious to know if the ship was at capacity? Seems that regardless of how many times NCL screws up, people are still rushing to book.
  12. I would love to try VV but the Caribbean cruises are too short. I only do 10 days or more complete cruises. I don't care for B2B (5/7 or 7/7 days).
  13. Only if an alternative on a Jewel Class (itinerary/price) was not available.
  14. It's basically bleached white flour which is very cheap but anything is possible with NCL cutting back on the cruise experience.
  15. Junieh, thanks for your comprehensive review. Cruises aren't what they used to be, especially since the pandemic. Cruise lines are charging more while cutting services and food quality continually. Best to go in with low expectations and hopefully your cruise experience will turnout at least average.
  16. Norwegian Epic - 12 days. Transatlantic Port Canaveral to Rome April 7 to 19, 2024 Sail Away Inside cabin $399 plus $132 port/tax Studio cabin $899 Sail Away Balcony cabin $1199
  17. Yep, I have done it in the past paying the difference in base cruise fare from inside to balcony. An immediate upgrade without having to bid and then waiting and waiting to find out: accepted or rejected. NCL must have changed the policy. I once went from a Studio to a balcony on the Epic for the $30 difference and another time on the Breakaway from an inside to a balcony for $200. Both times my TA handled it for me.
  18. There is LESS for MORE money post pandemic. Some people are willing to pay at just about any price so can't fault NCL for taking it. I did a TA on the Star once and would never get on that rust bucket again even if it was free.
  19. I was on the Gem early last year and it seemed everybody knew before we set sail that we would not make it to Bermuda as as our last port of call. The night before St. Thomas, the captain announced that we would skip Bermuda and stay in port longer. Afterwards, we must have been going in circles for 3 days to kill time before NYC. I don't know why NCL is scheduling Bermuda year round. We should have stayed south longer in 80+ degree weather.
  20. I just got off the Jade. Don't recall seeing any lounge chairs on the Promenade Deck. I walked that deck every morning for exercise and a few times later in the day. Cruisers were walking, standing at the rail or playing shuffle board.
  21. Been there, done that twice with Studio cabins. Don't care for them so I only book IX Sail Away Inside cabins. Works for me space and fare wise. I have booked as late as 4 days before sailing. Plus I don't do cruises less than 10 days in length which gets me a better per day cost. It's great to be retired!
  22. I only book cruises after final payment. It's the only way a solo can get a decent fare. For my cruise that just ended, I got an FCC when I saw a price drop 6 days after booking. My original booking was 5 weeks out.
  23. I was on the Jade's most recent cruise that ended yesterday and we stopped at GSC on November 28. Everything went smoothly. Saw two Royal ships docked at their pier.
  24. Some people like to be pampered and others like less. There's a spectrum of what you call "going cheap.". I am left of you where there are no add ons.
  25. It is not available on every ship or maybe every sailing. When I inquired about it on the Joy two weeks ago, the CruiseNext guy said they don't offer it on that ship. For ships where it is still offered, regular menu but you get bottle water and wine which is good if you don't have the UBP.
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