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  1. Agree! Too many kids hospitalized now.
  2. Good for NCL !! Being proactive in making sure customers/crew are as safe as possible.
  3. That's where I stayed on my last cruise in late February 2020. I took the shuttle/subway combo from La Guardia to 50th/8th stop. Walked a couple of blocks to hotel. Next day, walked to the pier. Very convenient and near the sites.
  4. After awhile those private charters will add up. Maybe at some point, the cruise lines will tell infected guests to make their own arrangements.
  5. Here is this woman's blog from the first Celebrity cruise that sailed from St. Martin with mostly American passengers. She was quarantined one night by contact tracing. She was treated royally in quarantine. See the links at the bottom of the blog for her day by day report. https://cruise.blog/2021/06/live-celebrity-millennium-third-party-excursion-and-night-quarantine?fbclid=IwAR2Jb1eGA8BZpERGKIsx3qRn0FhAG3Ocf8uUy4MJYPZkRMTyeiUBHQva6c4
  6. An advantage of having all passengers vaccinated. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/06/11/dr-scott-gottlieb-on-two-positive-covid-cases-on-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship.html?&qsearchterm=Dr. Gottlieb
  7. Continuing with all vaccinated passengers would be the answer. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/06/11/dr-scott-gottlieb-on-two-positive-covid-cases-on-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship.html?&qsearchterm=Dr. Gottlieb
  8. It's good that Federal guidelines will be followed. Best for vaxxed pax. Galveston businesses are excited.
  9. St. Martin port cam now showing sail away. https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com/
  10. There's a thread currently on Celebrity Forum about the Millennium's first cruise out of St. Martin. Embarkation is today. It is obvious from the details and photos that one port of call Florida cruises will not be stopping at is St. Martin. I expect several other Caribbean ports will not be on Florida embarkation itineraries.
  11. It will be interesting to find out what happens on the first cruises. Since the unvaccinated are also anti-protocols, it's likely that crew members will be assaulted like so many flight attendants.
  12. Seeing this bird perched on the cookies reminds me of a current news item of a mouse at Whole Foods enjoying Osso Buco at $23 per lb.🙂
  13. You can take care of your coffee fix first thing in the morning while still in pajamas.
  14. I book last minute cruises too but since I don't plan on sailing before December, I bet that deadline will change to within 24 hours of embarkation.
  15. I wonder if the cruise lines need to airlift their crews by charters to California for mass JJ vaccinations to speed things up? Most crew members I guess are from the Philippines and Indonesia.
  16. Certainly looking brighter: No testing and no quarantine for fully vaxxed. "-European Union countries agreed on Wednesday to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions on non-EU visitors ahead of the summer tourist season, a move that could open the bloc's door to all Britons and to vaccinated Americans." https://news.yahoo.com/eu-countries-agree-ease-travel-103540624.html
  17. We were on the Galaxy for Christmas 2005, partial 11-day Panama Canal transit. We got a great last minute deal. On Christmas Day, Santa gave my tweens Celebrity hoodies.
  18. Well, looks like more light at the end of the tunnel especially for Europe vacationers. The EU is going to make it convenient and rewarding for the fully vaccinated. Don't know why this couldn't be applied to cruises as well. "European Union ambassadors are set to meet on Wednesday to finalise a plan to allow fully vaccinated people to fly to Europe without quarantine or Covid testing." "Ambassadors are expected to approve the proposal on Wednesday and formal adoption would follow on Thursday by EU trade ministers." https://www.yahoo.com/news/americans-fly-europe-eu-set-150343821.html
  19. Don't worry! If the legislation passes, it would only be permissible until February 2022. The whole scheme is to make Alaskan cruising feasible until Canada reopens.
  20. Port of call countries are working on protocols for cruises. Just saw this for Barbados: "Cabinet on Thursday approved new cruise protocols to allow for the safe travel of vaccinated cruisers. Senator Cummins said: “We are making a gradual return. It begins somewhere close to the end of June into early July. We have new ship deployments. We have our first ship christening happening this October and in a few weeks we will be having a similar forum dedicated to the resumption of cruise [tourism]. “We are looking forward to continuing to work with our major cruise line partners about their plans for returning business to our shores.” https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/05/15/minister-welcomes-us-downgrade-of-barbados-covid-severity/ Curious as to which cruise line has agreed to christen a ship in Barbados in October?
  21. Or home port refuses to let you dock, so ship is stranded at sea.
  22. This has always been my practice. I've booked as close to 4 days before sailing and as far out as 6 weeks before. I don't think cruise lines see any benefit in dropping prices before final payment.
  23. Good luck vaccinating all crew members who are still at home mostly in places like the Philippines and Indonesia.
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